Flash Fiction: We are Two in One

Yasmin Nabilah/180410135002

On the way to his school, third grader Max unexpectedly found a coin near an abandoned church. It was a rainy day so he was wearing his old blue raincoat, a gift from his beloved deceased grandfather. Although he was huried as it was almost late, he somehow decided to stop and stare for a while to a once beautiful church. It wasn’t his usual route, this one was his emergency-shortcut-route which was strictly prohibited by his mother. She said the road here was terrible, muddy, tall grass everywhere and remnants of the old town scrapped all over could terrified little kids like him. Max liked it anyway, so he kept using the route against his mother’s will.

He liked it even more after he found the coin. The coin was a bit odd, it was kinda made in hurry proved by the seemingly unfinished edge. Some edge was too thick and some edge was the other way around. The material was silver he believed as it was heavy and shiny. On one side, there was a head from side view although it wasn’t very clear anymore. The other side was the most interesting part, a weird symbol sculpted on it. A three triangles tangling with one another. Max loved the coin, he kept it close everywhere he went since.

Exactly three weeks after the discovery, Max fell into a fascinating dream. In this dream, he was a noble young warrior fighting in an ancient epic battle in snowy place. His armor was thick and warm. This warrior served the wise old king against various enemies. The battles were tough but somehow Max fought them with joy and enthusiasm. Defeating the enemies was his purpose. He was never in fear as all the member of legion followed together with him. His swords, armors and shields never too heavy. But above all, the cold winter breeze running through his long red hair was his favourite part.

In the middle of joy, Max woke up. His body was sweating and vertigo hit him hard right away. He was back on his blue and white bedroom again. The clock said it was 8.19 AM. It still the same room as the last time he saw it, but surely something has changed. He was a young warrior lad for a while. No, not a while. It felt like the dream was his entire life in flashback to be honest, it must’ve been at least three years since he slept in the very same bedroom. But wait, what a great surprise it was when an elderly man was sitting down on his study chair and glanced at him with his one eye. He confused and jumped, but the man confidently said,

"We will fight once more for the sake of your Midgard. Welcome back."

In that moment, it felt like he has become two people in one body.

Word count: 483

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