Flash Fiction: The Trial

Ari Bayu Suryadinata

His eyes opened and there standing before him an angel. His face shone like flash and his robe was white as snow. The angel said to Lenka “Do not afraid; I’m the keeper of the Gate of Afterlife, called by many name. In your life you called me by St. Peter and Radwan. Lenka, another human that learned more than one religion, who’s died in middle 20s to save a friend, welcome to the Gate of Afterlife.”

The angel gave his hand and helped Lenka stood up. “Lenka, let’s have a walk. I’ll explain everything”

“Lenka. Which one is true, afterlife or reincarnation?”

“Afterlife, you said it’s the Gate of Afterlife not the Gate of Reincarnation.”

“No wonder you died so young. You believe easily. Afterlife and reincarnation are exists. After death, human soul must faced the first trial that measured was the soul must proceed to afterlife or trough another live on earth.”

“And Lenka, this is your trial room”

“What? Are those animals?”

“What did you expect? Anime posters like in your room? But, yes, those are animals that you ate, you must kill them. To help you I’ll give you weapons.”

“For your faith, may this bow and arrows made of ironwood streak for you. For your kindness in your life, may you granted by the power of 10 inch dagger made by finest steel. For yo…”

“Wait, only 10 inch dagger and 10 arrows made of wood?”

“You only believe in God not following his order. You did good deeds, but not for the one who in need. And last you almost never pray so no armor. Good luck.” The angel replied.

In front of him not only ordinary farm animals, but also beasts as boar, deer, snake, hound, bear, and eagle. “I won’t eat you if I have to fight you like this.” Lenka stab the first snake and kill it.

“Lenka. It’s an hour already. You killed 148 chickens, 2 snakes, 1 hound, 1 eagle, 2 deer, 5 cows, 12 pig, and 3 goats. And be careful for that bear!”

Lenka took his arrow. It wasn’t enough and running faster. Lenka took another arrow, and shot it right to the bear eye. “In Islam, It’s sunnah to learn archery!” He shot his last arrow right to the bear heart. Then he pulled out his arrows from the bear. Before the last arrow pulled, Lenka hit by a boar.

He stood and tackled the boar and stabbed it in the neck several times, but from behind there an alpha deer with huge antlers. The antlers thrust his back to his heart and tossed him away until the feet of the angel.

“I think I failed.” Lenka said to the angel.

“Yes, so are you ready?”

“Before we meet again, I promise I won’t eat beasts.”

“That is good. See you Lenka.”

Light come upon Lenka’s face. His eyes opened and there a woman that said “Let’s called him Kota”.

Word Count: 494

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