Final Writing : My father is a warrior of his country (Non-Fiction)

Rhendy Suslaphanda Dwi Satria


Indonesia is the 4th largest country in the world with many waters between its islands. many countries in the world look upon a fortune lies in the Indonesia’s soil. in hundreds of years we struggle under others country rules the Indonesia and day by day the Indonesian never lose hope to regain its glory. in 1945, the hope of millions of people is answered caused by hundreds of heroes across Indonesia to regain independence.

My father always told me about the history of our beloved country to make me felt graceful for what i have right now. he served the Indonesia’s National Army (TNI) from 1987 and he was already gone through hell in earth for a few times. He also always told me that he doesn’t wants to be a soldier which serve his country at first. Economy issues was struck his family when he was 20 years old make him had no others choice.

Indonesia back then was looking for flesh and blood to be sent to regain the territory that lost into enemies of the state. there is a conscription for a man old and strong enough to carry a gun, so there is no kind strict entrance to military. My father with his body weight around 50 Kilograms and a height around 150 cm are able to join the army. I even can’t believe his description about himself until I see his picture with his platoon.

Soon after my father placed his name plate on his chest and rank in his shoulder, Hard and unforgiving training are going to meet him. He always told me the training at that time was feels like hell in earth. After few months of training, my father is the only few of hundred enlisters to this training. Finally, he’s find out that this is not just an ordinary training. He was in the training where only for Indonesia Elite forces which many people known as KOPASSUS. In the end of his training, he was received a red beret as an official KOPASSUS members. He was always talk about the red beret among his friend that it was a highest honor in the army. Still with the unbelievable feelings and mind in him, now he is stand with the elites to be sent to the battlefield as an officer.

Timor Timur was on the bad shaped in 1975. Uprising was everywhere in that little country caused by the dead of the thousands its people by starvation and government oppression. In response to it, Indonesian government led by President Soeharto issued operation Sejora which is to invade the island which half of it was belongs to Indonesia.

My Father was assign as a scout regiment in the battlefield. With a squad of 10 people in his team, he was tasked to infiltrate enemies’ outpost near the front line before the 1st infantry division storming into the country. So he set a decoy a few hundred meter from the outpost. He plants a couple kilograms of explosive to distract and scatter enemy troops. After detonating the explosive inside the woods, the enemies are distracted and leaves their and emptying their outpost with no one’s guard it. With swift and silent moves, the 1st infantry division along with 32th cavalry division (Armored/Tanks division) taking the outpost without any resistance. When the enemy came back to their outpost, they had no chance against an army waiting them with such a great advantage. Only few of them were killed because they were resisting by firing their guns, most of them are captured by lower down their guns instead fight with it. From my father surveillance before the attacks, there were a missing person among the guards which is assumed that he was escaped the attacks or not coming to it.

From this point my father assumed that the escapee has report back to their headquarters to report for Indonesia armies’ arrival. So without having any good rest and as the part of intel team, he interrogates the P.O.W (Prisoners of War) to know the enemy’s whereabouts. My father uses an interesting interrogation technique that no one going to think of it. He only uses a few blocks of ice to get an answer from his prey. He just shove out the P.O.Ws to the bathroom full with block of ice in the floor. After that, he just to play the waiting game until they spill it out the information.

After get a few information but a precious one, he reports to the F.O.B (Forward Operation Base) about it. Because of his action, he got a promotion to rank captain. After those promotion his tours a running out of time and sent back home. By the time he’s arrived in Jakarta, he was being surprised by his wife carried his first son that he never seen before. It turns out the baby was born about 3 months before he is coming home. A happiness was all over him that day. He really thankful to God to still keep him alive and safe to that moment.

In 1992 my father was being tasked for the second time to the hell of the battlefield. There is a serious rebellion in the west of the Indonesia in a Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Those province was dangerous at that time full with fully armed rebels. they want the NAD to be liberated as an independent nation. My Father was again assigned as part of the intel team because of his achievement in the previous tours. One things that my father learns about this new land he was step in; it was more ruthless, unforgiving, and more dangerous.

2 months after the first army broke out into enemy’s defense line, my father along with the main army was marching deep into enemy lines. Before the main army enter the battlefield, there is a procedure that the scout division must observe and calculate enemy’s manpower. My Father was one of this scout man who always being a spearhead of an army. In one occasion he must climb a quite steep hill to reach the observation point. When he was half way to the top, rain of bullets almost hit his helmet. There are 3 enemies with automatic rifles, firing at him and his squad down the hill. Because of the ambush my father accidently drop his rifles to the ground and obliterate it instantly. He looks down and see two of his men sprawled with blood flowing from their body. With still hanging in the hill, there is a large stone on top of him large enough to give him a cover and think what he should do next. He only has a pistol with 12 bullets to save him and the rest of his squad. He pulled the pistol from the holster and fire blindly to the top of the hill because he was being suppressed by their fire. His squad down the hill also follow up his shots to the enemy. The firefight ends in a minute after my Father hear one of them screaming painfully.

After those incident, my father and his squad were sent back to the F.O.B to take a break for a week. My father was being visited by a psychiatrist due to the close combat with the rebels. the doctor said that may father mental state was not even flinch after the incident. Because of the psychiatrist reports, my father was quickly assigned to new teams. This teams he gotten into was more like the spec ops in the movie. His team was the first team that reach the city of NAD. His teams blend with the civilians in there in order to gather information and sent it back to F.O.B.

One day my father was in tailing mission in the rural town. He tailing an old truck suspected to be carried a lot of firearms. With 3 of his squads, he was tailing with an old-rust sedan with modified door plate that can sustained bullet damage. After 3 hours tailing them through the woods, the truck was stopped in the village market. The driver of the trucks was looking at my father’s car and talk to the phone for a couple of minute. With a bad feeling about the situation my father orders his driver to abandon the mission. After a half an hour of driving between the wood, an ambush strikes to my father’s car. Hundreds of bullets were sprayed into the air and hit my father’s car so many times. The ambush only last less than a minute, but it was shocked enough to make my father panic and examine his body parts for guns’ wounds. It turns out everybody was not being hit by a single bullet but the car was really damaged by the bullets.

After the ambush, he reports to the F.O.B and the village market was being siege for a week to find the truck with firearms in it. After the incident my father tours was expired and ready to go home to his family with a lot of service marks for his country and once again being surprised by his wife carried a second son. He believes that after the we gone through the hell, heavens are waiting for us.

Word Count : 1599

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