Final Writing: All About My Dormitory (Non-Fiction)

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All About My Dormitory

I am currently studying at Padjadjaran University. On August 17 2015, me and my mother went to Jatinangor with my three uncle who helped me. Yes, I live in Asrama 1. A dormitory provided for scholarship recipients. In one room contains two students. I guess the 1st hostel facility is better than the secon hostl, it turns out to be a lot worse. In only one hallway there are only six bathrooms, and that serves only four bathrooms. Four bathrooms are used by 21 students, and one lecturer and his family.

On the first day I stayed at the hostel, I was annoyed. All the bathrooms that are in hallway 4 can not be used because the water runs out. I have to go to the hallway 3 which is located on the other side. When I reached the hallway 3, it turns out many other students who will bathe. At that moment I hope that during the orientation period his water will not run out. The awaited day came. Yes, today is the first day of orientation. I woke up at 03.00 a.m, and took toiletries. The bathroom in hallway 4 still can not be used, I end up going down the hallway 1,2 and 3. But there are so many queues of students who want to take a shower. Then the hostel mother advised to take a shower in the guard post bathroom. Luckily there is not too crowded there are only 2 people there, I’m relieved. It was time for my shower. Apparently, the water is almost gone. Why is such a bad facility? Why should I stay here? I do not know, I was annoyed.

Exactly at 05.00 a.m, me and my friends went to college to follow the orientation period. Once there I was seated by the committee. The first day of orientation is quite tiring. Although we just sit, but it makes the body becomes sore. The most exhausting is when to wait for an hour, to line up and jostle, and wait for instructions to go home from the committee. Yes, that’s what I feel during my orientation.

The one thing I’m most worried about is that I’m afraid I do not have friends, and I’m afraid I can not mix with people around me. But luckily, I got a lot of friends. Starting from Eka, she is my roommate. In the beginning she is very kind, even she very friendly. But after one week living with her, I’m not comfortable. She always acts like what she want. I brought a ricecooker and rice from home, but she did not. I always cook in my ricecooker every day, and she just eats without cleaning my ricecooker or cooking rice. It really pisses me off. One day I deliberately did not cook rice, but she did not do it. She simply said "Wi, today you do not cook rice?" Woaaaahhhh I think I want to grab her hair when she says like that. Then I just said, "No, I’m lazy".

She always tells people she does not like dirty places, but she rarely cleans our rooms. In one semester she just swept the room three times and mopped the floor one time. After eating she never washed her plate and just left it on the floor, of course, will cause a very stinging smell if left too long. I know she’s a busy person. She always studied late into the night and left for college very early, but I always hoped she was as busy as she could be, she should be able to clean the room, because it did not take long to just sweep or mop the floor. The thing that makes me sick is that she’s arrogant. One day I met her on campus, and I called her "Eka! Eka!" She just looked at me and immediately turned the other way without saying a word, as if she did not recognize me.

Both of my friends who have the same name that is Fitriyah Lestari and Fitriyah Permatasari. They live in one room. I called Fitriyah Lestari as Iyah and Fitriyah Permatasari as Mpit. I’m very close to both, but I’m closer to Iyah. At the beginning I saw her I did not understand, she was weird. On the first day of the day I saw her praying, but not yet the adzan. At that time in my mind is "what can pray if not yet adzan?". She is easy to sleep verywhere. When we were chatting and listening to the song, she immediately fell asleep. While the other is busy doing the task, she sleeps. But she was very excited when attending the seminar. As long as the seminar is free and get a snack, she will definitely come. She will find any information about the seminar and collect certificates as much as possible. In fact, I think she’s more eager to attend seminars than studies. She is a very understanding person of my feelings and circumstances, and vice versa. When she has money, she will lend me her money, and vice versa. But there is one thing that is very annoying, she always play a song with a big voice, it makes me very disturbed. And she always speaks in a high tone, as if she was fighting with her interlocutor.

