Flash Fiction: A Whimsical Sound

M. Naufal Ibtihal / 180410150050

A Whimsical Sound

Gilly and Melissa lived alone in the lake house since their parents had lost. Gilly was 11 years old at that time and her sister Melissa was 15 years old. They were left by their parents since they were a little girl but they didn’t know the reason why their parents left them. The only thing they know was their parents had fought before the night they left. However, when they were still live together as a family none of them ever fought. Since then, Melissa and Gilly stayed at home and didn’t go to school, they often sell a newspaper to make sure there was a food on their table. Because of this condition, they believed that their parents had already dead.

One night, when they were listening to Nirvana on a boom-box, a heavy rain fell. The thing that make it weird was it had been several weeks without rain and the forecaster say it would be no rain until the end of the month and Melissa decided to check it out. Surprisingly, there were no single raindrop falling from the sky but a weirder thing happened, in a hurry Melissa run into her room and called his sister. Then, they both rushed to the lake and watching the water surface of the lake unleashed a wave, and they were both terrified and run to their house. Since that night, a terrifying sound came from the house’s basement, its sound like two people were arguing with an angry sound. They couldn’t sleep every night.

After a week, they decided to call police to find out what was happening down there. The police found no clue about the sound down there, there was only a broken tape which was not giving any clue. They both depressed, didn’t know what to do. They tried to call anyone who seemed can help them, police, firefighters, and a priest couldn’t help them where that sound came and why. After several terrifying weeks, they came into property dealer and decided to sell the house. Just before they came into the dealer an old man stopped them.

The man is the late owner of the house, he introduced himself and told them he would give an explanation about what was going on down there. They decided to go somewhere across the lake house and had some talk. The man told them that their parents had done a bad thing back in the day, the house sold in one condition, they had to promise to never fight or arguing in an angry way. The sound was a consequence of their mistake, a broken recorded tape would be playing their conversation of their fight every night. They vanished because they broke their promise. And the old man told them not to sell the house, so they could feel their parent’s presence every night.

Word Count: 480

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