Flash Fiction: The Dilemma

Putri Saraswati Sekarningtyas / 180410150077

Sydney is a 21 years old girl from Perth, Australia. She is currently studying her last semester in Brighton, United Kingdom, and lives alone. She is a really outgoing person, has a lot of friends, loves to be surrounded by people, yet she does not like to go out. Even though she has a lot of friends, she sometimes still felt lonely if she was alone in her flat. She thought about getting a flat mate but her landlord does not allow her to have a flat mate. Even if she wants to sneak and cramp her soon-to-be flat mate, she can’t. Her flat was designed for only one people, it has one bedroom, one bathroom, one sofa, and one everything.

One day she was craving donuts and cronuts, so she went to a donut and cronut shop called Dum Dum Donutterie Brighton, her favourite place. As she walked her way down to the shop, she bumped into Edgar. She stopped and looked at Edgar as he was doing the same thing. One thing led to another, Sydney finally brought Edgar to her flat. Sydney did not want to get too attached to Edgar at first because if she gets attached to him, she might want Edgar to live with her and she knew her landlord would kick her out, so she let him do his own thing. After a month or so, Edgar kept coming back to Sydney’s flat. The funny thing was that her landlord knew Edgar was there but he did not say anything. Sydney was irritated at first, but she realized he was the one missing piece in her life in Brighton. He stayed the night at least twice a week at first, until Sydney decided that she wants Edgar to live in her flat. Edgar seemed fine with Sydney’s decision so he lives there up until now.

As that was her last semester, she wanted to go back to Perth as soon as she is graduated. She was a happy girl, knowing she would see her family soon. Then the realization hit her like a truck, she had Edgar. She was madly in love with him, and she still is. She wanted to go back to Perth to see her family, yet she didn’t want to leave Edgar. Edgar coming to Perth with Sydney was definitely not a choice, because Edgar belongs to Brighton. Sydney was in a massive dilemma, until finally she decided to leave Edgar back in Brighton because she knew Edgar belongs to Brighton.

Tomorrow Sydney has to leave Brighton, she already packed all of her stuff and pretty much ready to leave. She is now convincing Edgar that she loves him so much, that she is actually really sad she has to leave Edgar. After all of the convincing, finally Edgar reply with only a word, “Meow,” and Sydney knows, Edgar finally understand.

Word count: 482

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