Final Writing: An Additional Member (Fiction)

Putri Saraswati Sekarningtyas/180410150077

An Additional Member

“Baby.” Said Miles slowly.

“Yeah?” Lottie replied while she rolled her body so that she could face her husband.

“I’m going to Bali on May 4th for some office stuff, and it’s very important that I can’t leave it. Are you going to be okay? Or do you want to stay at your family house?” Miles asked her very carefully, scared that she would cry.

Lottie was still confused with what Miles just said because she just woke up, so she still couldn’t process anything. Miles knew Lottie’s mind was still somewhere else so he waited until Lottie fully opened her eyes. When Lottie finally gained her consciousness, she sat right up.

Immediately, Miles sat right up too and held Lottie, rubbed her belly, and said, “Wow, careful, babe. Remember, you are carrying our baby in your belly.”

Lottie glared at her husband and put on a questioning face, Miles knew that look meant that she need a further explanation, so he gave her a more detailed and further explanation.

“Look, baby, I’m going to Bali on May 4th with my off–“ Miles did not get to finish his sentence because Lottie cut his words off.

“But I’m about to pop any second!”

“I know, babe. Please, listen to me first, okay?”

“Okay. Go on.”

“So, I’m going to Bali on May 4th maybe until the 7th with my office to work on some really serious project, and I’m afraid you can’t come. Are you going to be okay here in our apartment all by yourself? Or do you want to stay at your family house whilst I go, so you don’t have to be all by yourself?”

Still, it took Lottie about a minute or two to process what her husband just said. Her first instinct after Miles said he is going to go to Bali is to come with him, but she knows it’s not possible, and Miles would be very busy with the project and would not have the time to accompany her. Aside from that, she knew Miles would not be able to concentrate with the project, knowing she is all alone in the hotel room. She knew she had to stay at her family house, because that was the best option for right now. “Okay, Miles. It’s okay for you to go, I understand. And I won’t come with you because it’s just not possible. I think it’s best for me to stay at my family house, at least I have my dad to help me if I need some help,” said Lottie wisely. Miles was shocked when he heard what Lottie just said, he even had his mouth hanging open, because he did not expect an answer like that. He thought Lottie would beg him so that she could come with him, because he knew Lottie wanted him to be there when she is in labor and she was about to pop in any second.

“Oh my God. Babe? Are you serious?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I?”

“It’s just– I don’t know, I did not expect that answer at all. Okay, so, should we call your mom to see if it’s possible for you to stay at her house while I’m gone?“

“Yeah, okay. But I don’t have my phone with me right now.”

“It’s okay, I’ll call her.”

Miles dialed her number, but it went straight to her voicemail, twice. So he called Lottie’s father three times, but he didn’t answer all of it. After they tried to call her parents but failed, they decided to just message her brother. When Miles was about to message Lottie’s brother, she just remembered that their family – her mother, her father, her brother, and her sister were planning to go to Singapore. Lottie told Miles to ask her brother the date they were planning to go, so he did.

Her brother replied at noon, he said that their flight would be on May 6th, and he asked why Miles asked, and it happened to be Lottie who read the message. If her family’s holiday started at May 6th, then it would be useless if she went to stay at their family house. She thought she would just beg to Miles so that she can come to Bali too, because at least she could just call Miles if something happens. Lottie replied her brother message and said, “Okay.”

After begging and begging and begging, Miles finally gave up and bought Lottie a ticket to go to Bali. Medically speaking, Lottie should not go on a plane, because she was on her last three month of her pregnancy. But she and her husband did not even care a bit because going to Bali was the only option they could take.


At the plane, Lottie suddenly felt her belly harden, and she had a contraction. Miles panicked and did not know what to do and there was nothing they could do because they were up in the air and the pilot just could not land on wherever he liked. But the flight attendant did help Miles and Lottie by giving them the number of the nearest hospital. Right after they landed, Miles called the hospital and he booked a taxi to go to the hospital. Luckily, they did not bring any baggage, they only brought cabin luggage, so they did not have to wait for their baggage and they could go to the hospital straightaway. But unlucky for them, especially Lottie, the minute she tried to get up from her seat at the plane, she bled out so much, it looked like she just made a new pool out of her blood. The flight attendants and the land crew also panicked and they gave her a wheelchair and she was rushed to the taxi.

As soon as they arrived at the hospital, she was rushed to the USG room, and the doctors and the nurses were already there, waiting for her. After the doctors looked what was wrong with her pregnancy, it appeared that the baby was stressed because of the flight, the baby’s heartbeat was so fast. The doctors concluded that Lottie had to go into the labor right away, or neither the baby nor the mother would survive. Whether Lottie and Miles wanted it or not, it had to be done, even with zero preparation. Lottie could not have a normal birth due to her eyes condition and bladder infection that she had, so she had to go under operation. After 3 hours of operation, at 4:42, the baby was finally born and it was a girl. Lottie and Miles cried. They cried because they were really happy that the baby was finally born and healthy. Miles even shouted, “Woohoo! The baby is finally out of your belly! I love you!” but Lottie was too tired to respond him.

Even so, Miles was still panicking even after the operation was done and the baby was born. For the first 10 hours, the baby had to be in the incubator due to all the stress she was going through at her mother’s belly. Miles went back and forth from his baby’s room to his wife’s room, until Lottie told him to calm down.


Miles did not answer.


Miles still ignored her.


Finally, Miles answered, still in a panic voice, “Yeah, baby? You need anything? What can I help you? Should I call the nurse?”

“No, baby, I’m fine. I’m perfectly fine. Look at me, I’m alive. I survived, and so is the baby.”

“But the baby is in the incubator, how could I be calm?”

“Yeah, I know the baby is in the incubator, but we know for sure that she is in a good hand. You do really need to calm down. You panicking is not helping at all. I should get some rest, yet here I am, trying to calm you down.”

Before Lottie said what she just said, Miles was walking back and forth beside Lottie’s bed. After Lottie finished her talk, Miles finally calmed down a little bit and he grabbed a chair and sat beside her bed. When he was about to fell asleep, Miles remembered that they should actually inform their family, so he woke Lottie up, who only had been asleep for 5 minutes.

“Baby, wake up.”

“What is it, Miles? I’m tired.”

“You know, we have families, and we do need to inform them about the baby.”

“Oh my God, yes, you are right, we need to inform them. What time is it?”

“It’s about 5 in the morning.”

“But they are not up yet. And I’m afraid to tell them because they don’t know that I am in Bali with you, and mom would be so mad at me because she knows I shouldn’t be getting on a plane. Besides, they are about to go on a holiday and I don’t want them to worry about me.”

“But we need to tell them.”

“But I’m scared. Even I still cannot process that I am finally a mother.”

“Okay, so when do you suggest we deliver the news to them?”

“On Sunday, their last day at Singapore.”



On Sunday morning, Lottie called her mother to inform them that the baby was already born. At first, her mother was panic and she insisted that she and Lottie’s dad, brother, and sister, go straight to Bali from Singapore, but Lottie told her that she was going to go home too that night. Her mom did not allow her but Lottie made sure that it was okay for the baby to go on a plane and the doctor already gave the permission. Finally her mother allowed her but with one condition, a nurse should also come to the plane, so if something happened, the nurse would help her. A deal was made and Miles immediately bought the plane ticket.

Their plane landed at a fair same time, and they decided to meet at a restaurant just outside the gate. They met, and the family reunited with an additional member of the family. They were all happy.

Word count: 1689

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