Final Writing : 8 Years Ago and Now ( Non-Fiction )

Ni Putu Ganis Pradnyawati / 180410150030


Gazing at the hill late in the afternoon with a cloud behind my dormitory , it was commonplace. Ya….at first , it doesn’t. I always remember that day in every atmosphere like this. A day that I can’t believe it until now. The gusts of the wind add another silence. Introduce, my name is Pradnya. Looking at the student of the school under my dormitory, at once i remembered the times when I found some good friends in the school which is still close with me.

The first time, it started in 2009 when i was about to enter junior high school, when i thought that i would feel the world of teenagers. At that time, i was taking a test at that school and also i met a girl like me with a ignorant face. Just like a rich kid who looks so arogant. Me who was sitting behind the class , really didn’t like to see her face, very unfriendly. My first impression of her was “I didn’t want to be her friend”. Until i go back to my home, i still annoyed if i remembered her face again. Then, i passed the test and i was accepted at the school. Also ,i found my first class in junior high school in a class 7C which turned out……..i’m in same class with that girl. Why can i see her again and be her classmate? “Ah…it feels like i wanted to move the class so i was not in the same class with that cheeky girl” that’s what i thought when i knew i got the same class with her. After 1 month , finally i ventured to meet her. Her name was Karina, she’s tall, thin, the colour of her skin looks a bit brown, wearing with a pink peach frame and also has a sweet smile.

Initially, i knew her only with mediocrity and my first impression of her still attached in my mind. But my first sight of her began to fade , when Karina and me had the same stuff and joy. Not as i thought before, she was a flexible child and funny, until i started thinking that just because the face of someone who looked scary, it doesn’t mean her attitude will also be frightening. Not only that, she also teach me a lesson which i didn’t like such as mathematics and physics. Yes, i admit she is very adept at such with that lesson. One of the most annoying things about her attitude was, when she was studying with me and if she had understood with something that she didn’t understand, she casually tapped me so hard on my shoulder. With a sense of fun, she laughed satisfied and strangely i was laughing too eventhough her tapped was very painful. Behind her annoying behaviour, there is an incident for Karina herself it is the most painful thing. Until i heard a bad news which told that Karina’s father has died because of illness. I clearly remembered the tears of her face and many of her classmates came to the class to calm her down. However, Karina is a active and courageous child that she can reply to all her tears with her hard work in learning. Not surprisingly, she always got the 1st rank in the class. Yes maybe just a glimpse of my memory that i remembered in the 7th grade.

A year has passed, and I got new friends in 8th grade. Me and Karina weren’t being classmates, but our classroom are adjacent and we meet often if we want to buy food at the canteen. In the 8th grade, every time I come home from tutoring, I always spent my little time for visited Karina’s house. Indeed, my tutoring place was very close to Karina’s house, only 20 meters away and I was able to meet with Karina and always talk about the homework or about our friends in the school. Yes it has been like my daily routine in the 8th grade.

In the following year, me and Karina back to be classmates. In the 9th grade, once in a while, I feel annoyed with Karina’s habits. But this is different, when it was me, Karina, Nia, Mayang and Amanda wanted to do group work at Mayang’s house. The task is the lesson of Indonesian language that tells us to make a drama script. Karina offered the idea for the theme of making the drama script, I offer another idea which I found a bit easier for the drama script. Then, Nia took the initiative to combine the two of our ideas to make it look more interesting. Karina also agreed and told us to go back and do the task in the next day. Yes, the next day we re-finish the drama script in the school . There is a perfectionist attitude from Karina that tells us to multiply the dialogue but she is not even willing to take turns to type the drama script and tell us to finish it before the deadline. At the time , I was annoyed and i went home immediately with a sullen face and without preamble I left the class. Not just me, Nia, Mayang and Amanda were annoyed of selfish attitude from Karina. From that moment on, Karina began to realize it and didn’t act like that anymore . In the 9th grade, Me , Nia, Mayang, Amanda and Karina want to get into the same senior high school. Yes, maybe there’s some people said that we have a ‘gang’. But for me, as long as i’m with them , there is not a ‘gang’ . They always support to choose which option is best according to us and do not impose especially Karina. Karina one of the oldest from us. She’s like a sister to us.

Again,… I woke up from the memory of junior high school that made me a little off guard with some of my duties. I don’t think there’s any intention for me to make the task back. While I tried to do my homework, I turned on my favorite song The Actor by MLTR. Ah…. this song , a song that I often sang in the class with Karina , while the teacher was not coming in. Strangely , i’m still not bored to listen it. Seeing my photos with them during high school on my folder in my laptop increasingly add to my longing for her. It was very difficult for me to meet her. Because of her , I realized with the time. It was only a year ago, I tell my story to her a lot. Wearing the gray-white uniform in the picture reminded me of my high school years.

Senior high school ….. many people said that high school is a gray white period that left many memories and probably some people considered senior high school is the most exciting adolescence including me. Which is not many tasks are piled up, a lot of time to play with friends , study time is still determined and much more. Early high school in 2012, I found my class at X11 . The class is the last class in the 10th grade. At first I was really comfortable in this class, because my friends in the class that I’ve known in the junior high school so i don’t need to get acquainted like a stranger. No wind, flood, tsunami or whatever it is, my class was officially dissolved because it was replaced with an acceleration class. Confused, sad, disappointed to be a very uncomfortable feeling for me. Due to the class was disbanded, I was moved in class X8 which also coincidentally with Mayang and Amanda. Nia and also Karina turned out to be their class and coincide right next to my class that is class X9. We get more often to play together, though not so often. Every Saturday morning, we are also walk together and start a story session proposed one by one from us.

