Final Writing: Famed and Shabby (Fiction)

Ainun Amelia/180410150012

07.00 am is always the time for Larsson family to prepare all the stuff for their bakery to start opening the bakery that located beside the city park. The snowball is fall in every rooftop house, and the busy people walking quickly being a view for this morning. The park still quiet, there are no teenagers who chilling in the park yet. It was too early to chilling outside with the very cold weather this day. Irene cleans the brown board written “Larsson Bakery” from the hoarded snow last night. Her sister organizes the cake that has been lifted from the oven to the display window. Larsson Bakery always serves a brand new collection of their bakery in every season to make more variation of the bakery so that customers would not be bored with them. Larsson Family is quite famous family at that place.

Last 2007, Mayor and his team came to the city and visited Larsson Bakery to make research for economics rate based on their job and make some celebration for those people who are being certificated as creative people by Mayor. Which is Larsson Bakery have been certificated by Mayor and everybody on that city knows well about Larsson Family and respects their family. Larsson Bakery is being a famous and fancy place even artist or celebrity usually chilling there. Last summer this bakery has been signed a contract for the background setting of big movie that will be produced on this year and of course it will made people know more about how inside the bakery and more customers will rise.

“Good morning Mr. Matt! One Hot Decaf House Blend Coffee and one Ciabatta with Kalamata Olives to table number 2 right?”

“Good morning Irene! Haha you are very know me so well Irene, but sorry current you wrong. I want to order two Hot Decaf House Blend Coffee, one Ciabatta with Kalamata Olives and one Sourdough Batard to table number 2.”

“Oh how can I wrong to my lovely customers? Are you hungry or what Mr. Matt?”

“No Irene I invited my friend here to accompany me break fasting while we’re going to talk about our movie project.”

“Oh I thought it all was for you. Anyway has the casting started?”

“That’s what I’m gonna talk with my friend now. The news for casting will be up tomorrow on social media. If you have talented friends tell them about it, okay?”

“Wow it will be very amazing movie. Can’t wait to watch the movie. Okay Mr. Matt you can wait on your table. I will serve it”


Next morning Irene have to packing the package for Uncle Sam that should be delivered this morning. Two box for this cold morning. Chocolate Raspberry Cake and Mocha Walnut Torte each in a big blue box tied white lace ribbon looks the package so beautiful for his grandchild birthday cake. Irene have to quickly delivered it so she wear on her brown coat also her cream knit wool hat and knit loop scarf and hurry up out of bakery with two box on her hand. Irene keep covering her body with mantel because the wind this morning is very cold thus make her shivering. What a cold day.

Uncle Sam house is not far from her bakery, she just need to walk five minutes to get Uncle Sam house. When Irene pass the park she saw a blonde boy playing his blue ukulele in front of the park. He’s cute and playing his ukulele beautifully. Irene just thought he just from lower social or homeless or kind of. Irene just ignore. Just a glace on her mind. She continue her ways down a cold street city.

Five minutes Irene made to get Uncle Sam she knock the old brown door. A few second Uncle Sam come out to open the door.

“Oh Irene! Thank you for delivered this cake. My grandchild will be very happy. Wanna come?”

“Oh no thanks Uncle I still have something to do in the bakery. Just say my greeting for your grandchild.”

“Okay Irene I will tell this cake is by you”

Irene on way back to the bakery and pass the same place what she passed before. She pass the park that placed beside the bakery and still curious about the blonde boy. Slowly Irene approached him.

“What do you play?”

“Oh this is Uke my ukulele” Said the boy with a sarcastic tone

“You play good”


“Irene! What are you doing?! Come here help me!” Irene’s mom yelled her to distract them from the bakery door.

“I’m on my way, mom!”

“By the way, what’s your name? I’m Irene” Said Irene while give her hand.

“Cody. Cody Mark”

“I’m Irene Larsson”

They’re shaking hand awkwardly.

“Okay Cody nice to meet you! I have go back to my bakery. Bye!”

Cody didn’t respond her and keep playing his ukulele.

Irene more and more wondering about him.


The sound of the bell door.

“What are you doing with that guy, Irene? We don’t know about him. Even he is not from the upper class social like we’re family!” Mom scolded Irene.

Larsson family has principles that only from the upper class social they can only communicate with fellow caste, and are not encourage communicating and making a relationship with their under-caste people. But Irene thought that’s not the way her life. She doesn’t distinguish which class the person belongs to. Irene will always insist on what she likes. She denied the words of her mother forbidding her to talk or make a relationship with strangers. If she like, why not?

“Mom I just admire his music. I love his ukulele sound”

“Many of our families have more great music playing than him”

“Irene sweetie, we’re from respect family. Everybody knows about us. Please keep the good name of our family”

Irene was annoyed with what her mother said.

She just ignored and continue making her Lemon Meringue Pie for display window.


The sun shines on Irene’s room on the top floor of Larsson Bakery. She opened her eyes and down from the bed. Start activities like the previous day before. She grab her phone and check her social media like teenager habit in general.


8 July – 16 July 2011, 09.00 a.m – 18.00 pm

At Studio Blue, Cast Building

Irene saw the news on the social media film City Of Moon, which will take place in Larsson Bakery later for some scene. This film will raise the new talented artists. Although Irene has a high caste in a social class, she can’t follow the casting. Irene will keep working wholeheartedly with her family bakery. She will continue to develop this bakery until it can advance to the international level and continue to bring the good name of their social status. Besides, acting is not the passion she has.

