Flash Fiction: The Hidden Treasure

Puan Maharani / 180410150068

Just like the same day, Tom looking up to the window. He usually do a lot of things to kill the time but this day he feel to lazy to play.

“Why you look like a lazy fat cat?”

Tom know this voice, it’s Bob! His favorite person on earth, tom called him grandpa.

“Grandpa! I’m too bored to play.”

“Hmm..I know something that can makes you feel so excited. But can you promise me after you finished this game make sure that there’s no sadness in your life. Promise?” Bob said that to Tom.

“Looks fun! Let’s do it!”

Then Bob explained him the game. He said that there would be three clues in this game but he need to finished the three clues after that he will receive a reward. It’s a treasure. Bob give him the first clue, he said that Tom should go to the garden and make friend with one people in there.

Tom approach one people in the garden, he try to communicate with her even it doesn’t look easy because she keep laughing while Tom speak. However he finally know her name.

“Congratulation, you complete the first clue. Now for the second clue you need to find my friend house. Her name is Rossa. Find the house and make sure you meet her. If you find it, it means you finished this game. You can ask Rossa for the treasure. I left the present with her.”

Tom running to his neighbors and asked them if they know Rossa. A lot of peoples that he met know her and they called her Doctor Rossa.

Finally Tom found her house and he knocked the door.

“Tom? What happened?” Rossa came out with her white coat.

“Why you already know my name? My grandpa said you have something for me”

“Is he? Okay because you already asked it I will give it to you”

Rossa give him a card. She said it’s a treasure from his grandpa. While he opened it Tom suddenly startled. He feels so confused and start fainted. The doctor gives him a water and start talking.

“Don’t you understand Tom? Who are you?” Rossa asked him

“I don’t know.”

“Tom, actually I already keep it since the day he left but you understand your condition before right? I feel this is the time to give you this card.”

Tom just realized, he’s not in his house all this time. It’s a mental hospital, even right now he isn’t in Rossa house but it’s a doctor’s room. All the thing that he did today is not real. People that he met in the garden is not a normal people, she has mental illness. Tom now understands, his grandpa or which known as Bob already passed away since three months ago.

Word count: 467

#CreativeWriting, #Scribere2017, #FlashFiction

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