Final Writing: Unsuspected (Fiction)

Irayani Hanifa/ 180410150026

This afternoon, was the afternoon that truly was tiring. The blazing sun was so hot it was like a hot boiling water on the pot, as if it forced us to stay still in the house. But suddenly there was a familiar voice.


"Ah… it’s good to be home. Uh … what a comfy bed" said a pretty girl who enjoyed the cold breeze in the bedroom.

"what do I do, its so boring in the house…" she complained while scratching her head that was itchy.


“Ah.. let’s do something nice…..too lazy to play computer, let alone going to the mall. Ah let’s just message some friends " Tari grabed her ugly phone lazily.

5 minutes passed, 10 minutes passed but not even one message came. that made Tari’s mood worsen.

" Ah.. why did no one reply? Santi, Fajar, Kiki, aji ugh annoying" She complained.

not long after that her laugh exploded.

"hahahahahah turns out Kiki’s and Santi’s phone number is almost the same it’s only differ in the last number. Kiki’s phone number is 085640000001 as for Santi 085640000002. It’s so cool, my phone number is 085616150012, is there anyone who has a phone number like 085616150013? Let’s try it …"

A few minutes later that number was connected


" wow it really connects, I’m gonna hang up now " suddenly there’s a message in her phone


After she saw the message she was startled to death, turned out the sender was the one that she called earlier. Anxiously biting her lower lips, she opened the message.

“Excuse me, this is with who?”

Reading it words after words from the message that she opened earlier making her confused for how to reply it.

"I’m so sorry for the phone call it was only out of curiosity, I’m sorry if I disturb you”. she sent that short message quickly.

"It’s okey, let me introduce myself my name is Rama, what about you? what school do you go to?"

reading the not so short message, she’s confused as how to answer it again. Now she was confused about the name . if she used Tari, if there was anything bad happen it would be dangerous. Finally, she used Ratna as the name and Tari quickly sent the message.

"let me introduce myself my name is Ratna, I go to SMA 6, what about you?"

" well, I go to SMK 1, XI grade. Can I know how you look like? Maybe I’ve seen you before"

"my face is not that pretty, curly hair, brown skin, a nerd and tacky. What about you?”

Two minutes had passed, but Rama didn’t answer her message. waiting for Rama to reply her. She began to think that Rama was a guy who seen a girl only based on her physical appearance. But the truth was if he knew what Tari truly looked like he would fell for her. How can he not fell for her, she got a nice body, white skin, straight long hair, she once hired to be a photoshoot model. Every guy would fell for her. But until now if any guy confessed to her she would reject them, no one knew the reason except for her.

"ugh every man is the same"

After waiting for Rama’s message that never came to her phone. She decided to go for a bath. While Tari was enjoying her bath, suddenly there was a sound of a text message from her phone.

Tiiit….tiiit….tiiit the message ringtone kept ringing until Tari was done with her bath. Seeing her phone vibrate and didn’t stop ringing, she became confused. finally she decided to open the message. she was so surprised to see 3 message on her phone at the same time. and then she opened it one by one.

The first message " do not degrade yourself"

The second message "I’m nerdier than you"

The third message " I have brown skin, black hair of course not foreigner, I have 4 eyes, 2 real eyes and 2 fake eyes . or in other words I have glasses"

After reading the message from Rama, Tari just smiled reading the message. After that, she replied

"Hmmm… you’re funny too, let’s be friends"

From day after day Tari became closer to her message pal. she had a thought to do something like a meetup. But she decided not to.

Didn’t notice that it was already morning again, as if the sun was running to chase a deadline. This blinding morning a message came to her phone with a loud ringing.

Tiiiit….tiiiiit ….ttiiiiit

While rubbing her eyes half awake, She grabbed her phone and read the message that just came to her phone. Turned out it was a message from Rama that woke her up.

" wake up… there’s a flag ceremony today, right? Don’t forget to bring a hat"

" Thanks for the reminder Ram."


