Flash Fiction: How It Healed Us

Nabhila Irsaad/180410150035

How It Healed Us

In a complete darkness, a pair of watchful amber eyes kept looking at me. Those vertical pupils were sharp and still, like a pair of knives that’s ready to stab me in the eyes. I held my breath, I tried to close my eyes and run, but I couldn’t. Can somebody just slap me, right now?

“Mia, it was a cat.” said Hailey the next day, bored at my nightmare story. “You dreamt about a cat. That’s it.”

“Nightmarish cat. For three days straight.” I added. From the edge of my eye, I saw Helen closed her book.

“Maybe it means something.” Helen commented, locking her knees with her arms. “It’s called consecutive dreams. Maybe they’re telling you something.” Hailey and I stared at her for a while.

“That I should never sleep forever?”

“Why don’t you try to have a cat? Maybe taking care of one can heal your felinophobia.” She replied. Really, Helen?

“Nice solution, Helen. I wonder why you don’t try to kill me instead.”

After spending two hours chitchat in Hailey’s, which was only a few blocks from my house, I left in the afternoon. On the way home, when I was thinking about my almost hopeless family, I was distracted by something moving behind the bushes.

Pushed by curiosity, I walked through the bushes and saw something in my nightmare, but it was different. I could say it was the most heartbreaking creature I had ever seen in my life. And I kind of wished I had never seen it.

A kitten with broken hind leg, meowing and looking straight at me with begging, beautiful blue eyes. No amber eyes, no vertical pupil, no glowing and ready-to-stab eyes. It was just…a kitten.

A bunch of contrasting feelings burst in my chest. This creature, in my nightmare, wanted to kill me. But here, it was something that needed a pity. I wanted to leave it to somebody who genuinely cared about this creature, but didn’t it mean that I have no heart?

The fur was white, but it was dirty with dry mud and grass. So it had been suffering for such a long time. It tried to walk towards me, as if it were saying, “Please, help me, you’re the only human here and I believe you’re a kind human being.”

After realizing that my empathy for the kitten was bigger than my fear, I decided to put off my jacket and lifted the kitten by the scruff. I put it on my jacket carefully with my weak fingers, and carried it on my chest as if I was carrying a newborn baby, except with shaking hands. It was…tiny and fragile that I was afraid I could hurt its broken leg. I couldn’t believe I cared.

And I think this kitten had some magic that worked to my hopeless family, because as soon as I got home, they looked at what I brought and Mom said, “Everyone, get ready we’re going to the vet!”

Word count: 500

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