Flash Fiction : An Essay and A Radio

Raditya Wiryawan/180410150054

“ Make an essay about what you want to be in the future! Collect it on Monday to Didin!“ said Mrs. Ruroh. I never write anything before because i think it sucks. Pilot? Flying freaks me out. Police? Im afraid of criminals. Fisherman? Well i dont want to eat Selar for the rest of my life. “ Rita Sugiarto! “ said Jupri. “Everybody likes her, you as well. You can be like her.” A singer? Why not? Jupri can be briliant sometimes. I really underestimated the power of Selar for Jupri’s head.

After school, i usually do the households, alone. The only friend i have is just my old radio that always playing some boring adults talking to each other, except one, Rita Sugiarto. I know all of her songs, from Malam Terakhir to Hallo Dangdut. Somehow, i believe she’s singing for me only, a boy from desa Curug. But, today is a disaster. My radio is broken and producing sound like a dying cow. Im devastated. Its my only friend to survive in my boring world. Will dad fix it for me?

Night has come, and dad is home. We both sitting each other while eating pepes tahu he bought for us. I brace myself to tell him about the radio but his only response was staring at me, then he goes back to his room. Instantly, i know my radio will be broken still and i will not listening to Rita Sugiarto’s anymore. Since mom’s left us, he worked alone as traveling taylor to schooled me, so i dont expect anything from him.

Sunday morning, dad is working already, even in early morning. However, my essay is still empty, my radio is still broken, and perharp there will be no Rita Sugiarto this night. Its more than sucks. Morning to noon i spend my time reading comics and occasionally trying to write my essay, but all just wasted. I never been this empty. When the moon’s up, there are only frogs and crickets who break the silence. But suddenly, i hear “ Lelah kumenanti bersinarnya rona pelangi “. Its Rita ! I heard it clearly in my head, but it comes from the living room. How can be? Or its just a ghost who kidnap children with songs? But my curiosity beats my fear. So i dare my self to peep, but suddenly the door is open. Its my dad, with a newest radio on her arms.

Now i know what i have to write for my essay. I want to be my dad. Eventhough he’s rarely home, i know all he does is just for me. When my friends intended to be astronot, football player, or astronot who plays football, i just want to be like dad. The only thing make me sad is i cant listening to Rita Sugiarto’s with him, because he is deaf. However, one thing i know is he’s indeed imperfect, but he always loves me perfectly.

Word Count : 495 words
#Scribere2017 # FlashFiction

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