Final Writing: Bad Idea of Pretending (Non-Fiction)

David Tori Prabowo180410150057

I learned five important things in my life at one night. It was happened when the first time I went to the club. That night was the night that I will always remember. Club, alcohol, dance floor, those are things that I rarely heard in my life back before. I was a homeboy, I never hanged out to the place like a club or something like that. I never thought about to go there anyway. But, everything just changed when I was struck by problem that make me painfully sad. I considered the problem was a classic problem. Ya, it was so classic. It was about a broken heart. Classic right?

I was broke up with my girl friend. I had never thought that broken heart can affect me so much. I had also never expected that broken heart can drive me crazy and be that hurt. I told my story to my bestfriend Dheoksa. Dheoksa is my betfriend since I was in Highschool. What he knows, I would know too and what I know, he would know too. I always shared literally about everything to him. Moreover about this classic ending of my love story, he definitely had to know about it.

I called him on phone and told him about my story. His respond was an usual respond from a bestfriend when they hear about their bestfriend’s problem. It’s shocking and throw an ‘are you okay?’

phrase. But, in another side, I heard a familiar voice. It was a Frisdon’s voice. I heard, “Come here Dave!”. So I knew that Dheoksa was in Frisdon’s place and then Frisdon yelled, “Hey little boy stop crying come to my place and let’s have fun, you need that!”. He was dumbass. He was wrong, I wasn’t crying. But he was right about ‘have fun’ thing. I thought I need to have fun and let the problem gone.

After that, I took Grab car and went to Frisdon’s place. There, I met Dheoksa, Frisdon, and someone that looked strange for me. Person that I have never seen before.

“Hey, Dave! You should meet my friend from another mother, his name is Fareza. Fareza, here is Dave and Dave here is Fareza” said Frisdon. Then we got acquainted each other. Actually I didnt really care about him or whatever it was, because I couldn’t stop thinking about my problem that made my heart messed up.

Dheoksa asked me to tell my problem completely. I explained to them why I broke up and about rude things about my ex came from my mouth. I was such a pathetic guy. After a broke up then talk shit about ex in front of my friends. What a shame of me. When I finished my story, I asked for their promise that they told to me before.

“So guys, I want the fun you guys talking about before”

“Chill my friend! You will get it soon”, Dheoksa laughed.

“Hey Dave, you want the fun right? You will get it tonight”, said Frisdon.

I had no idea about the fun thing that these guys talking about, but I surely would wait for it.

I waited until 11 p.m. then asked them, “Guys, this is 11 p.m. already, where is the fun thing, it aint fun to wait for this long”

“Okay, okay calm down Dave, I think we should tell him now”, Frisdon looked over Dheoksa.

I was confused and still guessing what they were going to do.

“Hey Dave, we will go party!”, yelled Fareza.

I was completely silenced and with little smirk I asked them.

“You guys are kidding right?“

I knew party that they talking about was about clubbing. They knew that I had never been clubbing before. Not like them. They often went to club, they went there every weekend. They really understood about drunk, got any girls, dancing on the dance floor and things like that. So, I was shocked when I knew that the fun thing they talking before was about clubbing.

Dheoksa and Frisdon both knew that I was one of their friends that didn’t drink.
“Dave, come on this is a perfect time for you to get drunk! Let the problem gone! Let’s have fun.

Those words are words that I have never expected to come from his mouth. I was shock because he usually didn’t allow me to get drunk like him and my other friends did. But not that time. I felt like he was so pumped to let me join them.

“Ah… You guys… I don’t know…”

“Hey, there is always first time for everything, Dave”, Fareza tried to persuade myself.

“Well said! He’s right!” Frisdon added.

“Don’t think too much Dave. Don’t you want to let your problem gone?” said Dheoksa.

After a long thought, I accepted without knowing what would happen later. But what I know, I could escape from my broken heart. When I said yes, I’ve never seen them got so excited from this kind of thing.

We prepared ourselves and called Alsyando and Febrisar to come along with us. They are also our friends. They are both Telkom University students. Frisdon and Dheoksa usually hanged to the club with them, that’s why they called them and invited them to join with a reason celebrating my first time clubbing. That’s what they said. I thought they were so overrated about this.

We agreed to meet them at the X club. X club is the most famous club in the town. Who doesn’t know X club? I mean not all people, but teenagers like us usually know about it.

We went there and met them at the parking area.

“Looks like one of our friends has growing up now”, someone yelled from a distance. It was Febrisar. He made fun of me, because he knew the thing that I was not a party boy. When I thought we were going to meet Febrisar and Alsyando only. There’s one girl that was standing beside Alsyando. That girl was Kania, Alsyando’s girlfriend. I didn’t know if Alsyando always bring his girlfriend when they go clubbing. I had no idea. Maybe, they wanted to have some fun. Ya, a real fun.

