Final Writing: Gede Pangrango (Non-Fiction)

Mochammad Rizky Arif Hamdini/180410150033

Gede Pangrango

The day was Wednesday in March 2013. I was eating some food in canteen when Denis came to me and asked me to travel to Gede Pangrango Mountain in the end of the semester. Mount Gede (2,958 m) and Pangrango (3,019 m) are twin volcanoes near my house in Cipanas, Cianjur, Indonesia. I told Denis that I did not know whether to join or not because i never climbed a mountain before. I was hesitant, but deep in my heart, I really wanted to join him. So, I decided gave the answer after school. After a short period of hesitation, I accepted his invitation confidently. Denis said, there would be seven people in our group to the top of the mountain. They were Denis, Fahmi Anggara, Fahmi Nugraha, Rakha, Sutris, Andika, and me. We had no worry about the hiking trails because two of us had climbed before. There are some horror stories about Gede Pangrango according to Andika. He had ever met a woman using traditional clothes and singing a traditional song while he walked up to the second post. I think it was very reasonable considering to the story of Gede Pangrango itself which has a close relationship with Sundanese culture. I believe that every part of Gede Pangrango has its own guard and some people can feel it. I did not care about horror story, I just care about the beauty of the mountain, peace, and the lessons would be given to me by the mountain. After the online registration, we had already got the departure date to climb Gede Pangrango in the middle of June for three days and two nights. I could not wait, I was very excited.

I looked toward the mountain from my bedroom before I went to school every morning, imagining what kind of experience I would get. Weeks passed, only a week left before I climbed Gede Pangrango Mountain. I had prepared all preparations and ready for the journey to one of the world’s roofs. For the past two days, I had been checked all required equipment. I had food, water, raincoat, tent camp, basic equipment such as jacket and glove, paraffin and some tools to survive.

June 21th 2013 we have agreed to gathered at Istana Presiden Cipanas at 09:00 Am and took an angkot to the one of six official gates of Gede Pangrango National Park in Cibodas. The sky so bright without clouds. “what a beautiful day to get a new experience” I said to myself in angkot.

We had arrived in Cibodas at 09:45 Am. I told to my friends to recheck their equipment and did not forget their cigarettes because we were all smokers.

“Good morning, can i see your tickets?” said the Ticket Officers to Denis.

After finishing some registration, we were all pray together for our salvation. We started to climb the mountain vigorously. Suddenly the air became cold after entering the forest. I could hear the sound of animals. I could hear the birds chirping, some monkeys or other primate shouting each other, and also the noise that coming out from insects. We enjoyed the journey for the first one hour and arrived at Talaga Biru or the blue lake. The name of this lake was influenced by the color of its water. The color of the water often changes into blue drastically, but it depends on the algae in the water. I was very lucky to see two otters playing in the lake on that day. They ran away after realizing our presence to the shrubs. My friends and I decided to took a rest for a while and enjoyed the atmosphere around.

"Let’s head for higher ground, it is just the beginning" I said to my friend. They all agreed with me and continued the journey.

We had a lot of stamina to continued the journey. The forest was getting colder than before, we could not see the sun because the trees were very shady. We reached the crossroads. If we turned to the right there were three waterfalls called Curug Cibeureum. I could hear the sound of the water hitting the rock, rumbled depicting its power.

“Bro, can we stay for a moment. I was tired” said Andika to us.

“Ok, take a breath bro. Do not push yourself” I said to him. I could see their tired face, we were a little bit quiet no jokes andno laugh.

We continued the journey top of Gede Pangrango. I began to feel being isolated from my own world, everywhere I saw was green and dark. I checked my watch to make sure what time it was. 13:14 Pm, “we had already walked for three hours” I said to myself. We were keeping to walk up the track, sometimes we met another group who had already enjoyed the top of the mountain for a few days. The atmosphere became more silent, the sound of the animals had already familiar in my ears. I decided to used my headset and listened to one of my favourites music, Three little birds by Bob Marley.

"Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be all right. rise up this mornin, smile with the risin’ sun,three little birds pitch by my doorstep singin’ sweet songs of melodies pure and true”

The song was dancing in my head, made me felt like no weight on my shoulders. We had been walking for four hours and arrived at a geyser. We took a rest for a moment while enjoying the hot water. I took a cigarette and started to ask my friends about their condition. Everyone said that they had no problem except Andika.

“my legs hurt, but no problem I have a balm with me, hahaha” said Andika. He is a very funny person for me. For about thirty minutes we rested, smoked some cigarettes and ate some snacks. We continued walked up, rain fell suddenly. Everyone used their raincoat, we were just halfway to our destination. The ambition from us to arrived to Kandang Badak started to show our selfishness unconsciously. We were not walk up together. Denis, Fahmi A, Rakha, Sutris, Fahmi N walked faster than before left me and Andika .

