Flash Fiction: United at Last

Fakhri Puja Pratama180410120139

Deane is just an ordinary young man, there is nothing special about him that makes him stand out from the others. At first he never feels at ease to be surrounded by many people until he realized something that makes him insecure. If he suddenly disappears one day, nobody will notice his disappearance. Because of his fear to never be recognized by others, he started to think that he has to befriend other people.

As the time goes by, Deane starts to feel comfortable with people around him. By living among them, he thought that meeting people with different characters is interesting. This feeling made him curious to look for more and more friends. He started from the small group of people around him, and then he craved for a bigger group of people. The bigger the group, the more characters he could see from others.

After getting in and out from one group to another, he didn’t expect to have many friends. At first, he thought that it was enough to be just the way he is. He didn’t need to “change” himself because he had always gotten accepted by every group he joined in. Until one day, there was a group that left him. They accused him for being “fake”, because he never showed who he really is. Because of the rejection, he thought that he had to change himself. He tried to build different set of characters, choosing what kind of character he needed to show in a certain group. Deane thought that if he could change himself to be a particular character in a circle, he would get accepted in other circles with different kind of characters too. After Deane has done that, he could easily be in any groups he wanted to.

One night, he was on the bar waiting for his friends to come when suddenly an old man sat beside him talking,

“You think you’ve chosen well? You will never be recognized by people around you since they never knew who you really are. Even you have no idea, right young man?”

Before Deane reacted to that, the old man had already left.

The next day he remembers what the old man said. He felt lost. He realized that each character he showed to people was not real. Later on, Deane’s friends started to leave him because they didn’t really care about him anymore and neither did he. Feeling depressed as ever, he didn’t even want to go out of his flat.

He tried to get himself back on track. Afterwards, made a list of characters he had ever shown, finding the similarities from one to another. He concluded which of his similarities are most likely to be his real character. He wrote everything about them on the wall until it’s full, yet he still couldn’t find what his real character is. While laying in his flat in one afternoon, he heard the fire alarm go off. Immediately panicked, he ran to save himself but stopped at one of his writings on the wall. The he said to himself,

“Come on, fire! Take me! You are the only one friend I have now! Make me one again!”

In the end, he was united with all his characters by the fire. His body turned to ashes just like the list he made.

Word count: 500

#CreativeWriting, #Scribere2017, #FlashFiction

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