Flash Fiction: Triple Teacher

Haura Nabila Rinaldi / 180410150051

I went up to class 302 as usual. HIJ seems a bit empty today. I opened the door and founded Katia already sat there playing her phone. We sat next to each other and chatted about what happened today at each other’s school.

April came five minutes late. “Where is Mr. Adi? Isn’t he supposed to be here?” asked April to us. “He’s not coming, I guess” I answered. It’s quite odd to have Mr. Adi late as he is punctual.

“Nad, can you accompany me to the bathroom? Please, Nadia, I’m afraid to go by myself” she begged. Suddenly one of the girl on the back shouted “I want to. Let’s go” so she went with her. The door opened and they went out and the door automatically closed itself as they went away. I was staring blankly at the celling. I did not hear what they were talking about. People, houses, and that your-school-used-to-be-a-haunted-hospital stories which was bore me because it was no longer scary anymore.

“What took you so long?” I asked them as they entered the class. “You must know what just happened!” she said. “We saw Mr. Bambang on class 303 talked to himself! So scary”, April continued as the girl nods in approval in the background. Their face was plain as a paper.

“Haha very funny, April” said Katia.

“I’m not joking, Kat. I saw that he was talking to the chairs, believe me!” said April. “He was wearing green shirt, sitting behind his desk, and talking by himself with a book on his desk”.

I wasn’t sure either, though it creep me out too. “Nad, let’s see if it’s true”. Kat grabbed my hand and pulled me to class 303. The doors at HIJ were glass and ¾ part of it blurred leaving the top part clear. We peaked from the door and I was on my toes to see.

The class is empty. Not a single soul there.

“Let’s just go back” said Katia and I nodded. I went back on my foot and saw a shadow over my head. A sound of an old man scared us away.

“What are you doing here?”

It was another Mr. Bambang. He was oddly wearing red.

We ran in fear to our class. I shut the door close. Kat was panting and she was as white as the walls. Everyone was shocked to see us. I was about to tell everyone what just happened but Miss Intan suddenly showed up and it shocked me, twice.

“Mr. Adi is currently absent so you will be moved to multimedia room to watch movies”, she explained. Then we went downstairs. She went to the room hurriedly before us to prepare the movie. When the movie was about to begun a tall old man suddenly opened the door.

“Ah Miss Intan, I was looking for you. Sorry I was just arrived, I was stuck in traffic”

It was another Mr. Bambang. This time, he was on white.

Word count: 499

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