Flash Fiction: Strange Ghost

Dwi Yanti Lestari/180410150004

Jessica could see ghost,She could see a ghost since She was child. There is a ghost who always follows her, She is Sunny. The next day Jessica went to college, and of course Sunny followed her.

She said, "You are so beautiful today. Can you help me?"

"I won’t help you again!"

"Please. This is the last one".

"No. You almost made me die then!"

Six mounth ago, Sunny asks Jessica for help to say some things to her ex-boyfriend who has killed her. When Jessica says what Sunny told to her ex-boyfriend, He assumes that Jessica is crazy because she talk to herself, at once He took out a knife and threatened to kill Jessica. But fortunately,She can run away.

"Please, If you help me I would not bother you again"

"I don’t believe you!"

Unwittingly by Jessica, Many people who saw She like crazy people because She talk to herself. She bowed his head, and suddenly She bumped into a tall man carrying a pile of books. His name is Kris.

"Sorry" Jessica said.

" Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I’m okay"

Jessica looked back, and of course Sunny still following her. While Jessica and Kris stand up, Kris suddenly sneezed. And at that moment Sunny disappeared. Jessica looked sideways and back looking for Sunny, and She truly disappeared.

"What you looking for?"

"Ah, I’m looking for my friend"

"Your friend? Which friend? Looks like I saw you alone"

Jessica arrived on campus in a hurry because She was almost late for her exams. After the exam, He went to the canteen with a limp face and bowed his head on the table.

"What’s on your mind?" Suddenly sunny appeared.

She was surprised,“Go away! I do not want to see you ".

"Jessica!" Kris came.

Jessica looked at Kris who was going to her. When She approached the chair that was occupied by Sunny, Kris suddenly sneezed. She disappeared.

"Where was She going?" Asked Jessica.

"Who’s going?


"I have two tickets to watch. Did you want to accompany me?"


"I wait ahead of your house at 19.00"

That night Jessica picked a nice outfit to go watch with Kris.

"Where are you going?" Sunny suddenly appears.


She who was upset continues to play his two red eyeballs up and down.

"I’m in front of your house" A message from Kris.

Jessica opened the door, followed by Sunny. Kris was fascinated with the appearance of Jessica it suddenly sneezed. Sunny was dissapeared.

"Strange" Jessica said.

"What’s a strange?"


Jessica arrived at home and evidently Sunny was already in Jessica’s room.

"There’s something I want to talk to you. I feel there is something strange when I was close to him. He seems to be filled with bad spirits".

"Who do you mean? Kris?"

"Yeah, Kris. Looks like He is not a human being".

"So what? A creepy ghost like you? Obviously he’s a handsome man. Stop it! I don’t believe you".

"Okay. I’ll show you later".

Word Count: 500

The story is inspired by a Korean drama entitled The Master’s Sun

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