Flash Fiction: Rain in December

Dien Kasava / 180410150041

Today has been raining since twenty minutes ago. It is Saturday afternoon in December. I am going to your place, Julian. I was sitting in the shelter bus when raining cames. I used to think to bring an umbrella. But, yeah, you know me so well, I never like to bring an umbrella. Even under the rain.

I remember about our joke. When we were sitting in your car, listen to the music on the radio. “Who’s the busiest person in the world when Christmas?” you asked. I answered, “no one”. But you laughed and said, “Santa Claus.” That was not funny, I thought. I just wanted to laugh. In that day, you were asked what my favourite colour. You asked my favourite food, song, and where the place my favorite is.

I was confused, but when you stopped your car near from sidewalk, you grabbed my hand. I remember your smile. It was really sweet. If someone asked me, “what is the most beautiful thing in the world to look at?” I would answer, “Julian’s smile”. I wonder, would you answer the same? I hope so. Although it is just for fun, but it can make me smile. Always.

And— hey, remember when we were drinking a glass of milk? I told you about some jokes, and you laughed until the milk was gettig out from your nose. That was really funny!

Back to the time when you grabbed my hand, and we still in your car. You stared at me, “Who’s the luckiest person in the world?” you asked again. Silence, I did not want to answer. Then you said, “me”. I was confused at that time, but when you said, “because I have you to be my wife” with the ring in a box you were grabbed. I swear my face was really blushed. You did not waiting me to give my answer. You just put the ring on my ring finger, and said “oh, c’mon! I know you will not reject me”. I still remember how confident you are, Julian.

By the way, the ring is still here, in my finger. I always smile when I see it. It is like camera, you will smile automatically when you see it. Tomorrow—should be—our wedding day, Julian. That is the reason why I visit you today.

Wait for me, please. Even though I know you will. I just want to say that. Wait, please. I will come to you.

If raining were stop, I would come to you, step by step to your place. And I would like to tell you that your liver well maintained in my body, until now.

I hope you will be rest in peace in the afterlife.

Word count: 456 words

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