Final Writing: Langit and Binar (Fiction)

Saffira Marwah Desinta / 180410150036

Binar’s room and some places.Saturday, 08.20 AM

It was pouring rain when I woke up from my sleep –well, you can not call it as a sleep anymore when the duration of the sleep did not last for an hour, can you? – on Saturday morning. Today, I supposed to do a lot of things, from dragging my self out from this comfy bed and go to the bathroom then take a shower and freshen up myself, grab a banana and a glass of vanilla milk, pack some for Langit –my dearest older brother, and finally took the car key and off to the flower shop.

Well, that’s the sequence of things that I should be doing throughout the day. But no, what I have been doing for the past 15 minutes after I wake up was nothing, I was just scrolling from one social media to another. Not important, I know, but I just could not make myself out from this warm-comfy blanket plus the weather is just cold because of the rain is still pouring outside. Just imagining how cold to take a shower without using warm water –ah, why is the water heater have to be broke at this kind of time­– is making me wanted to hide inside this blanket as long as possible.

I need some coffee to fill in the needs of caffeine to start the day and to be my motivation to get out of this comfy bed. I know Langit has banned the caffeine consumption for the rest of my life, but right now I feel like my head is going to explode in any minute because the migraines still would not go away since yesterday, the muscles in my body is aching post working out and alI I wanted to do was to sleep all day, but I could not do that, not today. That sounds very exaggerated, but that’s just how much I appreciate the existence of caffeine. Well, I welcome you to the empty life of mine without caffeine.

While my mind wandered toward my brother, my cellphone is ringing. I could see a message from Langit thorugh the notification bar on my cellphone.

Langit A. Bagaskara: Binar, I know you are still in your room, wrapped yourself in a warm blanket, scrolling through the cellphone. But please can you make yourself presentable and wait for me in the lobby after you pick the stuffs at the flower shop, okay?

Binar G. Maghfira: Hm, I do not know. I feel like sleeping all day is a good idea right now.

Langit A. Bagaskara: Really? You will do what I asked you to do? Thank you.

Langit A. Bagaskara: And Binar, do not text and drive. Take care.

“Well, is not he just the caring and the sweetest brother?” I mumbled.

Meet Langit Adji Bagaskara, my demanding older brother. The one who does not take no for an answer and the one who wants things to be done immediately, the way he wants things to be done, perfectly. As you can see from our conversation, how he is just demanding about things he wants me to do. Not to mention how he tends to use sarcasm on whenever he talks and that things is kind of disturbing for my liking. But that’s how he is now, being more protective over me by ordering me about many things, a lot of things. At some point it got a little annoying for me when he is being unreasonable, but he is all I got now so I would not complain much.

I love being behind the wheel of a car and there are some memories about cars that make me love it even more. Driving give me a chance to be in control, whether I want the speed to be fast or just normal. Because while driving, I am the one who is in control. Driving makes me enjoy being anyone’s driver, just so I could remember the cool way my father when he was driving Pajo, our car, to my school every morning.

The one who taught me how to drive was Langit. It was Friday afternoon, I was fifteen at the time and was in the first grade in high school, Langit was on his free time so he volunteered to come and pick me up from school. On our way back to the house, I persuade him with to teach me how to drive and of course he said no,but with all the charm that I have he agreed eventually. So yeah, that was the first time for me being behind the wheel.

As soon as I get to the car I put the flower bouquet beside me and then set the maps to my destination, from Amore Flower shop to my brother’s office. I was drinking the vanilla milk as I hummed along the song that coming out from my Ipod that connected to the Aux at the car. It still raining outside, so I click the wiper button on to help wipe the windshield from the rain. I was startled when a cat followed by another one ran in front of the car. I was not expecting such things to cross over suddenly. I slammed the brakes but the car would not stop. Everything happened so fast. The flower hit the window and some of the flower petals are fallinng out. I could stop the car and avoid to hit those cats but the car behind me slammed to the back of my car. My body slammed to the front but thank God I put my seatbelt on beforehand.

At the very moment, my mind went blank and all I could do was to sit still at the car, doing nothing and not understand of what was happened. There was a moment of silence until my senses went back to normal. Then I finally realized that I’d just been in a car accident.

I heard a knock came from my window, I take a deep breath before I stepped out of the car to meet a bunch of people surrounding my car. They are anxious to know about what happened. I feel dizzy and the migraines now starting to worsen than before.

“You are bleeding. How are you feeling darling? Are you feeling dazed or hurt anywhere?” A very worried lady in her 50s came closer and asked about what I am feeling

“N-No” I answer, my voice was trembling

“Let me call your parents” the lady offered, taking his cellphone out. “What is the number?”

“I can not call my parents. No, you can not call my parents” Because they could not pick up the cellphone anyway

“Okay, at least I need to call someone. Who should I call?”

“Langit, I need to call Langit, my brother”

“Alright, let me dial his number for you” she said calmly


I need to wait for 5 rings until he finally asnwer.

“H-hello, Langit?”

“Binar, are you crying?!”

I was not. But the moment after he said that, I began to cry.

“I am sorry, I am so sorry”

“What are you talking about?” He sound confused but I could hear worried in his voice

“I-I do not know, the cat cross the street and- I do not know”

“Binar, listen to me. Take a deep breath and you can slowly tell me where you are” he asked me

“Antapani, Antapani st-“

Before I could finish my sentence, the line cut out. I was just hoping the service cut out and he would call me back. Or he could just be here as soon as possible.

Langit loves Binar, even before she was born. The same day, 9.35 AM

Binar is the only one that left for me. Even though all she does just playing around, but that is her charm. I always love it when I come home to her, it feels like I come home to my family, to our parents. I am glad ever since the incident she has never cry nor being sad about our parents, just like what she always does. Ever since our parents died, she has been my number one priority. No, it was beyond that. Even before she was born, I love her that much.

When I arrive at the scene, the first thing that I do is to look for Binar. I need to make sure that she is not hurt or anything. I ran after I spot her her sitting on the sidewalk.

“I am sorry” she said “the car, no, what about the flower bouquet” she said out of panick

“Binar, listen to me. It was an accident” I said in a calm and clear voice “I do not care about the car, it still has its insurance so we will figure it out later. You do not have to worry about anything and for the flower bouquet we can always buy them another bouquet of flowers anytime. The important thing right now is that you are alright” I give her a hug and kiss her on the forehead.


“Alright, now let’s get going and get you clean up”

Today supposed to be a special day, our special day. Today is three years since our parents died. We –Binar and I– have this tradition to but a bouquet of flowers and go to their grave legularly. Unfortuantely something bad happened but thank God she is alright. Because as long as Binar is okay, then I do too.

Word count: 1.597

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