Flash Fiction: The Immortal Weakness

Khairo Shathi

I finished putting my stuff on my working table. I’m so good with it. Every ten years I look for new job, because I don’t want people to know that I never physically getting older. You can call me an expert for every job, in one thousand years I’ve been living I’ve done all type of job but in this new office I got a mentor. The most annoying thing was in the contract I will always follow my mentor until the mentor said that I was ready.

“So you are organize person, I can see it from your table.” A man with a big smile gave his hand and said “hay I’m Cassio I will be your mentor.” He told me my first job was to follow him in a survey. He gave me a file from a cline that want to clime five hundred million rupiah for held insurance.” this is impossible! For brain cancer you only need two hundred fifty million rupiah or with medication we can only give tree hundred million rupiah. You are actually good.

For a week I was following him everywhere even in lunch. I love the place where we always having lunch it’s called Babakaran café. At first I told his smile is fake but he always smile, and I think he is an interesting guy, when the other said I’m beautiful he said that I’m smart, he never talked about my appearance he only talked about my performance. One lunch, out of know where he said “I just notice your eyes are so blue.” I hate when person praised my appearance but this is the first time I liked.” I need to go to wash room.” Why I was blushing ? but what happen to my face it was red and have so much wrinkles. I was getting older, I cannot met him. For few days I wasn’t went to the office. When I checked my phone there were a few miscall from Cassio. I knew know if love a person I was not only lose my mind but also my youth body. The only place I can calm my self is in Babakaran café, I was sure no one noticed me there.

“even when you eat you always organize your table.” I really surprised Cassio standing there with big a smile like the first time we met.
“How you find me?”
“I always able to find because I knew who you are even in different body. Because I love you’’.

I was so happy but I was so sad because I was old and he was young. “I need to go to wash room.” But he hold my hand and said “do not run this time.” I was crying because I never met such a person that so kind, but then when I saw the mirror I saw a young girl in front of me. I knew know that he was my true love.

Word count: 500

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