Flash Fiction: The Gathering

Siti Afrinda Syelsega /180410150045

After fixing my makeup, I went back to the room booked for our high school’s gathering tonight. As I got there, someone just came. It was Rudy. I didn’t expect to see him today since he hadn’t came to any gathering for last 3 years. Therefore, I would pretend not to see him tonight.

“Have you just arrived?” Was he talking to me?

“I’m just going back from toilet,” He withdrew a chair for me. “Thank you.”

He unexpectedly sat beside me, "How’s life, Irene?"

“Not bad.”

“We haven’t talked like this for a long time.” He didn’t change. He came to the point easily.

“5 years,” Well, I would come to the point too. “Why did you never come to any gathering? You also didn’t come to my event last year.”

“I was busy. I even sent a message to Barry.”

“Yes, you had an important meeting that day. It was a silly reason, anyway.”

“I’m glad that Barry said it well. Where is that man?” He was right, why didn’t Barry come yet?

“He’ll arrive soon,” I answered him as I quickly texted Barry. “How’s your job?”

“I don’t enjoy it. I had been in Batam for a month because of a project.” He totally left his phone and focused on our conversation.

“I always hate a project out of town too.”

“How is about having a holiday in Batam? Do you still hate it?” He was trying hard to laugh.

“You see, I used to hate everything about Batam.”

“She even hated her seat in airplane from Batam,” Suddenly, someone was joining us. “She forced me to change it with mine.”

“Barry, how could I sit beside him when we just broke up?” I made Barry sit next to me.

“Let me ask you, Rudy. What do you think about Irene those days?” I knew that Barry just wanted to tease me.

“She hated girls around me. Although she didn’t tell me, I knew it.”

“Wow! You’re unpredictable, Rudy.” I laughed.

“Then, she would disturb me a whole night to tell how she hated those girls.” I could remember the days when I asked him to follow Rudy everywhere so he could protect Rudy from annoying girls.

“That’s why you kept sticking around me then.” Both Rudy and Barry were having fun now.

“Do you know, Irene? I was also jealous seeing you and Barry were too close.”

“Rudy, your words surprise me!”

“We had a fight.” Even Barry, who told me everything, didn’t let me know about it. He surprised me more.

“What fight? When was it?”

“We’re not telling you about it. It’s a secret.” Barry successfully pissed me off.

“Let me guess. It’s a boy, isn’t it?” Rudy didn’t change at all. He could change a topic easily.

“It’s a girl! It’s definitely a girl.”

“Sure, we’re having a baby girl.”

“What was that, Barry? Did you agree with me just now?”

“Yes, Irene. I can’t let you go home by taxi tonight.”

Word count: 499

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