Flash Fiction: The Scavenger

Intan Andriyani / 180410150058

Abdul is 30 years old, he doesn’t has a wife yet. He start that job since three years ago, as a scavenger, he can’t get a better job because he never school. Even though he never get any education, but he very diligent about pray. When he suddenly hearing adzan (call prayer) he leave his job and immediately looking for the closest mosque, taking wudlu, then he pray.

Once upon a time Abdul doing his daily activity as usual, scavenging, he walking from place to place. The day was very hot, making him a bit tired, so he decided to stop his job and get a short break. He is looking for mosque for his stop, because beside he want to rest, he also want to pee. After he walk down the bridge he finally found a little mosque on the corner of the street, he sit on the floor in front of the mosque then taking off his slipper, and not forget to taking off his only cap from his head. When he feel better, he walking to go to inside looking for toilet because he want to pee, then he find a room like toilet but there is “only for wudlu” on the door, and there is nothing except five water faucet line on the wall. He thought, if he doing pee there he will very uncivilized and sinful, but he can’t hold and there is no one who will know. But he realized that is wrong and he hurry up to looking for toilet out of the mosque. He find a market near the mosque, he asking to the owner to use the toilet and he get permission. After that, the call prayer is reverberate, then he thanking the owner for leave because he wanting to pray and back to the mosque.

He taking off his slipper and hurry up to taking wudlu, when he arrived on the door, he catch a man was peeing there, that man immediately realize that he caught up by people, he suddenly leave. Abdul very shock and confuse, he’s not expect that there is still people who uncivilized, but the adzan has done, he taking wudlu because he doesn’t want come late. After wudlu, he go to inside the mosque and prayer has begun, so he pray in the last row because he late. Praye has done, when he still sit there the front row has empty, people has leave but the priest (who lead all of prayer) still there. The priest is turn around because he will leave his place, Abdul very shock and he can’t believe, that the priest is the man who was caught peeing on the wudlu place, and he is a priest, he lead all of the prayer. The priest also shock look at Abdul, he very embarrassed and walk out of the mosque. Since what is happening on that day, Abdul think that not everyone who look kind, not always has a good personality.

Word count: 499

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#Scribere2017, #FlashFiction]

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