At school, Tari with her spirit immediately want to have a chat with her close friend Fajar. Fajar was a white, nice, smart and handsome boy. Still patiently listening to Tari’s speech on and on about street children. In Tari’s eyes, Fajar was a friend that knew her so well. For example in Tari’s birthday he was the first one to surprise her. Fajar was really nice to Tari. Did you know why? Because Fajar already had a feeling for Tari for so long, but he hid it tightly, because Fajar knew Tari’s personality when she would suddenly be mean to someone who liked her. When Tari told the things that she saw happened to street children, Fajar could only stare blankly to Tari who was full of excitement making plans for helping street children.

" jar.. why are you just staring blankly ?"

" no I’m not, ri!"

" Hmm how about we visit the children that you mean after school. And then we asked what’s troubling them, then we make some plans to help them, what do you think?

"if that’s the case okay then"

Teeeet…tteeeeet……teeett…. the bell rang which was the sign of the school starting was finally heard.

The first lesson was already over. Tari with happy face was hoping that her math score was higher than Fajar, suddenly gloomy because her hope had vanished, her math score was lower than Fajar. Weird thought starting to fill quickly inside Tari’s brain. Because this was the first time that she lost a bet with Fajar. A bet? how come? let’s flashback a little bit.

2 month ago, in school cafeteria

"Hey Tari" greeted Fajar to Tari

"Hey jar"

"Oh wait a minute, look at eko and arif" while pointing with the index finger towards them

I think they are making a bet"

" that sounds fun, want to try it?"

" sure, but not with money okay"

"Ok! But bet what?"

" what about we bet with the highest score test, if you can beat me, you can ask anything and I’ll follow"

"Okay if you say so"

" after they agreed on whats the bet is, Fajar never win over Tari. as a result Fajar followed everything that Tari’s asked, he cants say no because he was afraid to break the rules. Once Tari made Fajar do her homework, took her to the mall and etc . but Fajar’s suffering was already paid because this time Tari lost. With his first victory Fajar was getting ready to tease Tari who was making a moody face. Then Fajar with his victory smile turned his head back.

" Tari get ready okay hehehehe" said Fajar teasing Tari

(then the recess bell ringing loudly )

Suddenly a girl voice calling Tari was heard.

" Tari I want to talk to you, but not here ." said Sasa her classmate

"ok, let’s go to the cafeteria"

On the way to the cafeteria, Tari still think of her losing to Fajar

Not so long after, Tari and Sasa arrived in the cafeteria .

" what do you want to talk about?" said Tari to Sasa

" help me ri, please be the matchmaker of me and that person in front of you"

" you mean Fajar?"

" yes, will you?

Kreek….kreeek a voice of a broken heart. Whose heart if it’s not Tari’s. She could only stared blankly at her friend Sasa.

" Tari you’ll help right? Tari why are you staring blankly "

With a heavy heart she was forced to say "yes.."

When the soto was almost finished, the bell rang, class was about to start. Tari still thought about her broken heart. Deep down inside she was happy, because her best friend had a fan but on the other side she did not want that.

Suddenly the come home bell rang, Nina was startled and remember that she had a promise with Fajar. With forced voice she invited Sasa to join them to interview the street children.

"Tari lets go" asked Fajar

"Wait, there’s someone who wants to join" answered Tari

" who?" Said Fajar with moody face, because he actually planned to tell her about his feeling, but the plan was failed

Sasa approached them" Sa do you want to join us?" asked Fajar


After arriving at the street children’s place; Fajar, Tari and Sasa approached them

"Sorry can I sit here?" asked Fajar with a friendly face

Street children that were joking with each other that time, stopped their activity

" sure"

" let’s introduce ourselves" Fajar persuaded. He offered his right hand. Then greeted by a hand

"my name is Nino, that’s my stage name" without Fajar instruction, Tari shook Nino’s hand in front of her.

" Nina… , Nino who do you live with ?"

" I’m here living only with my friends "

" Nino can you tell us your trouble while you’re staying in this place ?"

