Flash Fiction: Tiger Man

Mochammad Rizky Arif Hamdini/180410150033

There was an Old Woman who lived with 25 years old man called Astra in edge of village

The day was sunday. All students in the Beast School was staring sharply to Astra when he came late for flag ceremony. It was not the first time, he usually late to come to school.

“here come the strangest person in this school”

“He’s too old for senior high school. Twenty five years old”

“I will kick his ass if I were her mother”

“he has been studying here for five months, and doing the same thing in every Monday, damn”

Astra walked with his poker faced and join the ceremony. He was very mysterious, no friends, no smile. After the ceremony was over, he went to canteen to buy some snack and cigarettes and met the most dangerous and strongest man in the school, Golar.

“fuckhead!! What are you doing here Mr. Mysterious?” Golar said and laughed to his friend. However, there was no fear in Astra’s face when other students bowed their head. Astra did not respond what Golar said. He sat on the chair and lit a cigarette. Golar did not angry because Astra just an old weird student for him. Golar and his friend had a serous chat about student war between the Beast School and the Lion’s paw School. Astra got an information that on Wednesday night the war will begin in Wangsadinata Street near his house.

Bell was ringing and all students went to their class including Astra. He sat with Reggy in the class. Reggy is number two in the school after Golar and he’s Golar’s friend. Reggy never bothered Astra because he felt that Astra could kill him if Astra wanted to.

Bell was ringing again, all students went to their house. The Old Woman had been waiting for Astra, she made some cake for Astra.

“this is your favourite cake, Astra” said the Old Woman

“I remember, the first time I ate this cake from you twenty years ago. It was the worst cake i had ever eaten” Astra ate the cake and smiled.

The Old Woman just looking up to the sky, remember the day she met Astra. “I am sorry Astra, Because of me, you turn into a monster. You saved me from the tiger, but i can’t save you from your immortality”

The Old Woman crying sadly like a child and hugging Astra.

“as a father I need to protect you with my life” said Astra. The Old Woman’s heart suddenly stopped and Astra cried. Suddenly Astra’s body transformed like a tiger.

Wednesday night was coming. Unexppectedly Astra joined the war and all the Beast School students was afraid saw Astra’s angry face.

“If there is no one who can kill me, I will kill them all” Astra said to his self. He moved from one school to another school to found a young man who could kill him like the witch said.

Word count: 497


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