Final Writing: Love Ain’t Wrong (Fiction)

Yusuf (Kou Guizhi) / 180110169003

Chapter 1: New School Year

Sam had just finished his first school year in senior high school; last summer vacation Sam spent almost the whole summer playing with his good friend Sue, who was a beautiful and adorable girl. In fact, they were classmates. Somehow the first time Sam met with Sue, he felt familiar with her and from then on he regarded her as his younger sister. They went on with each other so close that other classmates thought they were on a relationship.

This new school year, their class would welcome a new friend—Jane.

“Let’s welcome our new friend. This way, Jane. Please have a short introduction about yourself!” Said the teacher.

“Hello, everyone! My name is Jane, a new student. I am an outgoing girl and I love watching basketball. Actually I have also tried to play basketball, but I find that I’m not intelligent in sports, so I prefer to watch. Anyway, I hope soon we could be good friends.” Jane smiled.

“All right, now you can sit there—your seat.” Pointed the teacher.

Jane walked toward her seat. When passing by Sam, she smiled at him. That sweet and innocent smile, like pure honey but never too sweet, like the smile of a lovely baby—you can never refuse this type of kindness. Sam’s heart was beating fast, and his face was turning red. Immediately he lowered his head. However he couldn’t help glancing at her. This was the first time he had this kind of feeling.

Sam was an excellent student, but that day, he could not even concentrate on the lessons. All the things that occupied his mind were Jane. He couldn’t help thinking of her.

Chapter 2: Close

“Hey, you are my new classmate, right?” asked Jane.

“Yeah, just call me Sam. By the way, you’re alone? Your parents don’t drive you home? I mean you are new here, right?”

“Yes, I’m new here. My parents have just moved to Avenue Sung, No. 513. I insisted that I go and come back alone, so that I can walk around and know about the surroundings.”

“What a coincidence! I also live in Avenue Sung, in No. 361. So we are close.”

“Wow, truly a coincidence. So if any problem, can I ask for help?”

“Sure, I’d be glad to.”

That day after Sam came back home, he had been reviewing the talk with Jane, again and again. Her words were simple, but they seemed to be enchanted. Sam lost himself in her sweet smile and gentle voice. This feeling was a bit weird, since he had not been so before.

Deep in mind, he wondered more about Jane, about her past life, about her family.

The next day, everything went well, and Jane was about to be familiar with the new class and new environment. This week was the first week of new semester. The geography teacher wanted his students to do a research concerning pollution in the mountainous area. Sam, Sue, Jane and another 5 students were distributed into a group; Sam was the leader of the group.

In order to do the research completely, Sam had to ask the members of his group to collect data first, and then planned which place they were going to investigate.

On Friday, after the class finished, Sam stopped Jane and asked: “Jane, I have analyzed your data, and about your advice on research, I want to discuss with you on some detail. Do you have time tonight?”

“Oh, Okay. Then where do we discuss?”

“How about in the café, I know a quiet place, and we could order a cup of coffee.”

“Sounds great. So you lead the way.”

They reached the café and sat down by the window. At the beginning, they talked about the next step to do with the research; discussing whether or not there existed some weaknesses in the plan. Gradually, the topic turned to their hobbies, their families and so on. Jane’ family moved here because her parents had been sent to work here by their company. Jane found that Sam was pretty smart, considerate and—of course handsome. She felt pleasant chatting with Sam. He was quite knowledgeable, seemed to know everything.

Chapter 3: Fondness

The next week, the geography team of Sam went to Mount San, to do the research. Sam had been here for a couple of times, so he knew the geographic features of the mountain, the unique plants and animals of this mountainous area. Today, their task is to collect as many as possible the plants and try to test the substances so as to know about the degrees of environment pollution.

As they climbed the mountain, Sam explained the various types of plants. Jane was pretty unexpected about his broad knowledge.

“It seems you know much about plants and animals.”

“It’s just an interest, if you are interested, I shall tell you more after we finish our task.”

“Oh, I’d love to, thanks.”

In this way, they continued the task. An hour later, eventually they finished collecting plants. Sam asked the other members to leave earlier, since he would like to show the newer—Jane around. Sue said she would like to accompany they two, but Sam refused.

“Sue, you can’t be late for home, I mean, your parents will be worried.” Sam suggested

“…All…right.” Replied Jane, she felt something strange, but she dare not speak it out.

After Sue and other classmates left, Sam said to Jane, “Let’s go on our way, I’ll show you more.” He kept smiling.

All of a sudden, Sam slipped over a stone step and fell down on the ground, “Ouch, bad luck!”

“Jesus Christ! Are you all right? Shall I take you to the hospital?”

“It’s ok, I can manage it,” Sam attempted to stand up, but failed. Great pain struck his left leg.

