Flash Fiction: The Woman Without Her Left Hand

Abdurrahman Mubarok/180410150042

In the Cijangkar village, Sukabumi, there was a home that looked unkempt. There lived a 63 years old widow. She was called Bi Inah. She had an accident decades ago. So she had never seen much to go out but to buy vegetables. The normal life changed after the last days the villagers were fretted by the loss of children on the same date of each month.

It was October 30th 2010. Unusually, the neighbors gathered around Bi Inah’s home. They saw some bloodstains in her yard. They had been calling her name for about 20 minutes. But, only Coki, her little dog, answered with barking them. Suddenly, Bi Inah came from behind them with bringing vegetables. Spontaneously, the atmosphere became quiet, and all of them looked her sharply. “You are witch, give our children back”. Silently she remembered her past.

One day, when she went to the market, she saw a young boy sitting under a tree with his sad face.

“What’s your name?” asked her. He only saw her.

“Where is your home?”

“I have no home and no parents.”

She remembered her son lost during her house fire accident, so she brought him to stay in her little house.

Several days lived there, he was given food and some of her husband’s clothes looked too big for him. Everyday he rarely went out. So, neighbors never thought there is a boy in her home. His activity were reading some war history and watching a G30SPKI film. Bi Inah’s husband was a soldier so she has a lot of war documentary.

One night, when she was cooking dinner, she looked difficult with using his right hand only. He tried to help her cutting the vegetables.

“Why don’t you have left hand?” he suddenly asked.

“I lost my hand while my husband’s dead incident happened 20 years ago”

“Do you want to have a hand?”

“If there is a miracle, I do”

After hearing the answer, he stopped cutting the vegetables. Then he went to his room. Bi Inah felt maybe he was tired. The next day, 30thJuly 2010 he unusually went out. He went looking for a friend and asked him to play. But, actually he intended to steal his friend’s left hand to be given to Bi inah. They played near the river. In the afternoon, he pulled a knife and killed his friend. He cut off his friend’s left hand, and dumped the body in the river. At midnight, he went home with a left hand for Bi Inah. She was very shocked, and did not accept the hand. However, he still wanted to make her happy. So, a month later he did that cruel thing again.

“This must be the blood of his friend’s hand, again”. She did not dare telling them the truth. Because, she had loved him like her son. Also, she thought that he did it because of her, who wanted to have left hand.

“It’s only Coki’s blood” she explained.

Words : 499

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