Final Writing: Daddy Change My Life (Non-Fiction)

Jelita Almanda

NPM: 180410150016

Daddy Change My Life

My name is Alma, I’m 13-year-old girl in Junior High School; has two sisters. The people around me say I am a very kind, friendly, innocent and intelligent girl. Many people want to be friends with me. On the other hand my family is a harmonious and my harmonious family changed until finally all of a sudden as I started in grade 2 elementary school. My father is a hard worker; he is always busy with office affairs and office duties. My mother is also a diligent worker, she often spend her vacation time in her office to do her job. They always leave for work when I’m still asleep and come home at midnight when I’m asleep. My days were spent only in school, playing with my friends and doing homework with my housekeeper. Even my mom and dad rarely ask me about my schoolwork and my activities every day. This situation of course sometimes makes me bored and tired. I kept a lot of disappointment and sadness inside me. I am sometimes jealous of my friends who often spend time with their family and spend the weekend off for hang out with their mom and dad. I often quarreled with my sister because I am just trying to get the attention of my mom and dad, but I always try to cover it with a sweet little smile on my face.

One day mom decided to quit her job because she had just given birth to my second sister. Mom wants to spend more time with her children. I am also happy with the birth of my sister and I can also spend time with my mother every day. But this happiness did not last so long. One day during the school holidays I was invited by my father to her father’s friend’s house. At first I was confused because I did not know that woman. Then the woman took me into the boy’s room to play with the boy. I was very spoiled by the woman. All the things I want like ice cream, toys and even chocolate directly given by the woman. Coming home from the woman’s home, my mom asks me what I was doing today. Then I told her about today’s experience to her. Then immediately mother’s expression changed and she went straight to my father. I just stunned not understand what happened and could not say anything.

A few days’ later mom and dad always fight. My sister and I did not understand what they were up against. The more their arguments made us afraid. We both are too young to understand the problems their parents are facing. Then came the day that makes we were terrified, our grandmother picked up and took us to stay with her for a week. Then very slowly grandmother told them what just happen. “Your father will move”, my sister do not understand the meaning of the words, but I understands the meaning of the words that our grandmother said. Father and mother will divorce. I try not to cry in front of my sister because I do not want to hurt her. And then my life change forever.

Arriving at home, our house is so empty and quiet. Mom just sits and does not say much. She has packed all of their father’s stuffs. Then mother hug me. Now the childhood memories are always expected by me instantly disappeared. After this, mom, dad, my sisters and I already have a new life. I’m very sad because my parents’ divorce but I overcome my sadness.Our beloved father now scratches the bitter memories of his two little princesses. This makes my sisters and I grow up to be a strong girl, tough and cannot make ourselves become ruined. I am more appreciative every time they have with the person they love. I never expect to lose all the precious moments with my family, when I just got it. I do not think I believe in what my dad did to my mother, me and my sisters. I am disappointed with dad but I cannot hate him anyway. Before my dad leave, he suddenly looks at me and grabs my hands.

“Sometimes when you have a problem with your family and you have no idea where’s to share and tell about that. Then someone who can understand you more than a friend.”

That moment I don’t really get what daddy said because I am just a little. Daddy has to move out of city to work, So far away from us. I ask to him again.

“Do you love me daddy?”

“Of course honey, I love you.”

“If you love me; why you leave me?”

He looks at my eyes and hug me.

“I am not going to leave you sweetie.”

I thought he is crying on my shoulder. He promises me to come every second week. Absolutely he will make his promises. Year by year I am getting older and getting used with all of this. But daddy, this is not what I expected. I want to grow old with you; I want to see you every single day, every single time I want; I want you to be around with me. Because of daddy, I always get scared to falling in love with someone. I do love you dad, but I am scared if someone who love me too will leave me someday like you did to me. You are the number-one-man who love me the most but you also can leave me, so why they not? No daddy, do not worry about me.

This year my dad asked permission for me and my sister to marry again. But this woman is not the person who causes the divorce of mom and dad relationship. The aunt who will be my stepmother is a kind and loving person to me and my sister; I hope it will continue like that until later. Finally dad marries for a second time and started a new life with biggest responsibilities. I’m happy because my dad is happy. And then my dad lives in Bogor with his new wife and three children; A brother, a younger brother and a younger sister. I do not feel completely embarrassed to people because of my family circumstances. Precisely I am proud of my family because wherever we are and with whoever we are, we will still love each other. My sister and I often spent the weekend off with my dad also my new family. My dad’s affection was not reduced or divided completely due to my new family’s presence, as my affection to daddy. I have never distinguished my siblings and my stepsiblings or my biological mother and my stepmother. Now my family is getting crowded and getting along. It turns out that all these events are not as bad as I thought. I used to be happy with the family I had but now I’m happier with everything I have. I will take of every second I have with my family; I do not want to lose those wonderful moments with them the way they used to be.

Time passed away, now I am in Senior High School; I decided to stay with my grandmother in her house. While my dad lives in Bogor and my mom lives in Depok. I really love my grandma, she very understands about me; what I want and what I need. She treats me like I am her real daughter. We are more than grandma and her granddaughter, sometimes we fight and we can joke like a best friend. I always tell about school and my friends to grandma. My grandma is a good person, she is also close to my friends, and therefore I and my grandmother spend more time together. In my grandmother’s house also live my uncle, aunt and 2 cousins. I had never lived away from mommy or daddy; but now I decided to stay away from my parents and live independently while I need a recovery for my soul and my heart. Since everything happened after a few years I convinced myself that I never want to fall in love with any man. But then after I grow up, I realize everything. Until I understand, love does not have to have. I still love you daddy forever and always. No matter what you did, what you are doing and what you will do. I want to grow become a strong woman like my mom, I believe I can face the whole world with my ambition and my passion. One day I do not want my children to feel what I feel and get the life lessons that I got in my childhood. My past cannot turn my life ruin and mess but it makes me even more impassioned to remain patient and sincere in whatever happens around me. Thank God for everything; finally I find my happy ending.

Word Count: 1511

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