Final Writing: Adventure to Find ‘The One’ (Fiction)

Kristiana Meida L/180410150062

“Nio, who will you bring to your graduation?”

“Of course I will bring my parents. How about you?”

“How lucky you are because both of your parents are still alive. I guess I will bring my father and Arsen.”

“Arsen? Are you still with him?”

“Yes. Why?”

“No Selene, don’t.”

“Why? I’ve been with him for almost two years now.”

“Yeah, I know. But you better listen to me because there’s a saying that says only men can judge men and it’s better for you to leave him now.”

Nio’s car stopped in front of Selene’s house. Selene got off from his car and said goodbye to Nio. His father was in a small garden in front of the house. Selene stood beside him and watched her father closely. Selene could see the wrinkles around his forehead and eyes. Her father looked old but wise. Selene remembered Nio’s words that said only men can judge men.

“Dad, what do you think of Arsen?”

“Who is Arsen?”

“My boyfriend, dad. Don’t you remember?”

“Oh. That young boy who looks so free-spirited?”

“Uhm… yes…”

“I don’t know. But I prefer that Ne-yo boy.”

“It’s N-I-O, daddy. Ne-yo is a singer”

“Whatever. Let’s go inside, I already prepared dinner, let’s eat.”

After the dinner ended, Selene went to her room and was still thinking of Nio’s words. She decided to ask her friends about it. She took her phone and opened her Instagram. She made a story that essentially asked her followers about Nio’s words. While waiting for some replies, she opened the explore tab. She saw someone who looks like her boyfriend in one of the posts. She clicked the post of that someone who looks like her boyfriend and it led to a girl’s account.

Selene became curious and she stalked more of the girl’s account. She checked the tag in the post and found a tag with a strange name. Selene clicked that tag in the post and how surprised she was when she found out that it was Arsen’s second account. Arsen never told Selene about his second account. Too bad for Selene, the account was privatized, but then Selene noticed that one of her friends follows Arsen’s second account and she asked him to screen-capture his account.

Ten minutes later, Selene got the screen-capture of the Arsen’s second account. Selene could not hide her disappointment. On the screen appeared Arsen’s picture with that previous girl. Not only one, but it was almost like all of Arsen’s posts. Selene felt betrayed. Her imagination of the future with him now ruined. She called Arsen and interrogated him until he admitted that he was cheating. That night, Selene and Arsen became strangers to each other.

The next early morning, Selene went to her campus. She arrived at six. There’s no one at the campus. She sat under a big tree. The morning air was very cool and peaceful. She thought she would miss this atmosphere when she graduated later. She did a deep inhale many times. Under this big tree is her favorite spot. Whenever she had a problem she always discussed it under this big tree with Nio. Oh yes Selene forgot about Nio. She texted him to come to their favorite spot.

“Hey lady, do you believe in love at first sight or do I walk by again?”

Selene looked up and saw this strange man. He looked like just waking up with his hair covered his eyes. Selene wanted to scream because she felt threatened, but then the man combed his hair and showed his eyes. It was the legendary Nicky. He got that nickname because he was already in his early 7th year but not graduated yet.

“Is your name Gillette? Because you are the best a man can get.”

“Ew no. My name is Selene.”

“Oh hi Selene, my name is Nicky, but you can call me tonight.”

“Ha.. What are you doing? If you keep dropping those smooth lines someone might just slip and fall.”

“Don’t worry, I’d be here to catch you.” He winked at Selene and left her speechless.

Selene’s lower jaw still couldn’t resist the gravity. She still looked at that man until a text came from Nio. Nio said that he was busy so he would come at lunch. Nio asked Selene to meet him at the Acelera Camino Restaurant. Selene’s looked even gloomier because she had to wait until lunch time. Selene really needs someone to talk to. There’s no one at the campus except this strange person. So she had no other choice.

“Hey lady, you looked so gloomy. I’m afraid it might rain soon. But it’s okay, I will be your umbrella.”

“Well, do you want to hear a story?”

“What? About me in your future?”

“Ew come on… no… It’s a long and sad story.”

“Sure. I will grab some popcorn first. He he he just kidding.”

Selene didn’t realize that she told everything to this man. It was nice to talk to him, except his cheesy pick up lines. Selene got a lot of advices from this legend. She felt she was getting closer to this man. Selene found that this man is attractive in his own way.

Lunch time arrived and Selene was already in the restaurant. She was waiting for Nio until she saw a man entered the restaurant with an uneasy face. He was a man in his early 30s. He was tall with wide shoulder and back. He seemed rarely to smile and his eyes looked sharp. Selene saw the man was similar to Arsen, just this man’s appearance was better than Arsen. Selene was immersed in her thought while admiring this man.

“Sorry to make you wait.” Nio came and made Selene come back to this world.

“It’s okay. I didn’t wait long either. But I didn’t see you entered through the door.”

“Of course you didn’t. I came from upstairs.”

“Upstairs? Why from upstairs?”

“Hmm.. How do I put it simple.. Hmm.. The point is this is my uncle’s restaurant. You see that bachelor over there? He is my uncle, Flero.”

Selene looked at the way Nio’s pointed to her. It was pointed at the man from earlier who came with uneasy face.

