Flash Fiction : The Adventure in Monster Island

Farhan Rizky Hadiana/180410140039

Once upon a time there was kid from Clono his name is Julio, he strolling in the forest for finding some food. Not long he find some light from the forest, and he immediately approached that light, after he neared the light it’s not an ordinary light but it’s a portal. He entered the portal and he stranded in the island full of monster, and when he wake up, he was in a Circus Tent, someone was help him. Not long from that the owner of the house checked to the room where Julio sleeping. After that she found Julio was awake and try to ask about where he comes from.

“What your name and what is you doing at the forest? she said”

“My name is Julio. I was searching some food, where am I?”

“Oh, you’re in Tochika village, my name is Nayuta”

Not long from that, there was a monster approaching Nayuta, and Julio startled there was a monster in front of him and Nayuta start to explaining.

“Don’t worry it’s my monster her name is Pixie” Nayuta was monster breeder from Tochika and she joining the circus to travel around the world, she can revive a monster from the disc stone to get that monster.

“Are you a circus member?”

“Yes” she said

“I must find way to back to my world, I entered the portal and end like this, and can you help me find way to go back to my world”

“Ok I will try; you can join to the circus company and find the way to tour world”

After that Julio joining the circus and start to travel with them, while on the way, they are attacked by some monsters, the monster says "my lord Moo is waiting for you in his palace" if you want to go back to your world.

"Really" and then the circus troupe was suspicious of the gang of monsters, but Julio believed that he wanted to go back to his world. And they decided to going to Moo Palace after they arrived in Moo Palace, they are shocked because Moo is a giant dragon.

“If you want back to your world you must defeat me in a battle.”

Julio is confused, how he defeats the giant dragon while he has no weapons, then Nayuta takes out a Disc Stone that contains a phoenix that might beat Moo, And nayuta begins to animate the phoenix that is in the disc stone and appears a phoenix, then Julio orders the phoenix to fight Moo, Phoenix and Moo fight fiercely with a blast of fire, Moo can finally be defeated and exactly where Moo defeated out the light ever met by Julio, The light turned out to be a portal Julio passed a few moments ago, and Julio also thanked the circus troupe for accompanying him until he found a way to go home, and Julio can back to his world.

word count : 491

reference : Video Game "Monster Rancher EVO"

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