Flash Fiction: Invisible Threat

Ling Yanting(Tini)/180110169005

Ted was on the shuttle bus to Mclean Poet Psychiatric Hospital, observing people around him, most of whom were in white uniforms. He caught a glimpse of a familiar face, and vaguely remember that he was the mysterious man who claimed that he knew where Mark exactly was. Two years ago, Mark left without a goodbye to his best friend. And the last time Ted saw Mark, his clothes was stained with blood. According to Mark’s brother, Mark was transferred there for further treatment. But Ted was afraid things are not so simple because once Mark had revealed to him that he was adopted.
The hospital sat on the foot of a hill, and such a huge bounding wall around it that nobody could get out. He had an uneasy feeling on the depressive and terrifying atmosphere there. The mysterious man led him into a private room in the second floor, asked him to wait, and turned to leave. A strange feeling welled up in Ted’s heart. Ten minutes later, that man returned, but this time in white uniform.
“Why did you……”, Ted was interrupted.
“Shh! Come with me. I’ll bring you to Mark.”, he hushed Ted with his index finger against his mouth.
At the end of the corridor, a door opened to the outside. A man with the short and spiky hair sat by the window, looking out dully of the window, with a bitten doughnut in his hand.
“Mark! It’s me! Ted!”, cried Ted.
Mark slowly turned his head, shaking the doughnut slowly. “Do you wanna have a bite?”, he said with a giggle.
“Mark!! Don’t you remember? It’s Ted, your best friend! What’s wrong with you? Tell me!! What did they do to you? Mark!!”
“Do you wanna have a bite? Do you….”, repeated Mark unconsciously.
“Mark…”, Ted left with a sigh, with tears in his eyes.
That made him more convinced that it was his brother who made Mark become a fool so that he could be the only heir to the company of his family. And also his desire for the truth became stronger. So he turned to Dr.Walter Freeman, who was Mark’s attending psychiatrist.
After Ted’s waiting anxiously for Dr.Walter out his office for an hour, Dr. Walter finally asked him to come in. At the sight of Dr.Walter in white sitting right there, déjà vu occurred in Ted’s mind. Suddenly, he felt dizzy and a flicker of fear crossed his face. Time flied.
It was midnight when Ted awoke. He was lying on the bed and tried to remember what happened. But all he could remember was just some words of Dr.Walter, “lobotomy…delusional disorder…hallucination…fear…suicide…”. He couldn’t figured out what it meaned and his headache smote again.

Word count: 499

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