Flash Fiction: A Late-Night Ride

Amira Sofa / 180410150048

It was 11 pm. The restaurant I worked at was just closed. I was waiting for an angkot at an angkot stop in front of the restaurant when a motorcycle stopped by.

“Adriana, let me ride you home.”

I was shocked to see Tian. I did not hope that he would come to me after all the misunderstandings about the relationship between me and him.

“Are you alright?”

“Y—Yeah… I’m okay.”

“Let’s go home!”

“I cannot go home with you, Tian.”

“It’s not a good idea to let my best friend go home all alone at this hour.”

“Tian, I don’t want to make your girlfriend feel bad. It is safer to go home by myself than going home with you.”

His threateningly jealous girlfriend had been following me, I supposed. She knew every single thing Tian and I did. That made me want to take an angkot than going home with Tian.

“Please let me know when you’ve arrived home,” he said.

Not long after Tian disappeared, an angkot stopped by. There was no passenger.

“Neng, come on in!”

The angkot was dark. I couldn’t see the driver’s face. I was afraid to come in but then I remembered my cozy pillow and the warmth of shower. I wanted to go home as fast as I could.

Right after I took the seat near the door, the angkot was speeding. My body bumped into the back of the front seat. “Can you please drive slower, Sir?!”

There was no answer. He turned left and took me to an unfamiliar road. I started to feel threatened.

“P… Please stop here.” My voice stuttered. The driver stopped the angkot. I was about to run away when the driver stood in front of me. His face was dark. His eyes sharply looked into mine. I backed in fear until my back hit the end of the angkot. He followed me, “You are afraid, aren’t you?”

For the first time, I could see his frightening face. It got even more frightening as he made an evil grin, “…, but I like it.”

The driver face was right in front of mine. “Don’t hurt me!!! Don’t! Please…” Unexpectedly, he took out a pocket knife from his pocket and closed into me.

“No! HELPPPP!!! PLEASE HELP!!!” I shouted as loud as I could, but there was nobody.

“You cannot run away.” His face was one inch from mine. I closed my eyes. Suddenly, I felt the tip of the knife on my left cheek and smelt the pungent odor of blood.

With that, I suddenly jolted awake. There was no angkot, no driver—just me sitting on the angkot stop, waiting for any angkot to stop by. It was only a dream, but I could still feel the pain and blood running down my cheek. The scar was still there, bleeding.

Seconds later, an angkot stopped right in front of me.

“Neng, come on in!”

His face was familiar.


Word count: 499

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