Flash Fiction: The Real Goal

Diva Nadia Idris/180410150034

Javier is late in his daydreaming, thinking randomly about anything that ruins his night lately. His father never shows any attentions. He ever told Javier to grow up stronger than him because he lives with his soldier father since his parents divorced ten years ago. It is 5am and he is still in the office, the match he commented have finished an hour ago. He has been a commentator on English Premiere League for a TV Station for three years.

His phone is ringing; it is Mr. Fergie and it looks like an important conversation they have. He is just nodding and nodding, and hangs the phone up soon after he said “I’m on my way”. He leaves the office soon after the conversation ended.

Mr. Fergie has been waiting at the porch since Javier said that he is on his way. When they get into the house, there are about 17 kids in there. “Here they are your juniors. You have my blessing”. Those ten kids are 15-16 aged, and they are the players that are going to be participated in a football tournament. Mr. Fergie puts a trust on Javier to be the coach because he knows that Javier understands football well. “But we have nothing. We don’t have big cash, we need some..”, Mr. Fergie then spoke before Javier has not even finished his word, “If you want to build a team, the first thing to do is to build their sense of belonging, then respect, discipline and the most important is attitude. Don’t ever think that money is the main power.” Mr. Fergie was Javier’s teacher when he was in junior high school. He taught Javier everything about football, and now Javier should take his role for his juniors.

The tournament begins two weeks later, and they spend the rest of time with some training. Claudio heard the news. He is the head coach of Zorro Football Club that has earned many achievements. He laughs when he knows that ‘the amateur’ will be participated in. He is pretty sure that his team will be the winner.

The time comes; this tournament is the biggest one in the city. Almost all of the participants are those who have a lot of experiences in tournament, but not with X. They are underestimated, but it makes their spirit burning. And nobody guesses that they will be the winner after they beat Zorro in the final with score 5-4. They were lost 1-4, but they give a stunning comeback when they see Mr. Fergie comes and watch from the bleacher. They were undisciplined with bad attitude students, and now they are the winner with no fouls during the match, and it makes them honored with ‘The Most Fair Play’ title. Ander, the one who did a lot of troubles in school, honored with ‘The Best Player’ title, and Javier got the ‘Best Coach’ title. They make it, ‘The Fergies’ is born.

Word count: 491 words.

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