Flash Fiction: The Stadium

Irayani Hanifa / 180410150016

I heard this story from an old friend. He forced me to trust his story. Now it’s my turn to convey the same story to you. Exactly same as it used to be my friend told me. Nothing I change. The different is, I’m not forcing you to believe this story.

In a stadium, he had been watch some events. At the time he was eleven-year-old. He came to watch the game with his father.

The event occurred when the match is over when the players came out of the stadium. Some players who have a big name obstructed his path toward a bus because a lot of fans who asked for signatures on t-shirts, ball or stuff they carry.

There was one fan who did not carry goods for signed then he take off the t-shirt he was wearing, then he gave to the players. The atmosphere at the time was very crowded and uncontrolled.

The story is actually about one fan who take off his t-shirt. He successful in obtaining the signature from his favorite player. With difficulty, he grabbed his t-shirt from the hands of the player, while the player’s focus is still fixed on the stuff they should sign. He grabbed his t-shirt back among throngs of fans. He made it because with shirtless, it is easy for him to infiltrate the crowd. However, suddenly a hand pulling the shirts that the handheld. The hand that pulls his shirt repeatedly.

“It’s my t-shirt, bastard!” an unidentified person said it

“It’s mine!” he defends himself. Because it was his shirt.

“My t-shirt!” that an unidentified person shouted out harder.

“A thief! He took my shirt!”

“I’m not”

“Hey, a thief!”

“He a thief!”

The atmosphere becomes more uncontrollable. He keeps his shirt. While people start noticing him.

“He! Who hold the t-shirt and shirtless, a thief!” someone shouted.

“A thief?”


Then, without command, people surround him, releasing blow him. He cannot fight. People increasingly ferocious beating him. He was helpless.

When there is a riot, security cannot do much. They save the players beforehand. After that, after the attack happened very long, there was a person had been the victim. The fan with a t-shirt in his hand has been killed.

“Where are you?”

“I watched from outside the crowd, near attribute seller” he replied.

Honestly, I do not believe his story.

“Well, it was also storied from my father, at the time he watched directly. I just remember some of it. And besides, I was still a child.”

“You see his body?”

He looked at me like he surprised.

“No, my father immediately took me back home”

I raise my eyebrow. Wonder.

“But since the accident, no one was allowed to be shirtless in the stadium”

Until now I still don’t believe the story. Because now I’m standing in front of the stadium and see someone shirtless with a t-shirt in his hand walking toward me and nothing happens to him.

word count: 496

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