Irene was ready with her brown apron, and a white cooking hat. Larsson Bakery has a very good standard of cleanness, hygienic, neat, comfortable, and also fancy.

Larsson Family has set the working hour of each member. Irene has time as the cashier from 7 then will change position with her sister working in kitchen every 3 hours. Her mom and dad also have their own work. Mr. Larsson who has great cooking skills was being headed of their bakery business. Mrs. Larsson, who is no less skilled at cooking, sometimes switches positions with her children.

Many hours already Irene work, she uses her free time to looking for fresh air in the park beside their bakery. And as usually she met the blonde boy, Cody Mark.

“Hi can I disturb you for while?” Irene greet him while sitting on the park bench from wooden.

“Sure. But, your mom will yell you again, doesn’t she?”

“No she’s in the kitchen. She can see me”

“You have a cool bakery. I always want to try it but I don’t have much money. The smell of bread from your bakery is so delicious.”

“You want some? I have this” Irene give one blueberry bread and give it to Cody.

“Thanks Irene. I though you just like those people who are disgusted with me”

“No. I hate that feeling”

Irene glanced at the watch that bracelet in her hand.

“Cody, I have back to work. By the way, I just can’t stop admire your music”

She run to the bakery before being caught by her mom that she was chatting with that stranger again.

Irene knows that she not only admired the music played by that blonde boy, Cody Mark. But, she seemed to fall in love with him. The woman of this famous family feels that she seldom feels in love, whereas many of her cousins can be said to attract a lot of women heart, but not for Irene. Lucky Irene has her own stance. She will not listen to people’s words even if they do not like. This is what she feels. Do not be bothered by her life by falling in love with anyone. Irene believes that not everything that has a high position has a good character, generous, and worth to be proud of. Also people who have a low social have bad traits, and not to be proud or even in friendship.


Days turn like a typical day, Irene busy working in their bakery receives many orders from customers a variety of cakes for formal or informal events. The same view every day, busy people who walking down the city streets while hiding their hand into the pocket of the jacket to withstand the cold winter. Children even teenagers playing in the park next to the bakery. As usual day.

Irene realized that she didn’t see that blonde boy for several days since her conversation yesterday. Maybe he was just taking a break playing his ukulele for a while. She thought.

Did yester she was wrong to say something. Or what? She was wondering. Where the boy does was.

Today is a busy day for Irene. Making cakes for customer order from still dough, long process, to create a delicious cake to eat. She also have to deliver the cake to different places for different cake. What a tired day for Irene. But that’s all she does because of her love for her bakery.

Mr. Matt came to their bakery this morning to order some cake for celebrating City of Moon final casting with some new artist. Casting for City of Moon movie project has been completed and many new artists are appearing after casting this film.

She did not know who had passed the casting for that movie, they must be great people and awesome talent.


Until the day shooting for one of the movie scene in Larsson Bakery was came. Larsson Bakery on that day was very crowded with all the shooting equipment responsible for some crew, and also the talent. Larsson family will not be able into the scene, they will wait in the backstage during the shooting. Therefore Larsson Bakery is temporarily closed.

At the backstage Irene saw a man who looked familiar, Irene had seen before. She keep looking to the man from the distance. A few seconds Irene trying to ignore, it must be just resemble those she know. But then Irene turned back to look the man. Irene was surprised when she realized the man was Cody Mark. What is he doing here? Irene thought in the heart. It must be just similar. Cody is just ordinary person from unfamiliar family, how can he be run his career in the film industry like this? Irene kept wondering in her heart, her heart was pounding fast.

This is just a coincidence or indeed he deliberately follows the casting of this movie. Irene did not want to be too confident. Irene afraid to approach him after saw him. Even, if it’s true Cody Mark that she knows, it means Cody has changed now, not the Cody used to. That means he will become a professional movie player. He will not playing his ukulele in the park next to her bakery anymore. No wearing a shabby shirt anymore. His appearance is different now after a few months he absent from Irene’s eye.

A few moments later Cody’s scene was began. She sees that man in his scene in the table. He act very well like a professional film player, no doubt in her movement. Appearance looks better with a little bit makeup and fragrant, clean clothes.

After Cody finish his scene, he go back to backstage to take rest for next scene. Irene dare herself to approach him.

“Hey Cody! Still remember me?”

“Hey Irene! Nice to see you again. Sorry I’m not telling you about this. I try to show all of you that I can be better without have to know how the process that I run.”

“Oh Cody I’m impressed with your acting skill. Good luck for your career!”

“Irene come to our gala premiere in Regal Cinema this spring, okay?” Cody said with a smile on his face.

Her heart was even more thrilling, and blushing on her face.

“Okay I’ll schedule it”

This is a great way to show their families that Cody Mark whom they have always considered bad that forbidden to communicate with him. The new Cody is here


Spring come, which is the gala premiere City of Moon will be launched this month.

Larsson Family invited by Mr. Matt to watch the gala premiere because as a sign on their thanks for providing a place for setting the movie.

Larsson Family was impressed by the acting of great artists and an interesting storyline. They were not noticed that they praised the Cody who was they deny Irene not to communicate with.

Since the gala premiere was that they could accept Cody to communicate with them, and become familiar with Cody. Larsson Family has regarded Cody Mark as his own son and allowed him to come to his bakery whenever he wanted. Larsson Family began to accept the low social state like Cody used to, and will not distinguish them from their families. All the same, the difference is how they live it.

Now Cody became the artist of the top musician board due to his acting praise by many people. He often starred in various shows and collaborated with other top artists. All just walk away from him in contempt until praised by many people like now.

Word Count: 2.432

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