Final Writing: Euntin and Her Facebook (Fiction)

Abdurrahman Mubarok/180410150042

There was a village called Bojong Kalong, in Sukabumi. There lived Kartini. She was 11 years old. People usually called her Euntin. She had no mother because her mother had passed away when she was about 7 years old. She only lived with her father. Many people did not know what exactly her father’s name was. They only called him Mualim because he was an Ustadz in that village. There, her father taught Entin and children in a Pesantren to be good people.

Euntin had blessed daily activities. She often asked her friends to go to a Pesantren for learning religious education. Beside it, her voice was pretty good when she read the holly Quran. It was why people appreciated her Sholeha. But, it felt different after she had entered junior high school and had known cell phone.

“Tin, where is your phone?” Her classmates asked.

Euntin was silent only.

The next day, she was asked again "Where is your phone Tin? If you don’t have phone, you are not allowed to be our friend "said her friends. So, Euntin tried to ask her father “Dad, Euntin want a cell phone. What will my friends say if I don’t have a phone? Euntin also needs phone for helping my homework" she kept asking until her father finally bought her a phone.

After had been given phone, she brought it to be shown to her friends. So, Euntin could be their friend again.

Her days still looked normal, but those slowly changed after Euntin had known Facebook from her friends. She got a new male friend in Facebook. Euntin was too obsessed with her Facebook. Almost every time, she couldn’t forget her Facebook. Whether in bed, in kitchen, or even in bath, she always brought her phone for chatting. It made her behavior changed drastically.

One day, there was Adzan Ashar, her father told her to go to Pesantren for praying and reading the holy Quran. She ignored him. Instead of going there, she played on her phone happily. Until her father had been told her for the third times, she answered "Dad, the praying time is long" while entered into her bed by closing the door. She continued chatting with her new friend.

Ashar time was over. His father knocked on her door and asked "Entin, have you prayed Ashar?". She was surprised. She had forgotten to pray Ashar. Her father would be furious if he knew she had not prayed. So, she lied to her father "I have, while you were going to Pesantren, dad". It was the first sin she made to him. As the days passed, her behavior became even more different from the old one. Rarely had she gone to learn religion at Pesantren again. She also had never read the Qur’an anymore. When her father told her to go to the Pesantren she refused him that she had homework to do. However, actually she didn’t have any homework. Day by day, it became her bad habit.

One time, she was sleeping. Her phone rang. Because her bedroom door was unlocked, her father came in to turn off her ringing phone. He read that it was a message from someone. He felt that maybe his daughter already had a boyfriend. "I will ask her tomorrow" his heart said.

The next day, while having breakfast, his father asked "Last night I saw your phone. There was a message from someone which said" Good night Honey?” Was that from your boyfriend?".

“I am still in the 1st grade of junior high school. How can I already have boyfriend? It must be misdirected message”. Replied Euntin.

He believed in his daughter explanation. But, in fact that message was from her boyfriend. They continued their breakfast. When she was about to leave her place, her father said "You don’t get in relationship with whoever especially someone you don’t know, and you know it is forbidden by our religion". She did not answer. She only nodded her head and hurriedly put on her shoes to go to school.

"How’s Ikbal?" Arin, one of her friends asked.

"Well, he is so nice and so handsome Rin. He has been my boyfriend. I’m so happy". Euntin talked.

"Congratulations, I hope you can stay with him forever" Arin wished.

"Amen" Euntin answered.

After school, she again spent time in her small bed by chatting with her boyfriend. Then, when it was Ashar, her father asked her to go to the Pesantren. She refused with the same reason that she had some homework that must be done. Again and again, she was busy chatting with her boyfriend until she did not pray for the umpteenth time. Her love for her boyfriend was bigger than for her religion. When she heard Adzan, she ignored it. But when she heard her cell phone was ringing, she immediately took it. This ultimately made her faith disappeared. She even dared to break what was forbidden by her father and her religion such as she stayed in relationship and left Sholat.

It was 14th of February. The day was so hot. Euntin was sitting under a tree in front of her class while reading a story book. Suddenly Arin came with a letter and chocolate in her right hand.

"Ciee, who did give it to you?" Asked Euntin curiously.

"Absolutely, my guy. Today is valentine day. Don’t you know? The day of love." Arin answered.

"Wow. You must be so happy, right?" Said Euntin.

"I am. How about your guy? Does he give a gift? If not, it means he doesn’t really love you”. Said Arin.

“I think my boy’s going to give me some gifts, too. I’ll ask him”. Euntin explained.

“Good try” Arin said.

After that, she went to toilet and called her boyfriend.

"Honey, why did not you give me a gift on this special day? You don’t forget this day, right?".

"Be patient babe, I will give you a special gift. So, will you meet me somewhere?" Actually, her boyfriend has an evil plan.

"Yeah babe, where?" She asked.

"At Eretan Jubleg" He answered. (Eretan Jubleg was an isolated place, far away from housing, and rarely visited by many people).

"Why in Eretan? That place is qui……”.

"Just come, later you will know a special gift that I will give you. But, don’t tell others because it will spoil my surprise”. He cut her talk.

Because of her enormous love, she agreed.

That afternoon, she unusually left her bed and asked for some money to her father.

"Dad, I need some money. There is a group work at my friend’s home. "

"Where?" Her father asked.

"Please dad, do not ask a lot, I am late." She said hurriedly.

"Be careful, do not back home too late" while putting some money from his wallet.

Without a word, she immediately left her house.

About half an hour, she arrived in Eretan Jubleg.

"Babe, I have been in Eretan. Where are you?" She texted her boyfriend.

"Just a moment, I’m preparing for the surprise" Ikbal replied.

She waited for a few minutes. Suddenly, three people came from behind her. They immediately kidnapped her to a small hut. She was very scared. With tears in her eyes, Euntin screamed loudly “Help!!!” but no one heard it. Then, they tied her body and taped her with a black tape for making her silent.

Among them, there was a thin black man. He said "Hi Euntin, I am Ikbal, your Honey. You miss me, right? "Euntin could only cry and shook her head. After that, they immediately undressed her and raped her. She could not do anything. She just hoped someone will help her. However, until midnight there was no one can help her.

At home, her father was anxious about her condition because she had not come home yet. He asked some of his neighbors “Has anyone seen Euntin? She said she’s going to her group work at her friend’s house, but she has not come home yet ".

"I have not, should we look for her?". Said one of them.

"Yes, please". Her father answered.

People became uncomfortable with this situation. Her father and some neighbors looked for her all night, but she was not found. Her father was so sad. Many people tried to make him calm “Now, you have to be patient sir, and pray for her hopefully”.

Next day, she came home. Her body was very dirty. She looked frail. She was traumatized by that incident. Her father tried to ask her for many times. But, she didn’t give him answer.

Then after a few hours, she tried to explain him that she had been raped by people she knew in Facebook.

“I am so sorry, dad. I have broken your rule. I have gotten in relationship and I forgot your advices. Please forgive me, dad”. Her father only was quite and spontaneously his face was dripping with tears.

“I regret it” she continued. Her father said nothing.

She left him crying alone. She didn’t know what to do. She had made her father felt embarrassed. She had done many sins. She abandoned his duty as a Muslimah because she preferred her Facebook than obeyed her religion. She also thought that she will be bullied at her school. She was very depressed. In the end, she then locked herself in her bed and decided to commit suicide by using a knife.

Words : 1575

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