Then Nino the street children who wore dirty clothes started to talk about the hardship that he was experiencing with his friends from place to sleep, eat, and shower. After hearing Nino’s story, Nina wanted to help him even more. Because the sun almost set down, finally Fajar, Tari and Sasa bid their goodbye. but unfortunately Sasa didn’t shake Nino’s hand. When they asked why the reason is quite surprising," sorry Nino, I’m in a hurry ". Then she left Nino just like that.

While taking Sasa home, Tari and fajar constantly talking about Nino’s fate. Sasa who felt ignored by both of them prayed to arrive home faster. After they arrived at Sasa’s house

" sa, thank you for coming". Said Fajar

"okay" waving her hand while going into her house.

In the house, Tari was still thinking about Sasa and Nino, without thinking long she grabbed her phone and send a text to her friend, Rama.

" Ramaa, what if your best friend were liked by someone else ?” not that long, a text message came in a loud ring.

"you should be happy"

After reading the message, Tari quickly answered the message. but in the middle of writing Rama miscalled her phone and it’s quite long she wanted to answer it but the phone had stopped ringing. unfortunately her message that she wrote was gone and she was too lazy to write it again, and she didn’t text Rama back.


The next day, Tari didn’t really think about what happened yesterday. When the recess bell rang, she quickly grabbed Fajar’s hand and went to their usual place whenever there’s a problem. Fajar who didn’t understand what’s happening could only stare blankly at Tari’s serious face . after they arrived, Tari started to speak.

" Fajar, you know Sasa right?" asked Tari seriously

"Yes I know her, why?"

" She got a feeling for you, she wants me to be a matchmaker for the both of you"

" Okay then, well Sasa not that ugly anyway. In that case after school over you can tell her to meet me here okay"

After leaving Fajar with a satisfied and happy heart, suddenly there’s something that made her heart burning and getting hotter. Tari still didn’t know the reason why.

After she calmed a bit, finally with a heavy heart she delivered the message from Fajar to Sasa, Sasa’s face turned bright immediately after she heard it. Then, after school was over I took Sasa to that place. Turned out Fajar was already there waiting for Sasa to come. After taking Sasa there, Tari could not hold her tears.


In the morning Fajar’s face looked bright. Tari who saw that started guessing what happened to her best friend. Tari’s guess became stronger after she found a proof. finally Fajar asked her to go to eat. After Fajar left her, she ran quickly to the restroom and cried.

"hikkkssss…. such a dumb boy why would you accept Sasa’s love" now Tari cried louder and harder. Turned out Tari’s guess was that Fajar and Sasa were having a relationship. Then she sent a text to Rama.

"Rama I hate my best friend now he’s already with someone else "

After sending the message, Tari turned off her phone.


In the restaurant, Fajar started to talk with a concerned face because of Tari’s well-being.

"Tari are you okay?" while holding his best friend’s shoulder

" don’t touch me"

"why are you suddenly being mean to me?"

"I’m busy, now why are you taking me here?"

"I want to talk" before his done talking, Tari quickly cut him.

"you want to talk about your relationship with Sasa right? I already know that. You don’t have to tell me!" said Nina.

"no, I actually rejected her" said Fajar " Tari I want to talk to you about something I actually like you "

"sorry Fajar I can’t "

"Tari.. I know you also like me right?"


"Tari.. your text message pal called Rama is actually me "

"so after all this time you lied to me, you are evil!" Tari quickly left Fajar

"Tari wait ! " shouted Fajar, but she didn’t hear him shouting

After paying the cashier. finally Fajar decided to go to a place that he visited often with Tari. After he arrived, how startled he was. When he found Tari was crying.

"Tari I regret that I didn’t tell you before. But give me a chance to explain everything " Tari nodded her head

" Tari, now activate your phone " asked Fajar. Then Fajar miscalled Tari’s phone number and heard..

"hello.. Tari septiani here, you can’t contact me now. if you want to leave a message talk after this sign okay." Tari heard it, she’s surprised

" Tari can you forgive me, I really really love you" in that time Tari looked at Fajar’s face and could not help but to hug him and" Fajar I also love you " said Tari.

word count: 2482

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