Flash Fiction: Meant to be

Vinsca Delana Ginting / 180410150060

Audrey is a 19-year-old freshman who overthinks about little thing. Introvert, but loves everyone. She likes to read, and music instruments accompany her days. On her first day of college, she met a guy who named Brian. Brian was her very first friend in the campus. Their first met was in the second floor of the building on their registration day. Brian started the conversation, and they became friends. Audrey and Brian are different in many ways but complete each other. While Audrey likes to read, Brian doesn’t. While Audrey just said 10 to 20 words per day, Brian can talk more than20 minutes with a person. As time passing by, they became closer. There were no Audrey’s problems that Brian didn’t know and so does with Brian’s. Everytime she talked with him, her heart beats fast. She came to realize, she knew she liked him. For her, to call Brian in the midnight just to remind him there is a morning class for tomorrow means, “I like you”. And she hoped he realized that.

After 2 years of friendship, she finally gathered the courage to tell Brian her feeling. Audrey was so confident because Brian never talked about any girl to her. That night, Brian went to Audrey’s house for driving her home.

“Hey, I know this might confuse you, but I like you. More than a friend”

“Okay, listen. You are my best friend. I am sorry, Audrey. I like you too, for being my friend”

There was a long pause. She sighed. Felt embarrassing, she never talked to Brian anymore. Two weeks later, she found out Brian was dating a girl. The girlfriend of Brian turned out to be Silfanny, a family friend of Audrey. She was so mad and never talked with him anymore.

After graduated, Audrey started to work in a magazine company and met a guy who liked her named Nicholas. They often watched movies and drank coffee together and it’s just…. Well. After years, Nicholas confessed his feeling. Audrey stared at him in shock. She couldn’t believe he did it. Audrey had a “feeling” towards him, but she was not sure about that. For years, she was still hoping for her first love, Brian. She had made up her mind. She rejected Nicholas. As she went to bed, she was thinking about Nicholas, she was trying to picture herself greeting him tomorrow and the other day. But they were fine.

One day, After years, Brian appeared in a café with a black T-shirt, and a cap. They haven’t seen each other since their convocation day.



“Audrey, I know I was rejected you. It was because I had not ready. About Silfanny, You were mistaken. We were pretending to make you forget your feeling. Until I realize, I can’t see any other girl for years except you. Now Audrey, Do you want to be the love of my life?”

Nervously, also shyly, she accepted her long lost love with “Yes, I do”.

Word count : 500

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