Tanralili (non-fiction)

Muhammad Reza Alamsyah



“This is one of the greatest wacana I’ve ever had!” said Alief while turning his head back to the pillow.
“We are not gonna make it. AGAIN!”

I met the end of my third semester in university eventually. My friend were excitedly celebrated this by making a journey to their homes. I actually planned not to go back home this semester, but it is going to be so much boring if I only stay in our rent house without nothing to do and no one to play with. So I decided to be more pity so I can go back home this time. I made it, I was pity enough that my aunt permitted me to be back to Makassar.

I was walking through the super wide hall of Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, a bit in rush thinking about those guy that waiting outside for me to appear behind the sliding glass couple of door. I couldn’t even be patient waiting on my luggage to pass me so I waited right beside to the hole where it supposed to comes out.

The moment I finally approached them, they were looking so flat, all of them. The moment of silence emerged until one of the start talking, “Do whatever you need to do, we are so happy to wait,” with that sarcastic face expression and hand gesture. I knew this means not good so I laughed hardly just so they can reach their good mood back.

After a 40 minutes long way, we were finally touch down the Tio’s house that we agreed to be our new basecamp. We had our talks and someone spilled out words of, “Let’s have our time together in a little mountain hiking this weekend.” No one said no, everyone agreed and subject to it like a law.

It was Friday when the final squad was formed. There were only 7 of us that owned the required bravery to do this kind of risky yet soul-stirring activity. We decided to go to the Tanralili Lake, 1454 meters above the sea level (mdpl) located on the foot of Bawakaraeng Mountain in Gowa, South Sulawesi, which is two hours by motorcycle and 2-4 hours hiking or more, depends on how many times we stop for a rest. We planned a two days and a night journey for this. We arranged all the necessity from the equipment- including foods, drinks, cooking utensils, clothes, tents, and any other hiking equipment.

The day is finally appeared. We were so ready and hyped like we never been in that morning. While waiting for the other squad to be arrived in our basecamp, we checked our equipment just to make sure that we have fulfilled our needs. This thing is happened, we have no portable stove which is very important to maintain our body heat under the extremely cold weather in Tanralili by serving some hot drinks like coffees. The worse thing was that none of us own this kind of portable stove nor the rental place near our place.

We planned to go to the first hiking spot by 10 AM but it’s already 1 PM and we were stuck to the stove problem, still hadn’t find it’s solution, plus, the squad hasn’t completed yet. What a thing to stress about. Long story short, it’s already 3 PM, the squad is ready, the stove not. Until one of us, Rifa, tried to borrow one to his friend. So he went to his friend’s house that supposed to be 15 minutes but became an hour because of what he called an ‘Introduction In Borrowing Things to Someone’. HUFT.

The clock looks so bored waiting on us to go immediately, told us it’s already 4. Things were getting worse as one of our motorcycle has a problem to its breaks, which is possibly put us in danger because there are lot of 30 degrees road on our way. No breaks means a massive uncontrolled speed and crash.

“We won’t be there before the sunset, I don’t want to have a night hiking. It’s dangerous!” said Ruslan to us.

“What?! Are you that afraid?” Rifa words cut deep.

“Yeah, you’re not even going to use that motorcycle, I and Reza will.” Tio talked that talk without seeing any faces.”

“Wait what? So we’re going through that roads by this vehicle? HELL NO! I have my fourth semester waiting and using this motorcycle probably will makes me losing hope.” I said it with a little not-so-happy smile on my face.

“Come on, embrace that bravery a little much. If you die, I’ll die probably die first, I am the one that ride this for you. The main thing is, you need to believe that we’ll make it!”

“Oops, another bad news is coming. Another wacana was just made. Tanralili is not going to be in my IG post this week.” Said Putra, the Instagram guy.

“This is one of the greatest wacana I’ve ever had!” said Alief while turning his head back to the pillow.
“We are not gonna make it. AGAIN!”

The atmosphere of cancelation was feeling so good in that room. I didn’t mind not going Tanralili than ruin my fourth semester plannings.

“Nothing is going to stop us. I have been sacrificing a lot for this day by preparing this equipment. My feet and yours are the new breaks,” Tio pointed his finger to me, and I was like, “Well. Ok.”

I exactly didn’t really understand what’s on our mind, but Tanralili is lyfe. I would probably not going to finish my fourth semester. That’s what filled my head through the roads to the first spot of hiking. There’s no need to tell about how bad it is to travel in night and minimum lights with not-working-good breaks, my sandals will tell us better than I do. It was 7 in the night and Ruslan’s nightmare of night hiking is nearly realized.

We started our hiking with the first procedure which is filling a form of registration requiring our identities in case bad things happened, you know what. Alief lead the praying session. I laughed because I have never seen them this serious before and every each of them looked at me with angry faces, I bowed my face down while cleaning my smile. After we have done our prayer, we started to take a walk to The Tanralili Lake with head lamp attached on our heads to give some lights to the dark road. We felt a bit save when we saw a group of hiker walked in front of us and some group going back group.

Alief has the biggest body among us that made him need a huge amount of rest on our way. It was really dark like someone just shut the power down. But this dark place provide us a sky full of stars that amusingly appeared on the sky right above us. Sometimes when we’re tired, we laid down our body and open our eyes wide, looking up to the sky with it’s beautiful blinks of stars. This is a cool way to unwind and a great way to wasting time. After hours of an exhausting hike, we were arrived eventually to a place called Tanralili Lake. Like I wrote before, it was totally dark, no lights unless our headlamp and other campers tent light. In Tanralili, no camp fire allowed. Because this is my first time to this place, I was lost in thoughts about hiw beautiful this place is. We had to wait until the sun rises in the morning so scenery will appeared clearly. It was like a surprise for us.

We slept in two different two different tent for two persons, means that the rest of us, need to sleep outside the tent, under a freezing weather. I chose to sleep inside with not sleeping bag and those who sleep outside, took all the blanket. Fair enough.

I woke up earlier than any other people. I unzipped the tent and looked outside. Oh what a view, a bunch of sleeping people with bad sounds. I was looking for an abandoned blanket and found nothing. I decided to back to sleep. I woke up again and felt some lights breaking to our tent. I went outside and saw green shrub I never found in the city. I stepped carefully among those lazy sleeping guys until I saw an awesome view of blue-looking and clear water lake, Tanralili. I woke them up to witness the beauty of the nature together but they refused saying, “I’ve seen that before.” What a man full of arrogance.

I was stuck on the ground, sat above a rock with hot coffee on my right hand and a smile on my face looking at the view. I was totally lost in an enjoyment at that moment. Looked at the huge rock cliff with trees on top and a small Red-White waving flag. Saw people singing so happy, taking picture, eating, drinking, and having so much fun talks with laughs. One by one of my friend started open their eyes and standed up approaching me.

We onjoyed one of the best moment in our life having the view we won’t ever have among the crowdness of Makassar. We talked a lot, laugh too much, and taking bunches of photos.

“Someone will pay for this photo of mine,” said the Instagram guy.

We had it all so good and decided to go back immediately before 12 because it looked like it’s going to rain and that’s bad for our way down.

From that day on, I would mind saying this is one of the greatest and advanture i have ever had in my life. I almost losing hope, turned I gained some more.

Words Count: 1637

On 13 June 2017 at 03:33, Reza Alamsyah <rezaalamsyah2015> wrote:

Muhammad Reza Alamsyah



“This is one of the greatest wacana I’ve ever had!” said Alief while turning his head back to the pillow.
“We are not gonna make it. AGAIN!”

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