Flash Fiction: Monday Madness

Saffira Marwah Desinta / 180410150036

Monday morning, second week of the month, the sun starts to shine behind clouds since it is still early in the morning while some birds are chirping happily toward another. That my friend, could be a perfect picture to be the background for someone’s life to start the day. A perfect day.

The time is 07.15, she needs to standby by the venue 30 minutes ago for the last meeting about today’s event. Contradict with what she should be doing that is being on her way to the venue as fast as possible, what happening is that she is still waiting by the sidewalk, for any kind of help that could be happening to her. They could be an available taxi or just some random ex being kind all over again and offer her a ride, that would save her training life to be a disaster.

She just got off of an Online Ojek 5 minutes ago because something she could not even understand happened with the tire. Ordering another Online Ojek is no use in this Antapani’s heavy traffic on Monday morning, after she got rejected by the 10th time, enough is enough.

Life is mocking her by making all her plans to be disorganized and that is so not herself. Being the well-prepared kind of person that she is, being late is not one of them. That would be so ironic when things going out of the schedule. Well, in this case on someone who works as a planner. The work that has something to do with making a plan way before due date. From calculating how much money could be use for the event to making a rundown as prepared as possible.

“It is okay, it is only the first time you are being late. Nothing bad is going to happen, as in making my training life crumbling to pieces and being thrown out of the window” she mumble. Sounds exaggerated, but that is just how she is. Making big deals over anything, making her heart beats rapidly out of nothing.

Meet Arnenda Keara, 23 years old. Being an intern for 2 weeks straight with a good reputation makes her do not want to have any bad marks. Always on time, work well under preasure, but always makes everything seems complicated. The truth is, that is just what is happening on her pretty little mind, crowded.

Just like what she does right now, making ridiculous conversations inside her head about what is going to happen later to taking some assumptions of what is going on on a boy with a black helmet or a women in her red car.

Everyone is on their own destinations by different vehicles and different thoughts on their minds, but the same thing is they need to go through Antapani’s traffic madness. Antapani tends to be crowded in the morning. But you could not get out because you have to love Antapani anyway.

Word count: 491

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