Flash Fiction: The Girl Who Cannot Let Go of Her Dream

Breda Mukti Lukitasari/ 180410150046

Eva’s mother holds her hand and asked “are you ready honey?” she only nodded her head. Eva enters the sport hall nervously, she remember all the memories of what had happened here.

Final for DBL West Java was held at Gor Padjadjaran Bogor in February 26th 2016. All the audience cheered wildly when Eva scored her three point shoots. She was a player that people had always admired. She can shoot, drive and lay up. “DEFENCE! DEFENCE! DEFENCE!” Coach Iman shouted from distance. The score was draw when the time showed that the game will be ended in two minutes. Fault that has been done by Eva’s friend made the opposing team got free throw. The buzzer sounded right after the free throw finished. Eva’s team lost with 54-56.

The day after the match Eva went to sport hall to practice alone. Then shortly after that coach Iman came “Eva, you need to get some rest. The tournament has ended” Eva smile and continued her shoot “Coach, you know I am practicing for the national team selection. I want to keep practicing, if I’m being lazy then my rival will defeat me” Coach Iman catches the ball that Eva’s passed towards him. “Do not work too hard. How is your ankle?” Coach Iman worried that her injury will become obstacle. “My ankle is fine coach. There is nothing to worry about.”

Eva passed the last two weeks by practicing basketball. Today is the day for the national team selection. Eva has warmed up before she started the selection. First they will test her dribble, lay-up, free throw, three points and play the game. When they played the game she was intended to lay-up the ball but when she was in the air, a member of the opposing team pushed her until she lost her balance and lend on her ankle. She cannot stand up and started crying. She had rushed to the hospital while the selection continued. Eva woke up when the nurse bandage her ankle. “Hallo Eva. I will call the doctor” She only nodded as she looked at the bandage and then the doctor came “how is my condition doc?” Eva asked the doctor “Hai Eva, you are fine. We had x-rays your ankle before. And the result is that 80 % of your ligaments are broken so I already suggested you to stop playing basketball, because you cannot run fast anymore, it will be dangerous if you injured your ankle one more time. You will never be able to run even jogging”

Eva shook her head to keep all the bad memories away. “Eva, I really need you to be careful ok? Take it easy” Eva’s mother said “I am fine mom. I can do it” Eva said while she ties her shoes. This is her last chance to join the national team, she did not want to mess this up again. When the judges call her name she started to show them what she’s got.

Word count: 499

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