“Hey, wait for us, Andika’s legs hurt, do not be selfish just because you want arrive quickly” i shouted to them.

“i will go first and build a tent for us with Fahmi and Boncel (Fahmi N)” said Denis.

“Oke, the rest of you wait for me and Andika, I do not want something bad happen” I said again.

They did not replied my words and sat down on the big rock waiting for me. Andika felt so bad to made his friends waiting. He said to me that i would better to go and leave him.

“I do not want to slow down the journey, go ahead” said Andika with his smile.

“do not make me angry you stupid, i will not leave my friends behind” i said. The rain were getting heavier than before. All my friends except Andika had already on the way left us behind them. Andika and I walked up slowly in the cold of the rain. Sometimes we rested for a little longer to make sure Andika could to walked up again. My watch showed it was 15:00 Pm when Andika and I arrived at Kandang Badak. Kandang Badak is a post to rest at 2400 mdpl. I was mad to my friends because they left Andika and I.

“Damn. I do not understand with your mind” I said to them. They said sorry and offered me some cigarettes.

“calm down bro, take a rest and smoke some cigarettes” Fahmi A said to me, but I did not listen him because I was too tired.

We decided to spent the night in Kandang Badak because the weather did not support us to continued the journey. I was worried about our tent because we used a summer tent. The tent was not waterproof.

“let’s put our raincoats on the tent” I said to my friends.

The rain was still heavy, we could not hear anything except the sound of the rain. It felt uncomfortable for me, as if i was inside the greenly dark water. There was no problem with our tent for the first two hours but when the night coming, our tent leaked. Our carrier bags were getting wet.

“How can we sleep?, the floor is wet right now” Rakha said. Rakha afraid for being not slept.

“Damn, my cigarettes are inside the carrier” Denis said. Denis afraid his cigarettes getting wet.

“it is too cold” Andika said slowly. I felt the same thing with Andika about the temperature. I was afraid about hypothermia.

“Let’s eat some food, to keep our body warm” Sutris took out his food and ate the food. Fahmi one and Fahmi two did not say anything. They felt too cold.

The night was very long. It was the worst night i had ever felt of my life. The rain kept falling, the floor became wetter than before. The atmosphere was turning into the creepy one. I heard a woman laughed, but i did not tell my friends. They scared as I were, I could not tell them about what I heard. We were far away from our family, our house. It had been five hours, we stayed in the tent. I could not feel my legs. I started thinking about my bedroom, about my television, about my family. I could not sleep here, I could not lie down because the floor was wet.

“I will die if my jacket getting wet” I said to myself. All friends were speechless until Sutris freaking out for no reasons. He talked like an old man. I know Sutris’ voice, he was not Sutris.

“Do not bring something that can hurt you” said the voice from him. We were so scared. He talked with some different voice for fifteen minutes saying the same thing. I dared to myself to hold on Sutris’s hands.

“wake up, do not sleep anymore tris. Please, do not make me scared” I said while I hold his hands. Shortly later, he woke up and acted like everything is all right.

“sorry, I was sleeping. I am tired” Sutris said. I did not tell what was happened to him either my friends. We were too scared to told him.

The rain kept falling, my watch said it was 02:30 Am. Andika, Denis, Sutris and Rakha were sleeping. I did not know, they were sleeping or just trying to sleep. I just smoked from a cigarette to another cigarette to keep my body warm.

It was about 06:14 Am. The rain stopped falling. We could see the sun shining the trees.

“Please give me the rope, I want to make a clothesline here” I said to Fahmi boncel.

It was a beautiful morning after a worst night. We danced and Sang a song together. Then, i had a serious conversation with Denis about our journey to the top of Gede Pangrango. Denis said that we could not continue the journey because our tent and clothes were too heavy after getting wet, Andika’s feet was not good. Denis and I had a bad feeling if we continued the journey. Denis told about this situation to the others and they totally agreed with this decision.

We walked down the mountain at 11:00 Am until 17:00 Pm. The officers asked Denis about our schedule (three days and two nights) but after Denis told about what was happened to them, the officers got angry to Denis as the leader about the safety procedure. They gave us some advice for our problem.

We took an angkot and went home. We gave our food such as instant noodle, rice, and oil to the driver. I arrived home at 19:00 Pm and my brother told me if there was a girl who died in Gede Pangrango today caused by hypothermia.

“how do you know?” I asked him

“I wathed on the TV” he said.

I just sat on the chair and did not know what I feel for a moment.

Word Count: 2033


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