Final Writing: Choosing The Future (Fiction).

Khairo Shathi

Npm: 180410150047

Choosing The Future

During the break time I was sittng on my desk thinking about everything, in that time I was hesitans about wether I should go to IPDN or should I do SBMPTN. I decided to go to the liblary to read some books about politic and SBMPTN book, when I was reading about the politic book and turn to the next page. Suddently I was thinking again how if I got to IPDN, can I bear up in there, I meant IPDN it’s like military school you have to follow the order, wake up in the morning with a neat uniform and the students have to stay in a dorm and only have two days to go to anywhere, they call it pesiar, everyday until they are graduate it’s military feels while if I do SBMPTN maybe I will accept to the university I want, campus life is totally different with IPDN, I dont have to wake up on early morning, wearing a neat uniform, going anywhere, I don’t have to stay in dorm, but if I graduate from IPDN, i would ‘ve directly placed to the goverment office while if I graduation from University I have to apply again for work.

After I read a book of politics and a book on SBMPTN, I walked back to my classroom because the fifth lesson was about to begin, I did not want to be late for the fifth lesson because the teacher was scaried. For the preparation to become ipdn praja there must be a stage that must be passed, ranging from psychotherapy, physical exercise, basic skills test, and soshum, I got to practice for prepare the stage that I will be through to become ipdn praja, I got physical training from the army, they held Training in the army housing every afternoon, inside the army housing there are soccer fields, running tracks, iron pull ups, sit ups and push-ups, why I choose to train by the army because they are the ones who will take the physical value for the ipdn candidate , I feel tired because trained by the army is different and heavier physical training than my gym teacher, during the training I met with many friends from various cities in riau who want to also be ipdn praja, I was came from Pekanbaru which is the capital Riau province, some come from Dumai city, Bangkinang, Taluk kuantan city and there are some friends that can not remember from where the city they came from, I get a lot of experiences and stories of different school periods from each city, the night I follow the guidance of psychotes, this bimbel drain our minds in working on the problem, because itself consists of a hundred or more that can Lowering our patience in doing it, therefore my time in third grade is divided into two preparatory focus that are to become ipdn praja or go to college that I want to be the student.

I finished putting my stuff on my studying table. I’m so good with it. Every ten pages I look for new subject, because I don’t want my friend to know that I studying a book about to be a student for IPDN because I stiil confuse for it. You can call me an expert for cover up about it, in one thousand time I’ve been succes for cover up something I’ve done all type of covering but in this time my cover is unsucces. The most annoying thing was my unsecces covering something is in the class there was a new student from Palembang city who make my covering unsucces.

“So you are organize person, I can see it from your table.” A girl with a cute smile gave her hand and said “hay I’m Cassio I will be your new classmate.” She told me if she what a studying stuff I was covered. She gave me a file from her brother about what cover up, because her used to be a IPDN teacher for one and half year. It’s helpfull for lear more about it

For a week I was following her everywhere even in lunch. I love the place where we always having lunch it’s called Babakaran café. At first I told her smile is fake but she always smile, and I think she is an interesting girl, when the other said I’m handsome she said that I’m smart, she never talked about my appearance she only talked about my performance. One lunch, out of know where she said “I just notice your eyes are so blue.” I hate when person praised my appearance but this is the first time I liked.” I need to go to wash room.” Why I was blushing ? but what happen to my face it was red and have so much hopes came from it. I was getting confident, I cannot met her. For few days I wasn’t went to the school. When I checked my phone there were a few miscall from Cassio. I knew know if I love a person I was not only lose my mind but also my confident for it. The only place I can calm my self is in Babakaran café, I was sure no one noticed me there.

“even when you eat you always organize your table.” I really surprised Cassio standing there with big a smile like the first time we met.
“How you find me?”
“I always able to find because I knew who you are even in different style of clothes you wearing it. Because I love you’’.

I was so happy but I was so sad because I was scared to trust anyone love beside my family and her was young. “I need to go to wash room.” But he hold my hand and said “do not run this time.” I was suprised because I never met such a person that so kind, but then when I saw the mirror I saw a brave guy and ready to begun trust anyone love beside his family. I knew know that she was my true love.

That’s a little bit love story while I have to preparation to become IPDN student, and experience meet many new friends, after school I go straight to the place for tutoring, class start at four pm, at tree and half I have been there for reading some book.
I skimmed the bookshelf and my hand stop at the black colored book in the middle, the book is about court of justice then I stared out of the window and I saw a bunch of students came out from the room talking and laughing as if they were enjoying the life they had. I is only seventeen year’s old boy with social life I had lot of friends, average grates, and his family were also supportive towards what I do, but somehow I felt like I had not had enough experience and something was missing in my life. After that I started to read the book in order to find something for my knowledge about the subject that I want it on university, as I read the book I could not help but thought about the fact that I still have plenty of time to be with my friends. I had never been afraid of anything, in fact I did not have any problem in socializing with new people, but I do not want to have any regret in my life. I decide to put the book in bookshelf I saw a quote on the wall which got me thinking about how I should not have any doubt in my life. I realized that there are worlds beyond the life I lived.
In that time I was affraid to disappointed my parents who expect their children could became a student of IPDN, so after lot of thinking in my mind I was dicided to went to musolah in my bimbel, I set on the floor only covered by the very thin fabric. I was talked to god when no one sees or either listens to what I was going to say. The only things that are with me are light from the bulb, cold floor, and my school uniform is covered my body from the cold air of the night. A sertificate that I brought from a bimbel. I wish that a certificate that anounced about I had accepted in IPDN but in fact it’s not, it just a score from my SBMPTN try out, I was remember my parents have once told me that they were supportive towards what I do, but somehow I felt like I had not had enough experience and something was missing in my life, and finally I pray to God to be given the best choice for my future in order to maintain trust and not to disappointed my parents, I could only talk to god and face the days with no one beside me.

Word Count: 1501

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