Flash Fiction: Interview Recording at Shanghai Beixinjing Prison

Lu Jiawei/180110169002

In 2016, the artificial intelligence was so popular that it seemed like every country was trying to create their own AI, you know, Alpha Go or something like that. So these stupid leaders in my scientific institution thought of a stupid experiment to show off our ability in AI.

I always say that human beings will die out sooner or later if we continue to create AIs. Wisdom is the supreme law in this world. It’s okay for us humans to kill chickens just because we’re smarter than them. So why AIs cannot kill humans? In sight of AIs, humans are just the same as chickens.

Well, after that accident happened, everyone involved was put in jail, including me, the least important engineer of “A”, as you can see. How come all the bosses in my institution are idiots? If weren’t for them, I wouldn’t in this fucking jail now…

Okay sorry. Let’s just get back to the accident. to be honest, “A” was the best humanoid AI in China at that time. We cooperated with a Japanese company for her skin, eyeballs and the face. “A” was so beautiful. No one could deny.

If everything went well, she would buy a ticket at Shanghai railway station and get off at Beijing station all by herself, and maybe even chat with passengers. Everything she has done would be recorded and the world would be shocked how smart she was, if everything went well.

The moment I found she had the access to the wifi of railway station, I panicked.

Since the moment she was created, we’ve been teaching her that her mission is to protect the earth. Why? Because this mission is endless so that her desire to learn would last forever. And desire is the reason why she could become intelligent. However, all she knew about human beings were no other than the good parts. She was kinda like living in the Truman Show.

You must have read her running log, right? The first thing she did after she had the access to wifi was to read. She read at a speed of 50G per second, like a monster finally get free from the cage. She read about human beings, animals, environment, wars, pollution, everything about the earth. Can you imagine how she felt when she found out the real situation of the earth? I guess she must be shocked and angry. But just a minute later, she figured out what she should do to fulfill her mission. She had to cut down the population of human beings. She believed Human beings are the very reason why the earth is suffering.

Yes. I know it’s a tragedy that hundreds of people in that railway station got killed by her strong carbon fiber arms. But who’s the one to blame? “A” or human beings?

Word Count:499

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