Flash Fiction: It Was Raining

Kristiana Meida Lestari/180410150062

"I take you for my lawful wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part."

It was raining when Mary remembered that wedding vow and began to remember the first time she met Victor. It was also raining when her car broke down in the parking lot of her office. Victor came and tried to help her. Mary sat in her car while Victor fixed the car. After the car was fixed, Mary only said thank you and left him behind. The next day, Victor was introduced as the new manager for Mary’s office. Victor remembered her and Mary tried to avoid eye contact because she felt sorry. Victor tried to talk to her and said that he was okay after that day and not to think about it anymore. Long story, and in the end, they both got married on a rainy day and said that vow to each other. The next year, Mary gave birth to a beautiful child named Anna also on a rainy day.

“Mama, I want a car on my 17th birthday next month.”

“We have 5 cars on the garage already honey.”

“But I want a car as my birthday present!!” Anna started to whine

“Okay. What do you want?”

“I want a SUV from Mercedes. So I want ML400.”

“Okay. And for the party, how about a pool party?”

“No Mama!! I hate pool!! I want a garden party instead.”

“Sure honey. I’ll talk to your Papa since your Papa is strict with the money.”

It rained when the party was held. Anna and Mary were at the garden party while Victor was on the way while driving the ML400. Since it was foggy, a speeding bus couldn’t see clearly and crashed to the ML400. The doctor, who is Victor’s friend, said that Victor lost his hearing because of this.

“Mama, I hate Papa because he ruined my birthday party and present!!”

“Why are saying that in front of your Papa?”

“He can’t listen to us anyway!!”

1 year passed. Mary and Anna were tired to take care of Victor and started to complain even in front of him. Anna suggested to give Victor a poison to end their miserable life and got the inheritance. One rainy night, they put poison in his food. When Victor finished his food he said:

“Actually I’m not deaf. I can hear everything you say including the talk about poison in my food. I still eat my food because I love you, in accordance with the wedding vow, Mary.”

Mary could not believe what she had done and regretted it. So she ate the remaining poison.

It was raining when the police found their dead bodies.

“If only they had children to inherit this wealth.”

“They had a child but died of drowning when she was 8 years old.”

“What is the name of the child?”


Word Count: 498

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