After some chit chat, all of us entered the building that felt so haunted for me. The building was so dark but full of colorful light on the wall. It was like a haunted ride on the Trans Studio Bandung. But the difference was I didn’t meet ghost or haunted things there however I met some girls dressed like they were in the beach. I really didn’t get used to it. From the beginning, when I stepped my first move to that building, I just felt it was so wrong for me. The people, the atmosphere, the smell, and everything else. And the most important was the music. The music was so extremely loud. I couldn’t even hear what my friends talking to me. I wondered how these people interact in here. My first impression about this club was bad already. I didn’t know how I could have fun in here.

But not like me, the expressions of my friend are so different. They were so super excited and interested.

“Welcome to the club buddy!” Dheoksa whispered to me.

We found our table and sofa. They directly ordered some drinks. And yes, it was not an usual drink for me. It must be an alcohol. I felt like I was in a different world.

“Come on guys! Cheers!” Frisdon yelled with a shot glass in his hand. They pitted their drinks then started to drink it. I saw that big bottle of drink. Questions were spinning around in my head, what does it taste? Should I try it? I had no idea, I just sat there watching my friends drank their drinks like an idiot. When I was still speechless, and my confusion suddenly disturbeb by them yelling at me.

“Dave take a shot!”



Everyone just really wanted me to drink this thing. For god’s sake, I just drink it without thinking anymore. I drank full shot. It was too much for a beginner like me. But, no one cares, everyone just got so happy.

“Yeah! That’s my boy!” said Alsyando proud.

That was the worst drink I’ve ever tried. It felt like a medicine mixed with gasoline. I didn’t know why they could have fun with this kind of thing. After that they pulled me to the dance floor and dance like another people around me. Dance at will. Watched the DJ turned it up the music. Hmmm. With unwilling, I have to say that was kind of fun. I didn’t know, why it felt good. Maybe, I got drunk that’s why I found it fun. Or it just me? Maybe I really liked it.

After dance floor, we went back to our table. I was smiling and carried away by the situation.

“Look! Dave is drunk! Hahaha” said Febrisar.

“Oh my God! You guys are horrible friends” said Kania to them.

They said I was drunk. But, that’s what my friends thought though. I didn’t know why this drink could make me think clearly. I thought it was the effect from that drink. Suddenly I had a very good idea. I was thinking that I should pretend that I’m drunk, so I could do things beyond a doubt and see the reaction from each of my friends. Or they could take a conclusion that I was unconscious. Why I did that? Because when we got drunk, we would know who would treat you well and who wouldn’t.

Every of them considered that I was drunk already. I acted like I’m drunk and said inconsequential things to them to make sure they believed that I was perfectly drunk. Then, the drama began. I started to walk by myself to the toilet, but someone grabbed my hand and accompanied me to the toilet. It was Fareza.

“Hey Guys! I think Dave wants to go to the toilet!” he said.

“Let him dude! He is drunk already let him walk by his own”

“How if he falls down or gets lost or something’s terrible happen? You guys know he is unconscious”

“That’s the point Fareza! Because he is unconscious, that’s why he wouldnt know! Just let him jackpot and vomit then he will back to us later! We’re here to have fun not to babysit this boy” said Dheoksa.

“I thought you guys are close friend. Then let me accompany him, come on Dave”

Wow. Just Wow. I was super shock. I really didn’t think that it would come from Dheoksa’s mouth. I mean, really? He was my best friend. At least I thought so. He was the one that asked me to join but from what he said. It was completely rude. But I still acted like I didn’t hear what he said. And the one that wanted to help me or cared to me was a stranger that I just knew in a few hours.

When I walked to the toilet, Fareza helped me open the door and asked

“Can you do it by yourself?” I just nodded as the answer.

“Okay, I will be waiting at the outside then”

Amazing. This guy just knew me but he was really genuine to help me. While my best friend did the opposite. Maybe I should stop calling him best friend.

From the toilet, we went back to our table. And I only saw Kania and Febrisar there.

“Where’s the other?” asked Fareza to them.

“They went to our car to get something” Kania replied.

“Hey Fareza! You should follow them, that’s what they said before” Febrisar added.

Then Fareza went to the parking area to meet them. And what in the world happened after that. Kania made out with Febrisar in front of my eyes.

“Hey, we should do it in another place, there’s Dave here” Kania said.

“Chill, he is drunk. He won’t realize”

“I’m scared just let’s move to the toilet”

I was super shock. Kania was Alsyando’s girlfriend, and he was Febrisar’s bestfriend. Why would they do that? Things were really so messed up. I didn’t expect that’s happened. I felt like, I regretted that I was pretending drunk. Maybe If I didn’t act like I’m drunk, they wouldn’t do that in front of me, and I never knew. I thought it’s better to not knowing about that. And I knew the real colors of Dheoksa.

Finally, that dark place just lighted up. It was a sign that the club was about to close. And we went back at our place. From that night, I learned five important things in my life. First, place that I thought was bad, it was not that bad as I thought. Second, people that I thought were kind actually they just wolf in sheep’s clothing. Third, I finally knew true colors of my friends. Fourth, little I know it’s better than know everything. And the last is that I would never pretending again.

Words count: 2182

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