Flash Fiction : Once a Night

Zaqia Octiani / 180410150040

Hospital’s moist air that mixed with strong disinfectant makes Izumi feels dizzy. She takes a look at the woman who stands in the hallway. The woman smiles, she looks very normal. Izumi takes a seat . “You are dead.” Izumi murmured. The woman comes close to Izumi and sits right beside her. “I’m Mika, Naruse Mika.” She says. Her voice sounds like when we’ve just woke up and our mouth still feels heavy and dull. Izumi’s heart beats so fast, she’s not afraid of Mika or the fact that she can seeing things, the feeling just like when she jumped from the bridge and drowned in the river. She feels suffocated and almost unconscious. Night is so quiet there, the only thing that they hear is just Izumi’s heavy breath. Suddenly Mika told story with great enthusiasm. Izumi doesn’t react or cut off as if Mika is doing a monologue. Occasionally Mika’s expression changed shyly as she told how she met her husband and married. Izumi’s slightly raised her lips imagined the red blush on Mika’s pale cheeks. Mika stops, Izumi guessed Mika’s story had come to the end. She took the initiative to start a conversation. "You’re not scared?” Mika shakes her head, "Izumi, this world if we mind it, it’s just like a party. We are just guest, we will go sooner or later ". She is so simple and naive. A typical girl who thinks that life is valuable and we must make every second precious as well. In fact, we live because we are still breathing. Izumi sees Mika is spinning around in the air. She keeps looking at Mika until she realizes a little girl was running in front of her, the girl stops and then run again. Mika is still circling as she continues to tell the story. Izumi thinks, they are all victims of the facts that they make. Izumi knows Mika made up her story with a smiles and happiness. Look! the fact is, she’s just a ghost and floating as if she’d been doused by a basin of Tinkerbell’s dust. Izumi is well aware that she is also making up her own story. She reefs everything with blood and tears, as if everything was just a shit. Mika is right, life is to be lived with gratitude but Izumi was made the opposite, we may live today, tomorrow, the next day, next year and so on but we are not guests, we’re a prisoner who from the beginning was indicted to lose and executed. However, Izumi realizes something; Mika has found a flaw in reality that Izumi has been made. And she feels as if part of herself was returned home to the most plausible world. Although she knows that one day she will ask “how naive is she”. Izumi tilts his head up to make a sound, one last question. But she won’t do it because she knows; Mika who is currently staring at her will never answer.

Word Count : 498

[tags #CreativeWriting, #Scribere2017, #FlashFiction]

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