Flash Fiction: Expecting the Unexpected

Syafitri Athaya Oktari/180410150053

Kirana had her life planned out. She was studying in the high school she chose, she had known which university she wanted to enroll to, she had decided what she wanted to do once she earned her bachelor degree, she basically had it all planned out. She was enjoying her life, she was happy.

But her happiness didn’t last long.

Her brother, Asta, shouldn’t have dropped out of college. He shouldn’t have started drinking. He shouldn’t have started smoking. He shouldn’t have started using drugs. If he didn’t start all those things, he would still be here and she wouldn’t be in this situation.

“This is all his fault…” she mumbled

Tears couldn’t stop running down her cheeks as she started to remember how everything happened.

It was when the police found her brother’s cold, stiff body in a dark room alongside a couple packs of heroin and bottles of alcohol. The fact made her weak on her knees. Her parents, however, didn’t look surprised at all. All she saw on her parents’ face was disappointment.

Ever since that day, her parents became a lot stricter to her. They transferred her to another school with better education system. She couldn’t keep up with her classmates at the new school so her grades dropped drastically, then her parents enrolled her to a couple courses that took most of her free time. She wasn’t allowed to enroll to the university she wanted when she graduated high school. She wasn’t allowed to choose the major she wanted. She was stuck learning something she didn’t understand. Her parents didn’t allow her to do anything else than studying. She was so, so stressed out.

One day, she met a guy at the campus, Theo, who was on his 5th semester. Not only he helped her with studying, he became the person she could talk to about almost anything and he actually listened to her. He cheered her up. He made her forget about her problems for a while.

Weeks since they first met, she realized one thing; she was attracted to him. How couldn’t she? He had been nothing but the most wonderful person.

The two of them were at the campus eating lunch. “Do you want to watch a movie this weekend?” asked Theo.

“Sure” she answered happily.

She told her parents on Saturday that she had something important to work on at the campus and her parents allowed her to go.

“I need this” she mumbled. When did the last time she went out to have fun? She couldn’t remember. She wanted to have fun.

And she did have fun.

Maybe a little bit too much, because watching a movie wasn’t the only thing that they did. That’s how she ended up sitting on the floor, waiting.

Her phone rang, signing that 5 minutes had passed.

She had never felt this scared in her life. Her eyes widened as she stared at those two little red lines in front of her.

Word count: 498

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