Flash Fiction: Lost and Found

Lia(Wu Guangshuo)/180110169004

Daniel huddled himself up in the corner of his room, weeping. It wasn’t the first time that he was abused by his father. Actually since his parents got divorced, he had lived a miserable life during which his father brought different women home and beat him as he wanted. Then Daniel became a problem student of his high school. Once he got a girlfriend who loved him most. However, fed up with his getting into trouble over and over again, the girl wanted to end up their relationship. That day he felt abandoned by this world and was driven to the edge.

During the class, he kept thinking about how people around treated him. Life had already deprived him of almost everything. He felt it was unfair. A strong feeling of depression welled up. He took a pen out and stabbed into his forearm. It was prickling but seemed to relieve his depression a little bit. When he decided to have a second try, he felt a tap from his shoulder and then an band-aid showed up. ‘Daniel, what are you doing? You are bleeding.’ the girl sitting beside him whispered anxiously. He suddenly realized his self-mutilation then put away his pen.

The whole day was tough to Daniel. When he returned home, he crept into his room. But when he lay down on his bed, the nightmare started right before he closed his eyes. Somehow his father showed up then beat and kick is inevitable. With hands up around his head, he huddled himself up. All he wanted to do that time was to escape from that monster. Enduring the pain, he stood up all of a sudden and rushed out.

Bruised and scarred, he stumbled along the street alone. Then a river came into his sight. The light was dim and the wind was blowing gently. ‘If I jump off the bridge right now, no one would ever find out.’ He said to himself. As he climbed up to the handrail and was about to fall, he was pulled back by a young man. ‘Hey, boy. Don’t do stupid things. I bet jumping into a river is the last thing you would ever try. Trust me. How do I know? Because I tried once but was saved.’ Daniel was surprised to hear that. They talked for a while. Daniel learned that the young man had tried many ways to end up his life but all failed. He gave up because he felt sorry for those who saved him and cared about him. Most importantly, he felt sorry for himself.

Deep in thought, Daniel walked into a crossroad unconsciously. Traffic stream was like a moving scene. The slamming on the brakes and the blowing of horn brought him back. ‘What’s wrong with you, boy? You wanna die?’ a driver asked. ‘Eh…No. I’m sorry.’ Daniel replied and then walked away.

Word count: 498

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