“Woah, you never told me you have an uncle who owns this fancy restaurant.”

“Ah yes but this restaurant might be closed.”

“What? Why?”

“We lack of professional worker. We just lost the man in charge of managing the finances of this restaurant. So I helped him until he found someone who could replace me. I feel burdened because even though we majored in accounting I still far beyond professional. Maybe you are more suitable for this job, you are smarter than me. Oh wait..”

Nio’s eyes suddenly enlarged and he called his uncle to come to their table. His uncle now sat beside Nio and in front of Selene. Nio talked about Selene’s achievements and how she could help to manage the finances of this restaurant. His uncle just nodded his head, and a moment later Selene officially became the woman in charge of managing the finances in that restaurant starting tomorrow.

“About this early morning, what do you want to talk about?”

“Ah nothing, I already talked to someone about it.”

“Oh. Sorry I couldn’t be there when you need me.”

“It’s okay Nio. It is just about Arsen.”

“Something’s happened, right?”

“Yes. He was cheating on me.”


“You’re right about your words Nio. How could you know about it?”

“Actually Selene, you need to know something.” Nio’s face became serious

“Selene, I think I love…”

Oh God no. Is Nio going to confess that he loves me? But I can’t accept it. I just broke up with Arsen.”

“… him”

“I appreciate your con- wait, what? You love him? Arsen?”

“Well I don’t know if this love or not, but I feel attracted to him.”

“So that’s why you are against our relationship? For real?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. I’ll go home first. Goodbye.”

From that day until graduation Selene never see Nio again. Meanwhile her relationship with the legendary Nicky became closer. He was the one who came to her graduation. He was the one who became the restaurant’s number one customer because he always came every day just to throw cheesy pickup lines to Selene. Flero felt that Selene had a feeling for Nicky. Deep down, Flero sometimes annoyed by Nicky’s presence, but he couldn’t drive the customer away. So he just watched them from his room while silently judging.

At the end of his year, finally Nicky can finish his study. He graduated but Selene couldn’t come to his graduation. So he decided to come to the restaurant with his friends. Selene knew that Nicky was in the restaurant so she went downstairs.

“Congratulations Nicky. Sorry I couldn’t come to your graduation because my boss didn’t allow me to.”

“Oh, that Flero guy. What’s his problem with me? He always sees me with that ‘I want to kill you’ look. I never hurt you, Selene.”

“Yeah I know.”

“Woah, what is this Nick?” said his friend in a black sweater.

“What is what?”

“This situation. Isn’t she our junior?” said another friend. Now in a green shirt.

“Yes, but she is more than that for me. She is…” Said Nicky with a sweet smile.

Oh my God, no. Is he going to confess in front of his friends? Oh God, what to do..”

“…my sister.”

“I love you- Wait, What? Sister?”

“Yes. You are like my little sister. I am so proud to see you grow up so fast, Sis.”

“Oh, yes brother I am proud to have a brother like you who always cares about me. You’re almost like my boyfriend.”

“hahaha. No. I will never be your boyfriend. I love you my little sister.”

Selene went to her room. Flero as usual saw them and silently judging from his room. Flero came to comfort Selene. He told Selene that he knew that Nicky was no good for her, that’s why sometimes he felt annoyed. 3 months later, Flero and selene were dating. On their first anniversary, Flero came to Selene’s house with Audi R8. He rented it because he knew that Selene likes cars.

“Oh my God. Flero…”

“You drive.”


Selene gladly entered the car.

“Where will we go? Why you suddenly bring this car?”

“We’re going to have dinner at that hotel restaurant we’ve talked about before. I bring this car because today’s a special day. You’ll be surprised.”

Selene was full of excitement. She drove this car she always wanted to try, and Flero said that today would surprise her. She thought maybe Flero would propose her today. They reached the hotel restaurant. Flero chose one special dish for Selene. He said it’s garden salad since it’s good for the body. When the garden salad arrived, Selene immediately rummaged through it because she thought there was a ring hidden in the food. But there was none.

When they were waiting for dessert to come, Flero went to the restroom. Selene thought that Flero would instead sing her a proposal song in the stage, since their table was in the middle of the room and was right in front of the performance stage. But Flero came back from the restroom and sat back to his seat. When the singer asked whether anyone wanted to sing, Flero went forward. Selene thought that this was the time Flero would sing a proposal song. But Flero just sang a stupid song and he came back to his seat.

Flero asked for the bill and the waiter came to him. Selene thought that maybe the ring was hidden in the waiter or in the bill book. But nothing happened and they went home. Selene stopped the car in front of her house.

“I disappointed in you, Selene.”

“Why? I should be the one who disappointed.”

“You said you love cars.”

“Yes, I do. Why?”

“How can you not realize that there is something odd in this car.”

“Like what?”

“Look at the steering wheel.” Flero directed flashlight from his phone to the steering wheel.

“Nothing’s wr- Oh my God Flero. Since when Audi has 5 rings?”

“The last one on the right is your ring, stupid.”

Flero took the ring off and held it.

“Will you marry me?”

“Wait. Since when the ring was on the steering wheel?”

“Since I picked you up in the evening, stupid. Now just answer me. Will you marry me?”

“Hahaha yes, I will.”

Word count: 2.098

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