Flash Fiction: A Cave

Aridhtardha Atmaja Putra180410130065

A Cave

Tara Maharajah, an adventurous but craven college student, trying to find new exploration spots, walks around his village and finds many entrances to an abandoned bunker used in WWII he once feared in his childhood. Thinking now as a perfect time to explore the bunker, he “challenges” his childhood friend Bakra Winnard to enter the bunker with him. They finds out that the bunker contains many rooms supposedly used as a jail, and one aisle leading to a very large underground room that contains a set of old cages and many chains. Frightened, they flee immediately.

Days after, Bakra tells Tara that he feels uneasy since they entered the bunker, and thinks that something was following them out of the bunker, which he fearfully agree. The night that day, Tara, who lives himself in the house, hears a suspicious sound outside his home, and anxiously checks the living room window only to find a black figure with unusually large round eyes, standing motionless across the street, staring in the direction of his house. Terrified by the sight, he can hardly sleep.

The next day, Tara learns that Bakra doesn’t have any sighting as he has, and concludes that his sighting is just a form of paranoia, and chooses to not tell anyone else. But, the following nights, Tara keeps hearing the sounds and sees the motionless black figure at the different positions outside his house. He finally decides not to check anything and tries to sleep early. But, he accidentally wakes up midnight and horrendously realizes that the black figure with round eyes is staring him from his room’s window, makes him loses consciousness. He wakes up the next day, realizing that the last event was just a nightmare. Unable to contain the horror by himself anymore, Tara begs Bakra to sleep over in his house for the time being, and he agrees.

Every night after, Bakra comes to Tara’s house after night. After three nights Bakra stay in Tara’s house, nothing of Tara’s usual sightings and hearings make any appearances. They then finally concludes that Tara’s mind is altered by his paranoia, and Bakra tells Tara that he does not need to be scared anymore. Relieved, Tara thanks Bakra and let him leave.

Later that night, before Tara sleeps, he hears the same sound, but inside the house, from the garage. Believing it as just his paranoia, he builds up courage and checks it out. He then realizes that the garage’s ceiling plasterboard has a wide gaping hole, as if something forces to enter from the ceiling. He then hears the sound again somewhere else inside the house. Suddenly, he realizes that nothing of his experience so far is unreal. He scarily grasps the fact that he actually saw the black figure, and that is not just his imagination. Distraught, he stand motionless as he realizes that the thing is inside his house.

Word Count: 484

tags #CreativeWriting,

#Scribere2017, #FlashFiction

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