Flash Fiction: The Biggest Part

Jelita Almanda

In a house in the middle of the town lived a small family, father, mother, Jessie and Katie. Dad is a figure who works diligently and very close to his two daughters. Mother is a nurse in a hospital and just like father; mother is also very busy working. Their two children, Jessie and Katie are smart and obedient children to their parents. Jessie is Katie’s sister, she is in elementary school. But Katie is still attending a kindergarten. Everyday Jessie and Katie are fostered by their baby sitter. Both of their parents are very busy and rarely there at home. Jessie and Katie are eager to have lots of happy memories of her childhood with their family, even though they are spending more time together with her grandmother.

One day during the school holidays Jessie was invited by her father to her father’s friend’s house. At first Jessie was confused because she did not know that woman. Then the woman took Jessie into the boy’s room to play with the boy. Jessie is very spoiled by the woman. All the things she wants like ice cream, toys and even chocolate directly given by the woman. Coming home from the woman’s home, as always mom always asks what she is doing today. Then Jessie told her about today’s experience to her. Then immediately mother’s expression changed and she went straight to father.

A few days’ later father and mother always fight. Jessie and Katie did not understand what they were up against. The more their arguments made Jessie and Katie afraid. They are both too young to understand the problems their parents are facing. Then came the day that makes Jessie and Katie were terrified, their grandmother picked them up and took them to stay with her for a week. Then very slowly grandmother told them what just happen. “Their father will move”, Katie does not understand the meaning of the words, but the older one, Jessie understands the meaning of the words that their grandmother said. Father and mother will divorce. Jessie tries not to cry in front of Katie because she does not want to hurt her. Jessie is so disappointed for the news.

Arriving at home, their house is so empty and quiet. Mom just sits and does not say much. She has packed all of their father’s stuffs. Then mother hug Jessie and Katie. Now the childhood memories are always expected Jessie and Katie instantly disappeared. After this mom, dad, Jessie and Katie already have a new life. Their beloved father now scratches the bitter memories of his two little princesses. This makes Jessie and Katie grow up to be a strong girl, tough and cannot make themself become ruined. They are more appreciative every time they have with the person they love.

Word count: 467

Reference: A little bit about my real life story.

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