Flash Fiction: The Righteous Left-Handed Person

Muhammad Salman Alfiansyah / 180410150038

There is a unique village which is located far from other villages. It is a lovely village with a friendly people live there, but they have strict rule that tells the contrast between right and wrong through the use of a hand. Whoever you are and whatever you are, you won’t be judged as a bad person here if you do everything with right hand and something will happen contrary if you do things with your left hand, even when you are stealing and this rule also affect the perspective of the sentence because when you steal with your right hand the sentence will not be heavier than when you steal with your left hand. It is a unique yet ridiculous. But people respect and believe this as their culture because they believe to what their ancestor has given to them has unknown advantages which keep their village safe.

Until one day, there is mother who gives a birth to child that has smaller right hand than left hand. This situation forces him use his left hand which stronger than his right hand as he grew up and this make people in the village hate him and treat him as a curse that will lead their village to the downfall and eventually one day he being expelled by the villagers.

The villager proud cause they succeed to save the village by expelled the left-handed person. But rather than save there are a lot of disaster come to the village. This situation makes village and its people suffering because they lack of food resources and finally force them to go out of the village. The location of other villages are quite far because the villagers chose to live far from others because they think they are much better because they think they live with holy rule. That silly reason of living far from others also gain them another misery which being rejected by other villages because of their vanity.

In a desperate walk looking for the village that will be a shelter for them, there is the village which is located farther than they ever visited. The village seems prosperous with its friendly and happy villagers. Then the chief of right hand village start looking for the chief of the village in a tired spirit that always being rejected before. Fortunately this village accept them happily.

The right hand village chief is happy buy curious in the same time because the chief village seems don’t care about the reputation of right hand village. This makes him ask to the chief and the chief answer that there’s once left handed person help the village from the flood and sacrifice himself to warn people and when ask where did he come from he answer that he came from right hand village sent by his chief to make the cooperative-relationship. The right hand village chief crying knowing that there is no any cooperative-relation but say yes he is our ace in everything.

Word count : 498

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