Final Writing: I Am Their Bridge (Non-Fiction)

Alam Rizkiyansah

I Am Their Bridge

In 21 may 2017, have been living here for two years already. My name is Gilang, a teenager who has just turn 19 years old. I had a very boring life in college. I mean, I had to go to class, submit my assignments, and if I have completed those boring activity I went back to my dorm. I know those activities are my duty for being a college student. But man, you know what I mean. I know that I could just stay in campus and hang out with my pals, but I do not have any intention to do so. I’d rather go to the dorm and get a nap. My dorm is quite far away from anywhere. I mean, perhaps I could go hang out with my pals. Like I did rarely, but for these three weeks I felt that even hanging out with my friends are so useless. I needed to find something fun. But I want something that made by me. But what? I could not play any kind of music instruments, so I cannot write a song. If I do, my dorm mates will shout me out. I could not draw any pictures, my last painting was a crap so when someone saw it, that person would probably fall in tears. I could not cook, even my cooking perhaps could kill a rat or might even be a person. I could not even find my own talent. But, people always say that I have an emotionless face and they said if I lie, no one would know or realize that I was lying. May be this is just it, my talents is lying. I am a demonic liar.

Then so it was, I could not find any idea in that horrible dorm that day. I was so bored that I cannot even make something really cool. In the night, my life was always in front of my cellphone and in front of my laptop. I spent my time waiting for tomorrow comes. Again and again, until one of my pals told me about something that surprising me to the bones. She is Lusi, a 19 years old college student. She is hot, smart, and attractive for some kind of human being. She has eyes as cold as ice and lips as hot as fire. She is not too tall but not too short either. Well, maybe she is perfect. But for me, she is just a girl with a kind of honest and brave heart. Really, she has a brave heart to told a demonic liar like me that she loves someone. I did not really get it when she told me about that someone. She didn’t clearly tell me she loves that someone though. But she just asked about something of him. And who was him?

He is one of my friends too. Dimas, a cold person looks. He is about 19 years old too. He has quite dark skin color that made him looked cooler to girls maybe. He is kind of a good person actually. He is a friend that will help you whenever he can and want to. Yes, whenever he can and want to. Just like other ordinary people. He has a flat emotionless face too, just like me. But his face is more flatter than mine. He has a thick mustache on his face. Maybe for people who sees him for the first time they will think that Dimas is a cold person. Indeed, he is. But when you starts to know him, he is just like any other ordinary person, with flat face, and he has a girl who asked about him.

Well by that I know the fact about Lusi’s secret maybe. But I’m sure she loves someone, I mean Dimas. I think that Lusi did not know if I am a demonic liar, so she told me about her feelings easily, to me.

That day I was sitting in the canteen and eating my food, in front of her. She was not alone there actually. We were waiting for everyone else who will go to Jogja with us, for studi banding. Yes, I came with them. I thought that this boring life of mine could cured there.

“Did he ever talked about me to you? What was it?”

The question that begins their story. Indeed, in a canteen where i was eating my food. But i thought that it could be interesting for me. Yes, to lie about the answer she has asked before. I know it is an evil thing to do. But I am a demonic liar anyway, so I did it.

“Yeah, he was interested with you. When he starts talking about you, he became more excited.”

But really, I swear to god that the man never been so.

“Really?! What was he talking about? Is he talking about many things of me? C’mon, tell me.”

I heard that cute voice coming out from her when I’m chewing my food. So excited, so burning, and so on. She looks so damn happy to me and it makes the thing more clear. She loves him.

“Yeah, really. He talks many things about you. He talks about when he accompanied you, when you made a joke about him, and when you have that little talks with him. But, especially the time he spent with you. He loves it the most, maybe.”

Yes, you right! The girl’s face in front of me now seems happier than before and I’m still there chewing my food. You know, eating is slower while you making a conversation. But to think for another lie is even longer.

“Aw, I hope he’s fine. I was just joking about loving him. I didn’t mean for it.”

Again, chewing my food. But now I thought about what she had just said. For a sec I thought the possibilities about the truth she had told me. It is either she loves him or she mean it and doesn’t love him. I thought so because it will make my next answer seems like a truth. Then i got an idea.

“Why? Do you love him? You asked me some questions about him. And what do you think about him?”

Aaaa, maybe I’ve just asked a wrong question because she began more excited about the conversation and she began to talked about many things of him. Not so many actually, those just some things that she remember like when the man accompanied her, when she pay attention to his attitude. But you know it, many things. Make me chewing my food even longer. She said that she was just joking about loving him and she told me that the first she paid attention to him was when they went to a birthday party together. It made me think to ask another question.

“What if he really loves you? When you said it before, what if it is real? Will you be his crush?”

I know that question was rude. Asking a question about her privacy but when people in my condition, I’m sure they will wonder about it and try to find out the truth about the answer as I did to her. So when I’m enjoying my meal I was like a child, listening to her story telling.

“I don’t know, I told you I just was joking..”

Before she finished her sentence I cut it down, and repeat my point in that question from before.