Mpit. She is a busy person. At the beginning of the semester, she already attended various activities. Added with her college is very solid. Every time we gather, Mpit always tells her activities very detailed, sometimes makes me dizzy to hear it. But she is very kind. She always shares food and she is always willing to spend a lot of money to make a surprise birthday of her close friends, even though her finances are not so good. She will give what her friend borrows or asks if indeed what her friend needs is there.

Filsya. At the beginning I met her, I noticed she was wearing a very thick powder and a bright red lipstick. I thought "Woaahhh.. she was going to college or want grooming" because I think the makeup on her face is very exaggerated. Especially when I saw her face is very white, but her neck and hands are very dark. She is also very dirty. She once soaked the clothes for a week without washing it, causing a very stinging smell. In addition she always throw the rice in the wash clothes without watering it, so the rice scattered everywhere. In her room is also very messy, books and clothes scattered on the floor. Pillows and sheets also look dirty, there are streak markers and powder. Her is roommate Fira, once said that never lend anything to Filsya, because she once lent her clothes. But when returned, the clothes look dirty.

Febi. At first I was not too close to her. We started close at the end of semester one, and even then because we both love Korean drama and often watch Korean drama together. Her roommate is Fikri, I was not too close to her. She is very beautiful and smart to take care of herself. But she likes to blink when talking. When she does not like one person, she will say doesn’t like to the person.

We stayed in the hostel only one year. At first we will stay together (Me, Mpit, Iyah, Fira, Filsya, Eka and Febi). But I do not want if I have to live with Eka again, as well as Mpit who does not want to live with Eka. While Fira does not want to live with Filsya, as well as Mpit and Iyah. But finally we only lived four (I, Mpit, Iyah and Filsya). Febi decided to live at pesantren. Eka decided to live alone because she did not want anyone to interfere. While Fira …

Mpit came to the dormitory with a lethargic face and looked like she was crying. I and Iyah curious immediately asked Mpit.

"What happned to you?" I said.
"There is a problem?" Iyah said.
"Nothing" while wiping his tears.
"Mpit why? Please tell me if there is a problem" I said
With a breath Mpit replied, "My money in ATM Mandiri is lost all" tears flowing so swiftly.
"Really? Why it can happened?” Iyah said.

"I do not know, either. When I want to take the ATM in the bag, the ATM is not there, I thought maybe missed it in the dorm, but after I checked it was not there, I had taken care of the lost mail and made a new ATM at the bank, but The bank says that my money is already taken”

Every three months we receive money from the government, as living expenses for education. The money amounts to IDR. 1,800,000. I can not imagine if that much money goes away. I can not bear to see Mpit crying sobbing. At the beginning of the semester Mpit also lost IDR 150,000.

That afternoon I had an appointment with Febi to go to Jatos. I remember once that day was Monday, the first day of the first semester test, December 14 2015. We arrived at the dorm. I went straight to my room, while Febi go to Mpit and Iyah room. Not long after, Fikri came to Mpit’s room.

"Febi, do you see my laptop?" Fikri said.
"Usually there is on a mattress right?"
"Yeah, but there’s no on the mattress".

"Try to find a more thorough" Iyah said. Then Fikri returns to her room. Once searched everywhere, it turns out Fikri laptop lost. That night, Mr. Oja (the dormitory supervisor) came and try to find every room. But not found in one room. Then Mr. Oja asked some things to Fikri.
"When was the last time you saw your laptop?" Mr. Oja said.
"This morning sir, before I go to campus".
"Where you keep your laptop?"
"On the mattress sir"
Then Mr. Oja asked Febi, because she was Fikri’s roommate.
"At the time of the incident, where are you?"

"After I go to campus I went to Jatos with Uwi pak, then we go to dorm and directly come to Mpit room".
"Who was leaving early this morning?"
"Do you lock the door of the room?"
"No sir, because it was never locked and never lost anything"
"In this hallway who there was no moment of incident?”

At that time all the students who were in hallway 4 gather, and asked one by one. But at that time, which was not there at the time was Fira. During the search, Febi and Fikri stayed overnight in my room. We slept four in a room that small. Suddenly Fikri spoke.

