Flash Fiction: Battle in The Bathroom

Syifa Nur Fadiyah / 180410150059

My crush and I planned to work on our essay in my dormitory. Although we would be working in the living room, I still need to make up my bedroom for he might pray there and also the bathroom.

I shared the bathroom with a friend. It was pretty spacious but the ceramics were awfully black-stained and I did not know what had been splashed on it until it was severely dirty. The cover of the lid was half broken so the water below was visible. The worst part while peeping at it was seeing two moving antenna strings of a cockroach.

There it was in a few minutes of my crush’s arrival. I grabbed my rose water body wash and pumped it out near the disgusting cockroach head. I got him! He got out of the drain and ran its horny tiny feet to the other corner of the bathroom. It survived! I always managed to murder cockroach using soap but this time he escaped. I assumed it was just so dirty that it didn’t die for such soap.

I approached him in the hole between the door and the wall. I squatted. This time I took Lifebuoy, my friend’s. Even though I took it without her permission, I would not claim it as stealing. It was for our bathroom’s sake.

I poured it to its body, but God! It could sense it. It scurried away and climbed the way. I was really terrified. It might fly its nasty wing and round about the bathroom. I pumped more liquid but most of them fell and hit the floor without passing the cockroach. This cockroach was playing hard to get. I got it.

It climbed higher and I felt chill all over my body. The spacious and bright room was magically transformed into the densest space on earth. I could imagine how its horrifying feet crawl upon my body, scratching. I would not let that happened! This cockroach must meet its end!

With a spirit of a warrior and in the name of God so it didn’t fly, I grabbed a dipper full of water and splashed it to the demon. The strength and my utmost anger and all those frustrating emotions slammed it to the floor. It landed on its back.

I felt a little triumph to watch its segmented abdomen contracted, trying so hard to get on his back. It was so close to meet his death. With the widest smile on my face, almost a grin, I pour the liquid soap all over its body. There it went. It contracted and convulsed for a few seconds before it finally laid still. I had murdered it, but I was a benevolence mankind, so I gave it a proper burial. I dragged it with the water to the drain and let it join the underworld. The bubbles also escorted respectively to the rest place. My crush should have been proud to have a warrior girl like me.

Word count: 498

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