In 11th grade, I found the class at XI IPS 2, and I was classmate with Nia. Actually it was my plannig with Nia to avoid Karina. In this 11th grade, we felt that there so many opportunities in the competition that we can try. If we re-class with Karina maybe that chance will be taken by her. But it’s true, because me and Nia have been frightened if in 11th grade will meet with Karina again, indeed she is smart and like to take the opportunity that we want to achieve. In this grade, we’re already starting to think about lectures, majors, national final examination , etc.

Actually, I want to go to the Department of Communication Science in UNPAD because I think it suits my ability. Besides, it was still very unstable for choosing majors and maybe for others it is still far to think about the lecture. Apparently, Karina also wanted to take the same majors as me. Basically, i’m still not convinced because I’m afraid if I choose that major, it would be unable. I chose to retreat and look for other majors that fit my hobby. At first, I wanted to go to English Department but the feeling is still not convinced. Finally, I also follow many competition with the background of English language like storytelling and roleplay. Praise to God , I managed to bring trophy for the competition that i had followed and more confident to choose the major of English Department. In addition, Karina also encouraged me to be more confident with my choice of this journey. So when i the next class , we weren’t confused to choose the major. A year has been passed and didn’t feel already entered the last class is 12th grade.

This is a lot of memories and still love to remember until now and among the previous classes, I think this is still of the most memories especially in the XIIIPS4. The day is getting busy with tryout activities, enrichment and socialization from other university. Our play time has been reduced due to busy with our respective activities. Tryout, UN, SNMPTN and so SBMPTN has been passed. Class 12 is over and we begin to undergo routine each lecture. Incidentally me, Mayang and Karina into the same college that is in UNPAD while Amanda lectures at UNPAS Bandung and Nia which is the most distant itself in UB Malang .Although we already like people who got long distance relationship, also we always call on the phone together, personal chat with each other and while we gather to share the story, we loved to imagine what we will be in the future, tell the romance story of us and so many more. Gather with them, feelings of sadness or piling tasks that make the burden of the mind growing, instantly disappear if i have heard the joke from Mayang, singing from Amanda, funny expression from Nia and ‘curhatan’ from Karina.When in the beginning of the lecture, until they all stay in my room and the condition is so narrow. The delusion that we often talk about it, is gone since we hear about Karina accident.

The news which made my heart felt chaotic happened on the 16th of August 2016. The information came from one of my friends who closed with her too. My expectation at first was the little thing that happened to her was not the same. The feeling of optimism assumes that I underestimate it. After I found out, Karina exposed a brunt due to the accident caused by the big motorcycle. When I knew the accident was that bad, my feelings and thoughts were not good. I can’t sleep and eat because i really want to know more news from Karina, relieved when hearing the surgery that lived smooth and Karina just stay through the critical period. But sometimes, there is a fear that I will lose her but I throw away that thought and remain convinced that Karina can heal and get together again with her best friend".

August 23, 2016, at 7:00 AM in the morning when I wake up, I immediately check my handphone and when I opened the line, there’s a lot of notifications that I received and suddenly i got missed call 3 times from my friend . When I tried to find out and hear a news that Karina it’s gone … feels like…….. nightmares. Really bad, crying, crying, crying and crying. I kept calling the nearest person and my parents to tell the news. At that time the unexpected feeling kept coming to my mind , the sense of longing growing up with her. Until I finally thought that God really cared with her. Panic moment because i really want to see the condition ofher corpse but it can’t due to far distance. Memories for the sake of instantaneous appeared and still feel that she is still here. Looking at the last chat she sent me became my last chat with her. Since then, ‘losing’ has become a frightening word for me especially for my family and my "nearest" people. Nobody knows when the time will call us to return to Him .

Thanks Karin, for your kindness as long as you are still in the same world as me. I can’t stop for remembering your good behavior and always motivating me to move forward. You also like to remind me to always be grateful, always listening the advice was given by my Parents, be patience and reminds me for praying everytime i’m happy or sad. Although our religion is different but there is absolutely no difference when I’m being your friend for 8 years and until now you have different world with me . I really hope you keep appearing my dream every time I want to share my story. This year in November , it will feel different for me .We still celebrate together, ya even though it’s not the same anymore. It’s all that I want to convey to you rin. Me and all you friends will always miss your jokes. I miss you rin :)

Yes, recalling those times, it seems like that I want to turn back time and repeat my excitement with them. Now , everything has changed and only the memories are left. Some of the photos that I have can only make a display for the remover of longing. 2 more days is the month of fasting, it’s almost a year she has gone. It seems only last year, I also celebrate the month of Ramadhan with her and the other. When I entered the new semester last year, I was happy when I migrated and stayed closer with Karina’s dormitory. 4 days before she died on 12 August 2016, she asked me toreturn to Jatinangor immediately and accompany her walking around. At that time, i imagine how happy i’m , if I cooked with her together and I visited her new room at her dormitory. The last text message to me was still about her frustration with the boy that she was approaching. At that time I didn’t respond because I thought it was her habit to complain to me. Yes unexpected things always come with unexpected conditions as well. No more words to describe my feelings right now. This is the difference between 8 years ago and now.

Word count : 2580

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