"I suspect with Fira"
"Why do you suspect Fira?" I said.
"Because she looks weird this morning, usually she never comes in the morning to my room, she keeps asking me some questions, and I never talked to her during that time" Fikri said.

Mr. Oja said he would process the case. The next day Pak Oja called me. He told me to investigate Fira, because I was one of her close friends. That night Fira and I went to Jatos. I want to take the money first, but the queue is very long.

"Just a minute. I have to take my money first at ATM BRI"
"Why did not you take it at a BJB ATM?"
"No, I’ll get cash"

Somehow I had the same premonition with Fikri, as did Febi. Initially only three of us were suspicious of Fira, but Mpit and Iyah also began to suspect.

"I do not know why the hunch I Fira who took my money Yesterday I have been to the bank and print proof of money collection, there was written money taking at around 08.00 o’clock ATM Mandiri and at 10.00 o’clock at ATM BJB" Mpit said.
"Yesterday I went to Jatos with Fira I want to take money at the ATM BRI, but Fira say ‘why not take at ATM BJB aja wi?’ Kinda weird anyway? "
It all fell silent when I said that.
"Why do not you ask for a recording of cctv?" Fikri said.
"It can not be Fik, because it’s been a long time, and it’s quite time consuming" Mpit said.

"When the incident at that time Fira’s attitude was also strange, I was showering, she suddenly knocked the bathroom door up two turns and just asked ‘I’m fit to wear this dress?’ At that time my room was not locked" Febi said.

The plan was Mpit and Iyah took Fira to Paun, while I, Febi and Fikri searched Fira’s room. I’ve said that I can not, because I have to meet my brother in Bandung. At the same time Filsya was not in the dorm. Filsya did not know that we had been suspicious of Fira. The next day Mpit, Iyah and Fira went to Paun, while I was preparing to go to bandung. As I locked the door of my room, Iyah suddenly sent a message in the group. The group contains me, Mpit, Iyah, Febi, Fikri, Filsya and Fira.

"Wi, quickly search Fira’s room!"

I was surprised why Iyah sent the message in the group. I panicked constantly calling Iyah to delete her message, but she did not pick up her phone. Finally me and Febi trying to drown her message. Iyah took out one by one the people in the group, and created a new group. As I was driving to dorm, there was an SMS from Fira. Looks like she already knows everything, and there was a misunderstanding and commotion between me and Fira. Then Febi tried to explain everything. At that time Fira was crying, she did not expect that her close friends suspected her of being a thief. That’s where our relationship is not good. And we never discuss it again until the end of semester one

Second semester come, we came back close and seemed to happen nothing. But in mid-semester 2, Filsya and Fira lost their money. The next day Filsya suddenly asked us why we suspected Fira. Finally I, Mpit and Febi reveal everything about our suspicions.

Then suddenly Filsya said "actually I’ve lost money often." I started losing almost IDR 2,000,000 at the time, and I kept it under my clothes, I also kept my money in the Qur’an, but it was gone. "

"Why do not suspect a bit to Fira?" Mpit said
"No, because I’m afraid it’s slander".

After that we were curious about Fira classmates, we also tried to contact one of her friends is Dini. She became treasurer and held a lot of money. At that time she wanted to take wudlu, and leave her bag on Fira. When she arrived at her room, her money was not there and there was only her envelope, and early must also replace the money. During this time she was suspicious of Fira.

We have a plan to discuss this with Mr. Oja and Fira. But when Filsya and I chatted with Dini, Fira came. She was frightened and we panicked. I went outside while Filsa spoke with Fira.

Arriving at the Hostel, Filsya asked me to contact Mr. Oja to discuss it tonight. All gathered in Mpit’s room including Dini which I requested to come to Dormitory as proof. Fira came with tears in her eyes. At that time she was bombarded with questions. We have disclosed all the evidence we have obtained, but she remains evasive. And in the end Mr. Oja asked Fira to swear on the Qur’an, but Fira did not want the reason for coming months. But Mr. Oja says it’s okay, it does not matter. Fira’s end was willing to swear on the Qur’an and she decided to get out of the dorm. Since the incident is not adalagi students who lost money.

Word Count 2656

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