Flash Fiction: Unwed Pregnancy

Ghina Fidina/180410150020

Unwed Pregnancy

When Xena was in primary school especially at grade 4, she lived in a small house with her family. Basically, her house is too small to be occupied with 5 members in it. Sometimes, in the house it feels like too tight and crammed. Xena’s father had to paid for the house to the owner of the rented house monthly. The owner of the house was old. But they are very generous and kind. She made friend with the owner of the rented house’s daughter. Her name is Pipit. They were 9 years different. Basically, Pipit is the youngest daughter in her family. Her parents spoiled her. In brief, she had boyfriend. At the beginning her parents allowed her to be in relationship with man. But sometimes when Xena came to her house , asked her to played with Xena, Xena saw that Pipit had already with her boyfriend in her house. Xena used to didn’t know aything at that time. Xena was just watched tv in Pipit’s house. Xena didn’t know anything happened until one day Xena knew that Pipit got pregnant. Xena didn’t know what Pipit had already done with her boyfriend. At the beginning, none know about Pipit’s problem. Until she carefully told her mother that she got pregnant. Her mother was shocked to knew that. The news that she got pregnant was rapidly spread into neighbours. Actually, there was one of they neighbour that catched up Pipit was kissing with her boyfriend. One day the neighbours reproving and pointing out Pipit’s deeds in public. At that time, she was crying because of the neighbours scold her.

She got married at the age of 16 years old. At last, she dropped out from school. Knowing that her young daughter dropped out from school made her mother very upset. Her mother expect that she can continued her study until reach a bachelor degree. But her mother had to discard the expectation. One day Pipit delivered a baby. Fortunately, her boyfriend is responsible to marry her. Although they had married but her husband didn’t have a fixed income. Her husband worked hard to get the money for her and the new born baby. Although he had to get a loan from his parents or his relatives. He is quite capable to hold ashamed from his family. However, Pipit love her husband very much. So does her husband. Meanwhile, actually Pipit’s mother dislike that her daughter have married with unemployed man. One day her mother got sick. The neighbourhood live had known that she was old and she was easily suffered heart attacked. Until one day she passed away because of her disease specifically because of heart attack. Many of the neighbours prayed for her and came to her funeral. Pipit was sobbing at that time staring at her mother’s funeral. She was mourning at her mother’s funeral. But everything had aleady happened. All she had to do is prayed for her mother.

word count: 500

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