“What if it is real? Just answer it.”

Well I’m just really want to know about it, that was why I press the point. Then, she looked confuse. She just took a deep breathe and said it again quietly.

“I don’t know”

I was sitting there watching her be silent for a second. Maybe the question I’ve just asked made her so. All of my thought was if she reacting so, confuse, become quite, or looks like thinking about something is my opinion was right. About she loves him but did not realize it. When she answer my last question, I’m just looking at her and nodding at her question like I understand. Then when she finished being quiet for a second she start to talk again. But it was the very last sentence in canteen before we went to jogja.

“Hey if you had time with him and just the two of you, could you ask him about me again? And starts to talk about me and find out his feelings for me? I want to know the truth too.”

In the very begining I told you that my life was very boring and now I’ve just found an interesting thing to do. It was do the things she asked me to. It was as if I a spy that spies someone to get a very critical information and I thought it is cool. Then I told you that I want something cool that made by me, now I have the answer. It is a relationship, between my friend and my friend. And so the last sentence have said by her, we went to Kiaracondong Station.

Initially I do not have any plan for doing those things and I don’t even know where to start. Have a talk with Dimas when there only be the two of us? I thought it will be easy because Dimas is closer to me than anyone else who came in this studi banding program. I just have to look out the perfect time for talk about that and keep in my plan. Of course I would not tell Dimas about it. Before the studi banding day held on 23, I have observed of what Dimas did to Lusi and so the reverse. Both of them seems to like each other because they kept on making a joke about each other. Sometimes Dimas get firtatious to her. For example when they threw a joke sometimes Dimas grab her hand too. For me, that was unnusual and sometimes I saw Dimas nervous when talking to her. Even he had his flat emotionless face on, I knew that he was nervous because I a flat emotionless face. So and so, they’re keep interacting happily in the dorm and even in the car while we wait until tomorrow event.

Time flies and it is 23rd, the day we’ve been waiting has come. Studi banding to Universitas Gadjah Mada. The event was great, they had shared everything about their organization which is good. But my focus wasn’t for the event. I focused my eyes on Dimas and Lusi. Sometimes I saw Dimas pay attention to her again. I remember that I still do not have a chance to do my plan and I still looking for the perfect timing. The event came to an end in the afternoon, we discuss about the free time after it. The leader said that we could have a free time in the night and go wherever we like. One of my friend Radit would be sleepi in his grandma’s house. Then my head brightly thought that this could be my chance. I asked him to come with him and I asked Dimas to come too. I think that god is with me and yes, Radit let us come to his grandma’s house. That night I use my spying skill while Radit went out of the room.

“Hey, what do you think about Lusi?”

I asked that question clearly while I’m grabbing my phone looking like I’m texting with someone when I’m spying on him, I was taking a video of what he was saying actually. I don’t know why but Dimas seems not curious about what I was doing or why I suddenly asked that question. He even answered the question calmly.

“She’s beautiful, kind. I rember when i accompanied her that time, I love talking with her. She’s opened. She told me about her ex. I got angry when she told me about that. Not because I was jealous but about how they had treated her….”

One question only and he told me almost everything instantly. Maybe what I had said to Lusi was right that Dimas would get excited when he starts to talk about her. Well the lie became the truth. If the lie became the truth it would be easier to keep the lie as secret, for now.

“How about now? Is she still get to joke about loving you?”

“No, not really as often as before.”

Well.. Dimas said that deeply. I thought I had to give him a hope.

“What if she really love you? Will you said that you love her too and asked her to be your girl?”

“Gas (its mean yes)”

What a short answer with all means in his heart. I was there didn’t believe it, the answer was too short but he said it with no fear. For that time, I did not know what exactly he was thinking. Well my mission must go on. When I met Lusi, I showed her the video of him talking about everything of her. Lusi laugh very hard at the first but then she became shy and did not know what to do next.

“He really likes you, love you I meant.”

Lusi was like confused and happy at the same time.

“How could you be spying on your own friend?”

“You asked me to.”

Lusi didn’t asked me to spy on him but I thought that if I took a video of him like that it would be easier. She asked me what to do next if I were in her situation, I said I don’t know. My task is done. I lied to her and I spied on him. The next day we went to Jatinangor, I decided to sleep in Dimas’s dorm when we arrived that night. In the next morning Dimas seems thinking about my words deeply when we were at Radit grandma’s house. He insist on taking me to my dorm. He didn’t even say a single word in the car. I know he was thinking hard about it, maybe how he’s gonna tell Lusi about his feeling. Maybe I have gone too far, I made them in a very confusing situation. But it is not me, it is their feelings. So I thought it was fine. Untill the night, Lusi texted me to come to where she was and yeah Dimas was there too. In fact, their in a relationship now. I was not surprised about that. I thought maybe my mission has completed and people was right calling me a good liar. For the proof, their relationship began because of my very first lie to Lusi.

“Yeah, he was interested with you. When he starts talking about you, he became more excited.”

It is a lie then it is the truth.

Word count: 2.490

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