“You must go to the hospital and examine your leg, let me help you.” She asked him to put one arm on her shoulder, and held his other hand tightly.

Sam’s heart was beating up and down quickly, as many rabbits running in all directions simultaneously. Though pain in the leg, he felt great pleasure going through the body, so gentle, so sweet.

“It’s so kind of you, Jane. In fact I have something deep in mind that I dare not say, but right now I want to tell you that the first sight I saw you, I felt that you are so…mmm, so unique, your smile is unforgettable. I think maybe it is some kind of fondness. Mm, do you understand what I mean?”

Jane was a bit surprised, yeah, she also felt good with Sam, but she was not sure about this kind of feeling, while Sam was also holding her hands tightly.

“…Yeah, I am fond of you, too.” Said Jane with uncertainty

“Really? I know you must understand my mind. Oh, my pain just disappeared.”

That day, Jane accompanied Sam to the hospital. According to the doctor, the condition of Sam’s left leg was not as severe as they thought. He just needed a couple of days’ rest. After Sam arrived home in safe, Jane walked alone toward her house. She kept thinking of the words of Sam just now. She was still not certain about her own feeling. Were Sam’s words just now a symbol of expressing love? Of course she felt pleasant and fun with him. Was that a kind of fondness? She was not sure. Anyway, she would keep on getting along well with Sam. She would like to know more about this boy. She decided not to care about the results, for god’s sake, only the almighty god would know. At least she ought to express her own kindness in light of Sam’s kindness. Let the feeling go on its way. That’s above all.

Chapter 4: Sue’s Letter

Day by day, Sam dan Jane went closer and closer. All this Sue had witnessed to happen. Sue was fond of Sam, and she thought Sam absolutely knew. But the reality was that Sam seemed not to care about Sue’s weird behavior when she saw that he was close with Jane. Sue could not let the situation go on. She had to do something. It suddenly occurred to her that she was able to write a letter, since there was something she felt shy to say to Sam face to face.

The next day, when the class finished, Sue asked and stopped Sam; she said: “Sam, here’s something for you. I’ve got something to tell you. All the words are in this letter. But make sure you read it when you’re back home.” She said sincerely.

Though felt strange, Sam nodded his head and agreed.

After got home, Sam opened the envelope and began to read the letter:

Dear Sam,

It’s been a long time since we met for the first time. You’ve always been an excellent and considerate boy. So far I have still remembered last vacation we’d been playing together and every time we came and went home you had always been glad to help me carry my bag. You are a great gentleman. The more I know about you, the more I admire you. Besides, you are always along with me.

However, everything has changed since you started to get on with Jane. You begin to be close with her, not me any longer. I can feel this. Every time I see you and Jane chatting in fun, I feel jealous. Why you choose her, not me? Jane has been good with other boys as well. I believe she doesn’t deserve your love!

Anyway, I just want to tell you my heart. I am fond of you.



Crazy! How could she say those bad words about Jane? Of course it’s jealousy. Sam thought in mind.

But he had to reply to Sue. Sue must have misunderstood Jane. He wrote some words in another letter. It was certain that Sue felt sorrowful. But there was nothing else that she might do. It was Sam’s own choice and none could change it.

Chapter 5: Love Ain’t Wrong

The next day, Sue received Sam’s letter; she opened it and read:

Dear Sue,

Thanks a lot for your fondness on me. Actually, I am fond of you too, but it’s kind of feeling about my younger sister. Yes, I have always regarded you as my younger sister. And my passion to my sister will never decrease. It’s quite natural that I ought to help you, whether in study or in life.

You know what? I am a bit upset that you say Jane doesn’t worth my love. I think you have misunderstood her. Jane is as adorable as you are. She is also considerate. It’s worthless that you feel jealous about her. You are excellent enough as well. I believe that you can find someone that truly worth your fondness.

Your sincerely,


After school, Sam intended to talk to Sue face to face. They both waited until the others left. Sam said in a calm voice,

“Sue, I understand your mind, but I’m sorry that whom I fell in love with is Jane, not you. I hope you will not blame on Jane, or yourself. It’s not your fault. After all, love ain’t wrong. You cannot force someone to like you if his heart is occupied by someone else, is that right?”

“Yeah, I know. As a matter of fact, when I resolved to write the letter, I was not hoping that you would change your mind. I was just trying to tell you my true feelings deep in mind. You’re right, love ain’t wrong. Neither is my love. Since I can’t change my fondness on you right now, I will attempt to hide it inside, until one day I find someone that could open my heart. Thanks anyway.”

It is, sometimes, not worthwhile to blame on someone when he or she is in love with someone else. Don’t be upset or jealous. After all, love ain’t wrong.

Word Count: 2015 words

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